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    Brownies and stuff


Fluent in French, and English, but not Logic, the Yukinfelis is only found in a few, secluded spots of the dragon cave forum; her brownies are not to be messed with, her lightsaber is a dangerous weapon, and combat is best avoided. If approached, she may show signs of madness to test your sanity; if you pass this test, legend tells of a magical cave that will appear, inside of which resides the pudding of life. 262pmkk.png brownies3.gif2360868.gif hRhY.png

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    The game. Everyone plays it... exept me, I ate it a looong time ago, and while it's hard to lost the game with it in your stomach, actually, impossible, I have an aura about me that causes people to constantly lose it. Did you just lose?

    Brownies, cats, puss in boots, jedi training.

    I patented the first throwing lightsaber; accept it, I can do anything now.

    I also created the recipe for brownie-battered gryphon; for those vegetarians, it actually tastes better when you use synthetic gryphon meat, created from coconut husk.