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  1. Yaaa entered thank you so much. May the broccoli that you have for super give you strength an good luck.
  2. Laryal

    hatchlings dead why

    Thanks i did just try to revive them but no good an i will try next year thanks you both.
  3. Laryal

    hatchlings dead why

    thanks i put them in as many as i could i was was so busy i could not come back till now.
  4. Hello ok i had two of the new Valentines day eggs had them all set up an on the third day put them in fan sight.I knew i was going to be very busy cam on today an they are dead. how can i get them back i felt bad after seeing the graves. https://dragcave.net/view/vJxOE https://dragcave.net/view/ShIGr
  5. Congratulations to the winner an thanks for having this.
  6. Entered thanks again Broccoli shining as a green star apon my plate. Good luck everyone.
  7. Songs that make me happy are The Voice by Celtic Woman , Don;t Worry Be Happy , Marry Did You Know , Rise Again
  8. Cool awesome eggs an got my two new ones fogged an ready to be watched an hatched.:D
  9. Well i use to go out trick or treating getting dressed up then coming home for cake an ice cream then opening my birthday presents yep Halloween is my fav not only cause of the holiday but my birthday as well. Our church even holds a fall festival type where we play games eat an make a bondfire to have smores.:)
  10. Well lets see humans are more important than animals but i would not miss treat one but i do eat meat.Do not get me wrong they should not miss treat the ones we eat either but Human life if we did not take animal's lives they would over populate as well then they would be hurting too.Take a look at Yellow Stone an how they took the wolves out the animals suffered couse there was hardily no more grass an then they got sick.An once they brought back the wolvies everything went back to normal hope you understand what i mean. So i guess what i mean is all life is valubable but humans more so.
  11. favorite way to eat broccoli is steamed an i would not neglect somthering it with cheese.
  12. Thanks for sharing an doing this your awesome.:)
  13. Congratulations winners favorite way to eat broccoli is steamed an i would not neglect somthering it with cheese.
  14. Thanks an where please tried to find but couldn't
  15. Awww ok then will not trade i do have silvers an golds but they are like 10 gen an i know they will not be either thanks.
  16. Are theses a fair trade for the rarest dragon on dragon cave the one on my wish list? ~eggspam removed~
  17. Can not seem to trade any of my eggs wich two are cb or hatchlings in trade gaaaa oh well keep trying i guess
  18. Love the looks of the dragons an loved the avatar that was made for them.:)
  19. Good points that can go with my idea.:)
  20. Please let this rest ok it was dealt with an you it seems are trying your best to get it started again.I am not going to do that so please carry on ok thanks. Also i could say the same but i won't let your opinion control my or anyone else's opinion on this matter. So like i said please carry on thank you.
  21. Like i asked what is wrong with it my opinion just like everyone else's opinion so why is my opinion so wrong an yours right?