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Dragons rise as they take flight where flames light up the midnight sky.Beware the dragons as they are coming after you.


 Wish list http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Neglected_Dragon   I_took_the_No_Viewbombing_Oath.png  https://dragcave.net/user/Laryal


Goal for myself is to either make or trade for the dragon on my wish list ndsmack.gif


Need artistic help message me  please thank you. :)


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    Hello well i am into all kinds of pc games especially the Sims3 games and of course this one as well. I do love the outdoors and i do have a bird and a dog that are totally brats. I do love the Lord Of The Rings movies as well as the books and Harry Potter both the movies and books as well.

    Wish list neglected dragon thru out the years all attempts fails tried again with two more eggs fails. Will keep trying maybe one of theses days i will get one of these rarest of rare dragons. :)