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  1. So breeding does it? Why are folks killing thier eggs??😯
  2. Ok, anyone have a link to how to get these gorgeous puppies' different colored flames? I'm too lazy to sift through 20+ pages, lol
  3. Agreed! With all the new mechanics not only is breeding going to be horrendous Im also beginning to believe that any eggs I get will have a high death rate. I dont do lineages so mostly I grab new releases, gender, then put them in a click site to hatch. Now that may kill my eggs! I simply do not have time in my life to repeatedly visit my scroll daily, nor to click back through dozens of pages in the forum. Heck, I do good to check back once a week! It's all very discouraging. 😥
  4. Im so confused and overwhelmed with all the new stuff. Is there by chance a single posting somewher with all the info everyone has accumulated....?
  5. I'm so confused! Why double sprites of the Magnesiums and all female Sawtooths...??
  6. Is there a list of all easter eggs for each year somewhere?
  7. Soooooo far behind on this drop, dont have a single egg yet... 🙁
  8. I miss all the games! Sadly, SnowWars never loaded for me so I never got a chance to play. 😞
  9. Anyone else having trouble with Snow Wars??
  10. Didnt finish the game so no badge for me 😑
  11. Are the treats still dropping? I just need 1 more!
  12. Anyone notice that when you grab an egg at shows up fogged...? 😳
  13. They're gorgeous! Cant wait to see what tte Flow looks like!
  14. Same here; bred a bunch of Xenos with no luck. Probably gonna be months before I accidentally stumble upon one...😑
  15. Finally got the 6! Now to hint for the flow! 😁
  16. So, its random.if you get it then, yes?
  17. Oh nos, we broke the Cave...😬
  18. I need an Alpine and Volcano then I'll have a set...
  19. How many breeds...?? 😮😮😮
  20. Dangit, missed it all... 😭