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  1. Hello i know i have not been on the forum in a good while cause last Nov i reveived a a very early Chistmas present an here is a video of him trying to get his tail lol. He is an australian shepherd named Teddy Bear. He is very smart an he is almost nine months old now.
  2. Happy Halloween an love the new eggs thank you.
  3. Well today woke up to find my parakeet sick so stayed with him he snuggled an did not want me to leave he was breathing hard. He would sort of walk fast if i moved my hand like do not move want to snuggle then around three he passed on.Was very hard cleaning the cage an his stuff thinking how he played an chirped to songs he liked.😭
  4. 1. What's your forum name? Laryal 2. What's your preferred fruit or vegetable? Corn sweet potatoes actually any veggies
  5. Know how your feeling loosing a pet who is family is awful had to many to pass on myself right now i have a fourteen year old dog that i am keeping a very watchful eye on. You will find it not so hard as time goes by but you will think of him an cry i still cry over pets i had when i was twelve years old till now. if you ever need to talk just message me ok.:) on anouther note i came on here to say i am going thru some health trouble found out i have gallbladder stones waiting for an appointment to see what can be done not to scared yet but i know i will be when the time comes to
  6. Found out today my mom has Colon cancer it was a shock to us all but i am hoping they got it early enuff that they can do the surgery to remove it all. Just pray that everything will be ok i hate seeing anyone sick.The thought scares me that we might loose her to worse cancer if it spread any where else.
  7. Players please read thru all my posts instead of picking what parts you want an i told everyone to stay on topic this is not an abortion thread an if you would read i said animals do not have other animals killing their unborn babies . Ok Know what you guys are not staying on topic so this thread will be taken down by the right mods I told you guys to stay on topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also you guys keep an seem like your targeting only me on here on what i say which is in the rules that you do not target players i believe so since like i said i asked you all to stay on topic this thread is clos
  8. Yes i have several of my family members my grandparents an others but to be starved an not getting food is not the way to go i am not meaning those who are on life support i am talking about those who the bill is taking about those who do not refuse to eat or drink.An they are not being fed or given water an they are the dementia patients.
  9. Yes an like the guy's wife in the video i know it was just one case but how many more cases are out there having the same thing done that to me is scary. Discuss as long as you want about the bill but as for me i need to log out see you guys later.
  10. Please no more about abortion if you want to talk about abortion go to the right thread for this so please keep this on topic this topic is not about that at all it is about the bill in Oregon an mods it seems like this will never be on topic again so do as you wish delete or keep it is up to you now. like i said when i read what the link said it concerned me allot because who's to say that they will not pass a bill to kill those who are like me crippled not able to work an stuff? To me this bill is just the beginning of it is all.
  11. ok know what you only read what you want to if you read the post as a whole you would have seen it was about the bill not abortion an yes i do believe that if someone wants to die that docs an caregivers can help but starving them to death.That is a very hard way to die.
  12. Like i said before if you read my post it was a quot from some one on Facebook a family member had put the first link i gave on my facebook page. An i thought it a fitting topic so please keep this on topic thank you if you want to talk about abortion then go to that thread ok how many times do i have to say that? Now getting back on topic i understand that dying in dignity is fine but causing one not to eat or drink if they want to is wrong to me anyway. An if they refuse to eat do not let them suffer like the guy's wife in the video was done to her. I know it is not just Oregon but a fe
  13. How we are talking about the bill so please if you want to talk about abortin go the that thread ok i asked you one time to do so an quoting what some one said on facebook an i put my opion on it did not mean for you to make this into an abortion thread so please go to the adortion thread instead of here thank you.
  14. Ok so who does this spaying abortions hmmmm oh we do humans do not other animals four legged kind.So ok so say your preg an the fetus is not human then what is it? do the doctors take out a cat a dog or any other animal beside a human? An anouther thing you said that fetuses are not truliy alive then how does the cells devide an grow if the cells themselves are dead? Can you take a dead cell an make it alive an grow to something? I do not think you can .So the cells that make up a fetus is very much alive think on this. Now i do not know how this topic went from the old be
  15. So your saying that animals will allow anouther animal to reach in an kill their baby? The only animals who do that is humans No other animal will decide hey i do not want this baby so get rid of it for me no i never heard of any animal exept humans doing that.An if they do not want a baby they do not mate so what else do you have? an if abortion is not murder then what is it? lets see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder So if this link is right then what you going to deny a human the right to live? An also do not tell me that there is to many kids out there that need families an i should
  16. Ok so dieing with dignity is a long way from starving someone to allow them to die an so your saying stll that killing unborn babies is ok? Asking you a question here do animals the four legged ones think ok i am having this or these babies i want someone to reach in an kill them? No they give birth to them an if the fetus dies it is because of nature not because anouther took it's life. So we are the only animals on earth that say hey i have sex i get preg i can get rid of this other human with no second thought. I can get preg all i want an if i do not want the baby off to the the docs who w
  17. Ok but what if they did not consent an an elderly person does want to eat an drink but the caregiver keeps that away from them Starving them to death that in itself is so wrong in so many levels. Like the man in the video said he watched his wife starve to death i could not handle that i would have taken a ball bat to the docs an who ever else was starving my loved ones. Know i know that giving the patients drugs to pass on but starving?
  18. So your saying that starving some one to death is a good thing? Also that killing an unborn baby no matter what the life stage is is good? So i see this what your saying is killing is fine to those who want to do it it is your body what part of your body is being taken out? No matter how you look at it abortion staring is killing someone.Ok so your not killing the baby but allowing a anouther person to do so which is morally an inhumane really.Like i said before it starts with unborn an then the rest who society deems unfit to live.I can see his coming an it is hard to watch really.
  19. You all missed the point i was saying that the Oregon's bill allows the caregiver to starve an keep water from patients is starving a good way to allow our old people to die is my argument really..An what i mean is for those who want to eat but the get no food or water is that right? https://www.foxnews.com/us/nevada-seeks-to-become-eighth-state-to-allow-physician-assisted-suicide
  20. Here is the sec link from my first post it is a radio station i believe. http://toresays.com/2019/03/23/oregon-bill-passed-to-legalize-starving-mentally-ill-patients-so-they-die-faster/
  21. Did you actually read an even watched the video or even looked at the comments. They are not talking about people who are in wreaks or anything they said an i quot again some of the first link Gayle Atteberry, director of Oregon Right to Life, remarked, "This bill, written in a deceiving manner, has as its goal to save money at the expense of starving and dehydrating dementia and mentally ill patients to death." Life-ending decisions include the decision to administer food and water to patients. Speaking of mentally incompetent patients, who can still eat naturally, Willis noted, "A pers
  22. Let me reply to your question I would do everything in my power to help her live again there has been cases where people have been on life support for years an they woke up an lived full lives till they passed on of old age. Now to answer your question a sec time a family member had twins one was sick he fought for his life till he saw his brother .Remind you these were new born babies ok. After they held hands like they done in the womb the sick twin did pass on.Now let me ask you how could this twin know that his brother was safe cause he had a heart.Now they did not take him off life suppo
  23. Well like i said in the obortion thread first comes unborn babies then the elderly an then those who are disabled an if you read it yes if they think on it way before they get ill they can have the right but if not it is up to the care giver to say let them die so they will starve them? Even if they do decide before hand starving is a very cruel way to go don't you think?.You two are heartless saying it is fine to kill humans your opinion. My opinion is killing no matter who it is that is morally wrong.Now like i said before it starts with babies an ends up killing the elderly then those who
  24. It only started with abortions/ killing babies, now this. Next it will be anybody that is slightly an inconvenience or drain to"society". So what the government thinks as elderly or possibly handicap! This sicknes me down to the core. Why would anyone do this to others link below on what Oregon is trying to pass. I guess this hits me hard cause i do have Cerebral Palsy an i guess next it will be those of us who have disability that are already born. 😱 https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/oregon-bill-starving-dementia-patients-advances?fbclid=IwAR0B0B8eLFPfaBll8Q4aHN4sMUyHEE
  25. Congratulations PurpleDragonClaw. an thanks for the contest.