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  1. Thanks Have a nice hunt everyone!
  2. Forgive me my lack of math knowledge, but If I'll go to sleep now, will the eggs be here in the morning? I need few more, but I'm really exhausted...
  3. I've done that already ^^
  4. Thanks I have 15 I must say it's a great idea.
  5. Naming based on code is very fnny. I use it when I can't find any better name
  6. When I started DC everyone was hunting for alts (black and green) Their eggs was different from normal blacks and greens so AP was full of "failed eggs". Aww, I want those times back!
  7. I support! Sometimes I'm so confused with timers. It would be a great help for breeders! (I plan to be one if teleport would be implemented.)
  8. WOW, it was so long ago... Red: Elza, Pebble: Aggie, Old Pink: Princie and Red: Devia. All females. My first male was my ninth dragon x)