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  1. Hey guys. So I've gotten back into DnD, and I want to play an Avenger, who is based off Paladin Anderson from the Hellsing series. Basically, I want intimidating quotes about religion and whatnot. They don't have to be direct quotes from any religion, they just have to be intimidating and religious in some way. Here's an example:" Serve the lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the son lest he be angry and you perish from the way when his wrath is kindled but a little." It is your corrupt I claim, it is your evil that will be sought by me with every breath. You could also think Boondock Saints if you don't know Hellsing. I'd appreciate any help you all could give me.
  2. Here are my mains, in the order I prefer to play them: Jungle: Skarner Mid: Morgana/Gragas Bot Support: Blitzcrank Bot ADC: Ashe Top: Nasus (dislike top in general)
  3. Nerendier


    So I was wondering what concerts you all have been to. Sunday I went to the Nightwish/Kamelot concert. IT WAS AWESOME. Kamelot did an amazing job, especially in getting the crowd into it. Nightwish was great. The new singer on the tour (apparently they got rid of Annette) was pretty good, although she wasn't able to hit the high notes. This video shows basically where I was standing, maybe 2 people back and slightly to the right: You can hear me I think. In summary, it was bloody awesome. kamelot had us sing happy birthday to three members in the band. LOL.
  4. "Fine, you two in the cab, I should be alright in the bed." M said, after all, it wasn't the first time he was in an exposed vehicle in a combat situation. Having the room to move should we get pinned down actually works out better. The cab only has a few exits. "Just don't stop." M said before jumping into the bed. He put away his sidearm and drew his rifle, flicking off the safety.
  5. M drew his sidearm, and placed his left hand on his right. He lined up a shot and took it. A zombie wavered for a moment before falling over, a bullet-hole where its right eye was. 59 left M thought. "We need to move." M motioned to the back exit. Staying on sidestreets and back-alleys was probably the best bet to get out of the city.
  6. ((Btw you don't know I'm an amputee, you might have a sneaking suspicion, but you can't see my prosthetic under my pants.)) M sighed, and closed the young girl's eyes before standing up, standing to attention and saluting the dead. He then turned his attention to the young man, who introduced himself as Vexx. "Whether or not we're used to it, how we treat our fallen youth is part of what makes us different. You may refer to me as The Major. Or Sir." he said gesturing to the symbol on his shoulder.
  7. ((Is saralaya dropping out of the RP?)) M forced himself to his feet, but before he moved on he heard the young lady announce, "She's dead." M rushed over and checked the pulse for himself. He immediately began performing compression presses. "Don't just stand there find me a defib! Big store they've got to have one. LOOK." He commanded urgently.
  8. M lurched backwards, grabbed the young woman in a bearhug, and used his backwards momentum from her push to insure they both got out of the way. He was careful enough that his knife never touched her and his finger never touched the trigger. M quickly sheathed his knife and flipped the safety on before attempting to get up. M immediately fell over as his leg buckled. "." He said before putting his gun away and placing both hands on his left leg. To most it would look like his leg was broken under his pants, but in fact the prosthetic was just mis-aligned. With a swift motion and a grunt he popped it back into place.
  9. ((I must be missing something, because I wasn't aware that there was anyone else in that aisle with the zombie. And I had already withdrawn the knife from the zombie, and had it positioned below my sidearm. Would have responded earlier, but my roommates were kind enough to get my sick.))
  10. In one swift motion M drew his sidearm and dropped to a knee. He trained his sidearm on the newcomer, his combat knife in position below his gun. He quickly assessed the situation, and came to the conclusion that the girl unsteadily aiming her pistol at him was not a zombie. M stood up and lowered his weapon, keeping it in a quickly recoverable position. "Not a zombie eh? How'd you manage that little girl?" M said.
  11. Basically I have a few characters that I'd like you all to consider and give feedback. Ok the first one is a Paladin of Bahamut who joins the group at a later time, paragon or close to it. He's kind of a depressed character, he believes in the ways of Bahamut, but he doesn't expect anyone else to. He's willing to give people the chance to surprise him, but he doesn't think anyone will do the "right" thing. He will eventually lead an army to retake his nation and make a utopia under the ideals of Bahamut. Below is his backgroung story. Under a Faded Banner Years ago a wise man once told me, “follow your feet, they know the way.” And that’s what I held on to for those years. I doubt that old preacher knew that those few words would keep me alive. I placed the blade in the waxy substance in the small container below. I held it up and leaned forward. I brought the blade down across my face, red hair falling from my face as I shaped my beard. We were only a few hours from the border, a few hours from home. I smiled as I placed the blade on my face once more. A sudden noise came from behind, jumping to my feet I pointed the blade towards the sound, blood trickled down my cheek. I relaxed as I saw my squire holding my armor and sheathed longsword in his hands. I shook my head and the young man, not even old enough to be considered a man said, “I’m sorry I startled you Crusader Bragg.” “Damn it Haggart!” I said, putting my finger over the cut on my cheek. “How many times have I told you to calmly walk into my tent?” I replied going back to shaping my beard, motioning for him to place the equipment on the cot. “I’m sorry, but how can you not be excited? We’ll be home by dinner! I can’t imagine the celebration they have planned for us. I mean, how long has it been since we left on the crusade?” I stopped shaving and shook my head “Six years. Six long years.” I sighed before saying, “Go ready my horse. Has he been washed for the ceremony tonight?” “Yes sir.” He said, moving towards the exit. “Make sure you have your good tunic on tonight” I said as I waved him away. Another droplet of blood fell from my cheek to the ground. After two hours of travel we crossed the river that marked our border. I stopped, and put away my heavy shield. I held out my hand, and Haggart placed the banner in my hand. I held it up as we continued down the road. The banner fluttered in the wind as we entered the town. The cobbled street that led up to the castle was surprisingly empty, the few peasants I saw quickly made their way indoors. Haggart looked up at me in disappointment. I looked down at him and chuckled, “What, did you expect the peasants to throw us the celebration? No, no, the royalty will throw us the celebration, and that won’t be until we reach the castle.” We continued toward the castle and soon I and the other officers were ushered into the throne room. We came in, lowered our heads and kneeled. I held the banner up and a voice came from ahead. “Stand! Stand my proud warriors!” I stood, puzzled. This was not our king’s voice. I looked up to see Prince Thurgard standing in front of the throne wearing full king’s regalia. The prince walked up with a smile on his face and placed a hand on the two crusaders in front of me. One of them ventured the question we’d all been thinking, “What of the King? What of the Queen?” The smile faded from his face. “Yes… Father succumbed to an illness shortly after you left. Mother was so distraught that she killed herself.” He hung his head for a moment before continuing in a somber tone, “Well, I’m not the only one who has experienced loss recently.” He said, looking towards me. I resisted the urge to hang my head. He moved through the officers to me, and placed a hand on my shoulder. “He was a good man. I’m sorry to hear of his demise. There were a lot of losses at that battle, or so I’m told.” I nodded as he made his way back to the throne. “I’ve heard that you have had great success in acquiring relics to Bahamut.” I signaled to the doorman, who opened the door, and four men carried a massive chest in. The four men kneeled and lowered their heads as they opened the chest. The room lit up as the vast amount of gold and silver shone from the chest. The king smiled, and said “Impressive! This calls for a celebration! All your men are invited, but the grand hall isn’t as appropriate as I’d like, so let’s celebrate at the rapids! I expect you to be there in about two hours. You’re dismissed.” I had an uneasy feeling; something about the room was off. I was rushed out of the room before I could put my finger on it. The group made our way to the rapids. It was a sacred place to us. It is said that Agathon the Just was given his power from Bahamut at these falls. I myself had spent years here training and praying. We stood at the edge of the rapids, paying homage to this sacred place. We turned around as the royal guard and the King arrived. We kneeled and he waved us to our feet. “I expected bards and other royalty to join us for the celebration.” I said over the rushing water behind me. “There will be no celebration.” The king snarled, “I’m so happy you’re all back. Even happier to know that you lost so much during the crusade. Ties up the loose ends quite nicely.” “I don’t understand” I said, stepping forward, the banner still in my hand. I felt blood drip down from the cut on my cheek once more. “Be just. Be noble. Help the less fortunate. Pfeh. The peasantry is there to be exploited. The only thing that you should be worried about is yourself. Power is the only thing that matters, not honor, not justice. Laws are there to be exploited. You’re a relic from a dead age, it’s time you joined your ideals. Rotting at the bottom of the world.” He snarled. He motioned with his head and cloaked figures stood up and before I had a chance to react I was pelted with bolts. I stumbled back as blood poured from the holes in my armor. I attempted to draw my longsword and was pelted with a new volley of bolts. I fell backwards and was washed away as I fell into the river. The last thing I remember seeing before I heard a crunch as my head hit a rock was my companions dying at the hands of the army, and this sanctified river turning red with blood. I don’t know how long it was before I awoke. All I remember was that the sun was rising and I was very cold. I guess the river washed me downstream for many miles. I did not recognize the area, and knew that I’d find no hospitality in the city. So I stood up, and promptly fell over, my head was caked with dried blood. I stood up more slowly this time and made my way to the coast. I knew that this river would lead to a neighboring nation, so I just kept walking, and walking. I slept whenever I could. I had the strangest dreams. I dreamt that a group would rekindle the ways of bahamut, that our heroic tale would inspire the world to take up arms and cast out the darkness. I chalked this up to simply having been hit on the head. There was nobody left that lived up to the ideals of justice and peace anymore. I could be the only one. However, I will not leave my ideals due to despair. That being said, I don’t expect anyone else to follow these ideals. (walking into a tavern or wherever, this is the description I give of my character) A man walks into the tavern. He’s clad in heavy full plate that clearly at one point in the past shone brightly, polished and regal. It no longer shines under the layer of tarnish and grime. His hair is unkempt, and his beard is long and un-groomed. His eyes brown, they show a combination of despair and determination for those capable of noticing. On his back is a large shield, which is in much of the same condition as the rest of his armor. On his hip is a sheathed longsword, the sheath in rough shape. He carries a ragged pack over his shoulder and sits at the bar silently. Next character. He's a warforged who is attempting to become more human. The basic idea is that he can attempt to emulate human emotions but does not understand them. For instance, somebody insults him minorly. He flips out, flips a table, and punches the guy across the room. He immediately stops and turns to the bartender and says, "is anger not the appropriate human response?" That should give you an idea of the character. Got another character who I'm working on. Basically he's a mad artificer who is always tinkering and therefore always blowing off eyebrows. Basically, what do you think of these characters?
  12. ((I hope it's not a terrible problem, but I'm posting my introductory post now. If I'm not accepted I'll remove it no problem.)) “The Major” quietly moved through the aisles. His stump of a leg ached, it’d been several hours since he’d sat down. He so wanted to rub the stump, get some more blood flow to it. But he resisted the urge. He needed to get out of the city. And he needed supplies. All he had at home was some beef flavored ramen and a few bottles of water. He’d been neglecting going to the store. He could fit much more in his backpack. Over his shoulder was his large backpack, in it was the few provisions he had. It wasn’t even a quarter full. He had his sidearm drawn and his rifle slung over his shoulder. He had maybe 60 shots between the both of them. He knew he’d need them before long. He quietly moved through the aisles, searching for the non-perishables. It wasn’t long before he found someone rummaging through the foodstuffs. Judging by his movements and his general lack of coordination, he was clearly no longer human. M (short-hand for “The Major”) looked at his sidearm for a moment, and figured it’d be a problem if he fired it. He placed it in its holster and drew his combat knife. Being a veteran he knew several places where he could kill a person from behind. The heart and the brain seemed like good places to start. After a second or two of deliberation he decided that the heart might not be efficient enough, so he decided that he should try to place the blade between the C2 and C3 vertebrate, stop the brain from sending messages to the body. A few quick steps and the blade was sticking out from the front of the zombies neck. He removed it quickly and the zombie gurgled for a split second before going silent and limp. M took a deep breath and realized that he needed a silencer for his sidearm. He knew that an empty bottle would muffle the sound for a single shot, so that was his next goal.
  13. ((Just going to have to wait until after finals before I start with the RPing. Fortunately I haven't interacted with anyone yet so no harm done. I'll be able to play in about a week.))
  14. when people don't know the difference between lose and loose. Two different things, and nobody seems to realize it.
  15. Name: Ikato Mirata Bloodlimit/Curse Mark(i): NA Height(ii): 183cm (6’1”) Weight: 195 Age: 65 Gender: Male Alignment(Loyalty): Konaha Birth Country: Konaha Village(currently residing in):Outskirts of Konaha Rank: Retired ANBU Primary Weapon: Chakra infused bo staff (doubles as a walking stick) Character Depth/Family: Unknown Personality: Reserved, serene, and somewhat distrustful. Appearance: Ikato’s short red hair is all but faded, being replaced by the gray hair that shows his age. Aside from crow’s feet at his brown eyes, his face seems to have held up well despite his age and experience. He wears his band tightly around his neck, does not remove it under any circumstance. He wears a long faded cloak, presumably from his days in the ANBU black ops. The cloak covers from his collar bone to his shins. He wears white socks and the typical sandals. Background/History(iii): A former ANBU member, he retired in his late 50s, seeking solace and peace after so many years of tribulations. Technique Levels: Retired ANBU Ninjutsu: 1000/1000 Genjutsu: 300/1000 Taijutsu: 800/1000 Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 900/1000 Chakra Nature/s(iv): Earth/Water (Nature/wood) and some fire. Health and Chakra Points (v) Health- 350 Chakra- 250 Jutsu's(vi): Earth Flow River Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland Earth Release Earth Dragon Bullet Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile Summoning Technique: Sentient Plants Intro Post: Ikato Mirata sat on his knees in the small clearing. The wind rustled the trees and sent a cherry blossom leaf swirling through the air in front of him. He breathed in the fresh forest air before sipping some of his herbal tea. He placed the cup back onto the plate with a nearly inaudible clack. He adjusted the Leaf band on his neck. The wind blew his graying red hair into his face. He brushed his hair out of his eyes. The trees around him creaked nearly inaudibly. “I’m not coming back, my dear brethren.” He said, taking another sip from his tea. Several footsteps landed several meters behind him. He calmly placed the cup on the ground, and stood to face them. Three men in cloaks, wearing ANBU masks stood facing him, their arms hidden underneath the cloaks. “We’re not here to bring you back to the ANBU. We have a group of students coming through the academy, and would like an experienced member to lead them.” Ikato’s forehead wrinkled at the implied question. “Think about it. The instructor is waiting for you.” The ANBU members disappeared into the treeline. Ikato sat back down. He ran his fingers through the grass, stopping. He brought his fist up and opened it. A single seed lay in his hand. “Teacher… huh… I like it.” He said, the seed already forming a stem and flowering.
  16. Well, I don't know, all I know is that based on my families genetic traits, it's likely we're descended from vikings or scandinavians of some sort. Can't trace either of my lineages passed 150 years without professional help. EDIT: now that I think about it we could also be descended from the Gauls (Celts)
  17. That's a quote from genesis. Not really a place you want to look if you want logic. no offense.
  18. Certainly a worthy goal. I respect our men and women at arms. In any case, why SEAL in particular? What about Green Beret? Or an Army Ranger? Or any of the other special forces? In any case, women aren't allowed in special forces. If you're set on joining the military to show up the boys, then best of luck to you, but as it stands, it's a boys club. You can become a paratrooper, and a pilot, but in terms of being in small squad-tactic operations you're pretty much barred from doing so.
  19. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be spilled." That's the basis for the death penalty. Problem with the death penalty is that it's not cost-effective. And it's a permanent solution, if new evidence turns up that this person was innocent, at least if he's in jail he can be released. Kill him and there's no release. Also, "Death should be a release not a punishment."
  20. Every human has between 6 and 13 lethal recessive genes. I'm fuzzy on the exact numbers, but yea, you increase your odds of lethal genes being inherited by having children between closely related individuals. While you're right, if brother and sister were perfectly flawless, and were not carriers for a single defect/lethal gene, then yes, no harm done, however, since every, every, human has multiple recessive lethal genes, and other non-lethal recessive genes the odds of them both having a gene like that is far larger than two individuals who are not closely related.
  21. Humanity has the ability to survive. Unless some stellar or cosmic event happens I doubt we'd be wiped out entirely. We're like cockroaches, except slightly less loveable.
  22. I have about 60% of the champions I think. I don't have enough time to play skyrim and LoL, so I haven't played LoL in a while. I play Karthus, AP Gragas, MF, Nassus, etc. Karthus I love playing because I always get fed early then people end up raging so hard when my ult does 2/3 their life. They say I'm OP and yet they aren't smart enough to pick up a banshees or MR in general. AP Gragas is great until about 30 or so minutes in, because he requires you to be right in the middle of things as an AP. Nassus is nasty because by the end of the game I can hit towers for 800 dmg every 3 seconds, and if I've done well I can literally sit there and hit the turret from full health tanking one or more players and the turret. Crazy good.
  23. Heya. So we have 3 cats. We just got the latest one. We're yet to come up with a name. Here are the options: Ralphy - "You'll shoot your eye out!" Dizzy - Main character from "The New Guy" Buddy Dennis - The Menace Charlie A few things you should know, he's a clutz, his feet are far too big for him, so he's always falling. The other two cats' names are: Kelly the calico Rocko - AKA fat boy
  24. I should probably qualify this, I'm talking first generation. The only way I would consider spending $15000 on an animal is if I had incredible amounts of money. Even if I made 150k a year, I would never spend such a large percent of my income on something like that, I'd have to have a lot more than 150k in income. I guess that's just my personality.