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  1. Have: Low time f 2nd gen Neglected, 2 2nd gen silver eggs (1 PB) Want: all for a CB male or ungendered Neglected. Can add to offer.
  2. Just spaz-released a 2nd gen purebred silver egg from my silver pair when releasing CB eggs I didn't want trying to grab a Truffle.
  3. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/32795-rayemoon/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/TalisRaye Group Name: Talis Raye's Secret Santa 2019 Group Wishlist: 1. Neglected (most want), 2G Prize (gold/silver tinsel, any shimmer, 3rd most want), 2G from Spriter's Alt (4th most want) 2. CB Copper (green preferred) 3. CB Xenowyrm (Thalassa, Astrapi, Mageia, Pyro) 4. CB Zyumorph, (red, yellow, white, blue, pink) CB Tan Ridgewing 5. CB Fire Gem, CB BSA dragon (not pink, purple, red, please) 6. anything 7. Black Truffle (2nd most want) Breeding abilities: I can do all but low-gen prizes (except 3rd gen bronze tins, I have a 2nd gen). Catching abilities: I am reasonably good at catching except metals, coppers, black truffles. Trading abilities: Sure, I can try to trade. I often have what is being asked for, if I can't get the dragon myself. Teleport abilities: I have three magis.
  4. Desert ones look like winged boars.
  5. I suppose that will work well enough. Suppose we can close this.
  6. With no longer having eggs and hatchlings on top, right?
  7. As wobster pointed out, I've tried that. As soon as you go to move from "sort by whatever" option and then try "sort by tiles" it'll undo the "sort by whatever" you had before. And then you have to redo it every time, dragging one tile per one dragon. At best, I'd have to sort by breed/color every single time I got a new dragon, then every single time sort by tile to move that dino. All for just one species that, while technically species Diplodocus carnegii by science name, is a dino. I get that it's done by breed alphabet name, but it seems to me that one thing could be done just to fix that. Sort by species type instead for one, so that all wyverns, all drakes, all dinos, all chickens, etc are all together. You could even compound sorts that first it does by type, then by color. Again, I'm not a programmer, and I doubt whoever programs this (TJ only?) would really care, but it's quite the bone in my craw. On my phone, when I want to sort family members together, but it goes by alphabet of their name, I just put a z or v or whatever in front of their name so that they sort where I want them. So my friends are vNikki, vSonya, vPaula, etc. When you can't SEE the coding, I don't think it would visually bother anyone to have dinosaur Diplodocus carnegii etc in there.
  8. Desperately trying to get a girl, or an egg I can influence Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! CB Male Tan Ridgewing hatch. 3 hrs left.
  9. Have: CB male tan ridgewing Want: CB female tan ridgewing Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Have: 2nd gen pure silver egg https://dragcave.net/lineage/7Oys8 CB tan ridgewing male hatchi https://dragcave.net/lineage/TF66e (will grow in 20 hours) Want: offer on the silver egg CB tan ridgewing female hatchi Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Silver Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Ridgewing
  11. Then perhaps allowing a sort of tiles that drag ALL of a species at once? I'm no programmer, but I would think doable. Perhaps not even hard for someone who is good at it, though I wouldn't know the difficulty likelihood. Or something easier than what is available for large scrolls. Or add dinosaur in front of the breed name. Or name Gallaus as chicken, IDK. It just seems rather unpalatable to have that one dino by itself. Though I suppose this gripe would be far down the list of cares.
  12. So, I have my scroll as sort by breed, reverse order, eggs and growing on top. It's all good except the yellow dino is separated from all the other dinos by chickens. IDK if the site is thinking yellow dino, yellow chicken baby, but he should be moved to be added to the dinos and the only way you can do that is a custom sort, which takes way too long. Can it be recoded to have him added to the dinos by default?
  13. So, it's undoubtedly been said many times before, but I'm guessing this war is unwinnable, like a true horror movie. No matter how many dragons we put on our side, we'll eventually be overrun and succumb.
  14. They're both quite lovely. Eastern dragons rule (I prefer Western) and the colors and poses are amazing. I wish DC and MS had bigger sprites, though, because so much beautiful detail is microscopic.
  15. The full size pink hatch is adorable!
  16. Aw, the AP is regular again. The Floral V-Days must have been rare because I only saw like 2 and both got snatched. I was really hoping for one more. 'Til next year.
  17. I'm not a fan of the wing spots because I never like mottled anything, but I love the pose and the colors and the delicateness of the dragon. I wish often that Dragcave and other sprite-adoptables like MS had larger sprites so we could see the fantastic details of these even more clearly. A wonderful DC addition.
  18. Am I a human falling in love with a dragon?
  19. Thanks for the answers, everyone. Now I need five people with paper eggs.
  20. Okay, another thing. So, isn't the market thingie with gold/shards/whatever supposed to help those who have a hard time catching stuffs? So how come you have to unlock them in encyclopedia to be able to purchase them, such as chickens, papers, etc? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the market being to help you get what is difficult to find?
  21. So, someone just pointed out that the eggs are Harry Potter themed (don't tell me they're not) and that's just great! But Hufflepuff just doesn't get any breaks, does it? Red and Gold: Daring you (Courage, Gryffindor) Silver and Green: Tempting you (Avarice, Slytherin) Blue and Bronze: Piques curiosity (Knowledge, Ravenclaw) .... Heavy egg: Tilled earth. Aww, come on. Is it a plagiarism thing? Yellow and Black: Waits patiently (Virtue, Hufflepuff) "This heavy eggs waits patiently for you to pick it up." (I suppose an argument could be made for hard work/Hufflepuff, but man.) Looking forward to the babies/adults!
  22. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave and I'm really thrilled that we have these updates. However, could we please stop having no drops in the cave not even an *hour* after new ones emerge? I mean, not all of us can be here at xx:00. Edit: Wow the new red sprites are awesome. They look really fierce. Kind of meh on the seasonals as I really like the originals, especially the Winter, but they'll probably grow on me. It's only the silvers that I ever truly hated because the original silver baby sprite was my absolute favorite sprite of all time.
  23. I see. I got a regular mint. I'm a casual player, so that doesn't matter much to the cave timing.
  24. Sorry, but there's 31 pages of posts. How do you get the event thing to come up? Do you get only one shot at it?