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  1. He grew and his name is Fae King Laisren. It's a form of a Celtic/Irish name meaning flame. I know they're not meant to be, given the name Tinsel Dragons and originally a prize for Christmas, but the crowns and tail wraps call to mind Irish/Celtic/Scottish flower crowns, elven crowns, etc. Plus I have Scottish blood from waaaaaay back when when my surname was the Gaelic Scottish word for "fair-haired." (Yes, I know Irish, Scottish, and Celtic aren't interchangeable, but they are interconnected.) And so I get a Celtic vibe from them and hence he's got a Oberon-inspired, Celtic-inspired name.
  2. Hi. So, I got a silver tinsel from the November, 2021 raffle. I'm having a hard time deciding on which breed would look best to make babies with it. Help me out? You can vote more than one. I think I'll let it gender naturally unless I do decide/it's the top winner to go with the F Moonstone look. Now I also need a name!
  3. I was able to grab one and then trade for others, so yay. I think these are in my top 5 favorite Halloween. They're creepy, cool, and I love the oil-sheen coloring.
  4. Hi. So, I thought I'd start this to help folks attain their own specific scroll goals with a dedicated group of folks deliberately catching, gendering, breeding, and trading to specific folks. Rather than random gifting, requests, bunting to the AP, etc. See, my specific scroll goal is to have 3 of each adult sprite and 1 each of each baby sprite. That would be up to 8 of an individual breed. However, I also don't want to have only my own babies on my scroll for breeding purposes and also because I only want lowest-gen possible dragons. So, I'm finding myself in over my head with the monthly (though well appreciated) releases just increasing the dragons I'm trying to find. So, I would like help in getting folks who would deliberately breed for me 2g gen breed onlys to swap bloodlines or help me get action-only dragons. I would of course do the same in reverse. I feel this is different than Caveborn/Lineage trading because you're specifically pairing off with others breeding coordinated swaps. But I could be wrong. Anyone like to assist?
  5. Look like ghosts. Now if they'd only drop long enough for me to get one.
  6. They look like they should have been a VDay release. I like both. I'm not a fan of no-legs (or wings) dragons, but the bigger ones are still nice. Like the expressions and the furry manes. The small pygmies I like a lot. Love the poses and expressions and colors.
  7. I've been wanting one! Thanks! I don't have much, but maybe if you were trying to trade for it, I can find something. You can PM me.
  8. Love the Spotted Teal Drakes. Excellent pose, love the combined hues, and the smirky expression on their faces. Long, elegant wings and tail and great distinction between the mane and horns and the fins and back. Not a fan of the Sabertooth Bull. I love the concept, but it seems like the sprite just doesn't do it justice. It's not that the art isn't good, clearly a talented spriter, but the angle and pose seem to hide much of the description's biggest points: the tusks and the spines. And I'm never a fan when the wings appear too small to lift the animal in question when the dragon/drake is (I believe) a flight-capable species. Also it's hard to separate the neck from the wing at first glance. Part of it I think is the simple limitations of a sprite size, but I simply think another angle and pose could have better suited this brutish breed. Do love the colors and expression and muscular build.
  9. Have: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2g Two-fin bluna Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2g Sophrosyne Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2g carina Want: Just bloodswaps, please.
  10. Just missed release date again /sigh Oh, well. Hopes for the breeds.
  11. Welp, for the first time, I was able to gather all 60 eggs for a year. Now working on past years, for which I doubt I'll be able to complete even one more, but hey, more is more. Here's to hoping increased egg hunts for past eggs becomes a thing. I heartily approve of it. Thank you, TJ, and whomever else had a hand in the decision.
  12. Whoopsie! I missed that sentence. Well, awesome! Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  13. I've never going to be able to get all of them in a single year. It takes too long between eggs and I don't have the ability to devote 40 hours to sitting here refreshing. I wish it went for a week like other sites Easter/Spring celebrations, but oh well. I love most of these eggs. The Kiwi, Star Crystal, Fluffy Blue Tailed one, and the Surf eggs are my favorite so far. As usual, I don't get most references.
  14. Have: 2g female Amalthean Need: 2g male Amalthean Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. Getting green siyats. Seems I can never get them to hatch on time, even with reds.
  16. Hi. So, not sure if this is a good topic or not, but it got a good chuckle. I put up a 2g Staterae for offers. What is one of the offers? A 3g bronze tin and 2g silver I had bred and released. I just find that funny. The person clearly doesn't know they're offering me my own eggs back. 2 of them! I do have my scroll name on. But of course it's not something I tend to look at myself, either. I just offer what I have for what I want and hope for the best, but it's still funny. Has anything like this happened to you?
  17. I quite agree. I despise name exclusivity. I find it unbearably foolish. There's no name exclusivity in real life. Not to mention it makes a war for names, messes up patterns, means newer players are s--- out of luck simply because they didn't hear about DragCave in 2006 or whatever, and means that players get to have something exclusive for exactly zero good reason. I barely name my dragons and I still fully support removing name exclusivity.
  18. I might have liked a bit more than a single line of six, and yet it is still quite welcome. I get so tired of seeing mass breeds and event walls. So very tired of it. 8 hours ago, wbmorgan said: THANK YOU!!! Those constant walls of hideous eggs from the same couple scrolls were ANNOYING AF! I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out and hoping that those hours, and sometimes days, of solid walls holding the game hostage are gone. Quite. Agree.
  19. Ah. they are quite lovely. I wish they were a trifle brighter, but the pose, art, and concept are great.
  20. Have: 3rd even g sAltkin, 3rd even g pure gold, 3rd spiral g bronze tin Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: trying for a release date 1.24 nobleshield 1st gen since mine all refused, so far no luck. Bout out of time.
  21. Does the AP even really matter anymore? Or am I missing something? I never, ever see a younger egg than 4 days and 2 hours anymore. Right now it's all Celestials and tiny handful of others. Things bred/dropped within the last 48 hours wouldn't even show up, I imagine. In fact, there's enough eggs and players, there should be two caves. One for breds and one for cave-born or one for rarer and one for commons or something. Near impossible to see anything except a wall. Especially on holidays.
  22. Really, really hate the drop rate. This is the very day they drop and not only have I seen just one lure egg, but all 3 of my guardian x royal crimson pairings failed: two royal crimsons and a refusal. Ridiculous, imo. Release date is obviously important to everyone and making them as hard to get as rare eggs out for months, I hate it.
  23. People savagely putting my cookies to shame. These are all astounding. I love three dragons and sleigh with holly from Cleo, Pikachu and the dude who I know I know but can't put my finger on from Moriarity, all the sea ones from Jewel, and Michigan J Frog from Lady Dragoon.