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  1. He JUST bred and I already missed the chance to get on the breeding list?? Darn! That was fast. I hover over that page. This is the closest miss I've ever had, I think. Oh well... if only I'd woken up earlier this morning... EDIT: Misread. Whew! I feel better now. Still, that's pretty awesome to just discover something like that on your scroll, having no idea it was there!
  2. A friend of mine reports that he too has been able to grab three of the new CBs.
  3. The more I look at that S2, the more I'm sure I'm going to adore the adult. Having to wait two whole days to see it is going to kill me. (No, no, it's not. But you know what I mean!) It's female this year, yes? I'm so looking forward to pairing these with Snows and Aegides. It's almost like they were purposely designed to look snazzy with both of their male predecessors. Come to think of it, they'll probably look great with Holly and maybe even Yulebuck, too. Actually, they might potentially look good with any of the male Christmas dragons. Did the spriter do that on purpose or is it a coincid
  4. Dang - wings. So it is an amphitere. I so wanted a wyrm. But this does still qualify for fulfilling my "not a Western" wish, so I shall still keep my promise of cheering in joy! Hooray for a non-Western Christmas dragon! Also, yes, the second stage is GLORIOUS. I'm sensing a new favorite-list Christmas dragon. Depending on how the adults look, they might even unseat Solstices and Hollies as my tied-for-top-favorite. Also, just so everyone knows, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET THE OLD CHRISTMAS EGGS.
  5. Not at all! I do the same thing, especially since they don't always all get chosen and survive each year depending on what they are. I fret over them until they're safely on a scroll and being cared for. I can't look at all the eggs I breed, of course, but I do check on them at random, especially the 'special' ones (like the Gen2s from my CBs.)
  6. I don't think so. That doesn't make sense with how badges work. There would have to be a different sprite for each stage of becoming progressively fierier/icier. That's a whole lot of extra work for the spriters. It's possible, I guess, but it just doesn't seem very likely to me. As far as I can tell, looking at my friends' scrolls, we all have exactly the same badge no matter how we've been playing the game. (I have at least one dedicated member of each team in my friends group.)
  7. TJ already said elsewhere that he hasn't seen any major differences in the amount of people online and thus the amount of eggs being spawned, FWIW.
  8. Not that I can think of. But I don't know everything and it's entirely possible I'm wrong. Also, first time for everything. Hence I fear assumptions without qualifications. Honestly the most likely thing is that it's a wyrm, or an amphitere that will grow wings, since growing wings at S2 is a totally traditional and common thing. But since most of the amphiteres have some sort of teeny wing-buds or something when born as I recall, it's most likely a wyrm. A wyrmy wyrmy WYRRRMMMMM.
  9. WYRMS!! THEY'RE WYRMS!!! SO MUCH CHEERING. SO MUCH HAPPY. I mean... I guess it's possible they'll grow legs and turn to be Easterns or Lindwurms or something... but one thing is for sure. They are NOT WESTERNS. WOOHOO! So much happy.
  10. I had that thought myself! There are times when I can figure it out by closely examining the desc, but most of the time I just can't work out why the person rejected it. Feedback is needed to improve, people! x.x EDIT: So who else is eagerly writing descriptions for their new CB old holidays the instant they grow up and then hovering anxiously over them to see if they have comments yet? I bet very few people are even reviewing descs today, but I can't help iiiitttt. EDIT II: On the desc for one of my shiny new CB Wrappingwings... " Accept: You misse
  11. I'm honestly not sure what to do with Yulebucks. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm not talking about Hollies only, though. I'm talking about all of them. It's not just Hollies disappearing fast. Again, the biomes are EMPTYING.
  13. What beautiful eggs! I was hoping for something that wasn't white-leaning this year, but I have to say, I'm completely in love with the eggs, and if they're an accurate reflection of the dragon, then I have no doubt I'm going to adore it. So elegant! So classy! The little touch of holly at the bottom! *swoons*
  14. Gahhh the limits can be frustrating. One of my friends has everything but their Yules and Hollies and can't manage to catch either. I want to help but I already have mine and I'm worried if I give him mine I won't be able to catch two more each for myself in time. x.x; There are always going to be people who enjoy having something others don't and will resist losing their special advantage. It's just how things are.
  15. The idea of there NOT being a Valentine's re-release, at this point, seems very far-fetched to me. Why would we get the other two holidays but not Valentine's? If we're getting two, we're getting all three. And I'm REALLY excited for it.
  16. I'm at 201/202 unique breeds on my scroll. The only thing left is the Neglected. So logically, I demand that a male, female, and sexless ND appear on my scroll RIGHT NOW. Full grown so they don't take any slots. THIS IS COMPLETELY (un)REASONABLE. >O
  17. I spent the first couple day abandoning CBs to the AP for people, so I'm behind... XD; I think I'm going to manage to get the new CBs on Christmas Day like I usually try to, but it may be a narrow thing. After that it's time to gorge in the AP on all those delicious bred eggs. Can't wait!
  18. Oh, I see. Huh. I definitely missed all of that. I was on hiatus most of the year due to RL and things started getting messy on me right around that time. I remember getting my two Valentine 2017 eggs but not spending much time on the event thread. And shortly after I went inactive altogether for months, up until right before Halloween was approaching and I suddenly remembered DC and got the panics about everything I missed already and not wanting to miss the holidays again this year. Thanks for the reply.
  19. Why is the Soulstone artist uncredited? I think I wasn't here for something that happened because I wasn't paying attention to the forum much at the time.
  20. These are the pairings I'm personally looking forward to trying with my new Hollies (not including stuff I noticed that other people mentioned, like Frill - mmmm Frill): Red and green Fire Gem Red and green Gemshard Red and white Zyumorph Sinomorph/Zyu GoN/Avatar Aeon Wyvern Candelabra Celestial Khusa Dark Lumina ALL THE LUNAR HERALDS OMG Script Spotted Greenwing Undine (especially YELLOW) Gaia and Pyro Xenowyrm
  21. So, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's noticed that the stated reason for having limits isn't how things are working out in practice. In theory, the point of having a two-per-person limit on CB Christmas and Valentine's is to keep people from hogging them, so everyone is guaranteed to have a chance. In theory, that makes sense, and I have no intrinsic problem with it, nor am I suggesting it be changed. I'm simply observing that doesn't seem to be what's actually happening, and I'm wondering why. Compare the Christmas biome with the Halloween one. By this point, the
  22. Enh... No thanks. I LIKE that they only breed true once a year. It makes them special. It's what makes them holiday dragons. If they can always breed true they just become normal dragons. I hear the argument against that, but... that's still ultimately how I feel about it.
  23. Well, in my case it's just slow hands lol I have some small motor and visual-motor processing speed deficiencies. So it's physically easier to leave my hand in one spot pressing a key than it is to tap on a screen or the mousepad. Only slightly, but enough to make a difference. That said, I didn't know that just F5 would do a refresh. Very interesting. I picked all these keyboard commands up piecemeal over living half my life on the Internet. I imagine most other players did, too. Most of us probably think of CTL-F5 as 'refresh' and don't know there's a difference. Thanks for the education! Ju
  24. As much as I would love this to happen, I agree that it seems technically unfeasible from my past experience running a somewhat similar game. Any given page can either appear the same to everyone OR display differently for each player. I have no idea how one would go about doing both at once without some kind of local overlay app. Maybe that's the solution? Allow people to use browser plugins that can do this? The plugin would do exactly one thing - put some kind of marker over things you've clicked on recently. How to get it to recognize EGGS specifically is the sticky bit, I think...
  25. WOOHOO! Got my last Yulebuck and Ribbon Dancer. I have them all! I HAVE THEM ALL. OMGGGGGGGGGGG Also, that may be so, TJ, but on a laptop (for example) I find it quicker to use CTL-F5 even with the added load time. My machine is quick enough that the additional time loading the background and such is still faster than the time I get when physically trying to click reload, whether on the touchscreen tapping the name of the biome or using the touchpad/mouse buttons. I've been experimenting with it It's weird but true. I suspect most people use CTL-F5 for that reason. It may be a bit