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  1. So i geuss i will never get any more then sad to say i did put them in places so they could get clicks but i guess mean players made them die.
  2. Are they still being given out? If so i will try and get to more crosses fingers.
  3. Saddly i came on today and my poor Valintines day eggs are dead.I wish i could get two more but i dought it.
  4. I finaly have two of the valintines eggs they are so cute.I wonder can we get more than just two?
  5. Yers have two new Valintines eggs thank you TJ so much they are so cool.
  6. There is no eggs to be seen for me i wish i could grab two at lest.
  7. Well i have to go it is 2:38 after midnight here i hope they get it fixed by tomorrow.
  8. Ok there are only two eggs and every time i click it says error man i wish i could get two eggs at lest.
  9. Laryal

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Yes i got one of the new eggs the sparkle one.
  10. Cool idea i like it its a greay odea one hundreded thumps up