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  1. That's what I was afraid of. Rats. I may just AP it to free up the slot to keep hunting for Gaias, then...
  2. I started with red copper and Candelabra for my first two. Can't wait to do Anagallis on the next round. Haven't decided what the fourth attempt will be. But man, I'm going to be hoarding these SO aggressively next Christmas, I swear. Definitely my favorite Christmas dragon. I'll definitely be breeding a Garland x Holly line too, and probably Garland x Snow. https://dragcave.net/lineage/CXuvJ https://dragcave.net/lineage/Gl3wB
  3. Two summons to this thread in such a short period of time! <3 So much happy. It's awesome to see my babies finding good homes!
  4. No successes today... but I did get a revive, which is kind of hilarious. The January First Revive Miracle Dragon.
  5. You know I'm down. I really hope it's not Waterhorses. I really, really dislike those. But if that's what's chosen, WATERHORSES WILL JUST HAVE TO RULE MY SCROLL NAO. Also, you also know I'm donating. I got two CB Hollies, and a few new lineaged beauties that people will probably want even with the new commonness of Hollies in general. I will probably donate fewer overall eggs, though, keeping in mind that higher gens from old dragons are no longer, likely, particularly interesting to most people. Anything that's G4 or less on my on scroll though is game. Also - sinc
  6. Is it possible to trade a CB Almandine for a CB Gaia at this point? Or have Almandines lost too much value?
  7. Also, you should check if either or both dragons has a lineage or not. If you want to get the prettiest result (in most people's opinion), one that focuses JUST on those two breeds you love, you'll want to start with a caveborn or lineage-free Nebula and White. (If you don't have any, let me know and I'd be glad to catch you a couple, or breed you two Gen2s from my own scroll that would pair to make a lovely G3 Nebula x White checker.) For what it's worth, in general, there's no way to tell for sure how likely it is that you''ll get an egg, or which breed of egg, because it's infl
  8. It wasn't so much that as the whole 'New Years Eve' symbolism. Since they're zombies, the death of the old year, all of that. But also, yeah, supposedly the 31st of a month has a higher chance. That doesn't always mean that's how it's going to play out in practice, especially since the chance is still overall pretty low. Nevertheless, the odds ARE still better then even if people haven't always had better RESULTS those days.
  9. It's entirely possible that people just didn't realize that certain eggs they clicked on and were told 'you can't find it' were in fact eggs they'd picked up before, and so had that impression. You can't tell unless you happened to have memorized the code of what you picked up AND happen to look at the code of what you just were told you couldn't find, after all.
  10. Are you sure they were INVISIBLE? To my understanding, that is not the case. As far as I know - and this is always how it's been - you can see eggs you've already picked up, it just gives you that 'you can't find this egg' message if it's not been picked up and dropped by someone else yet. Also, you may not have seen this, but the reason I say this isn't my own opinion; TJ himself posted that information in the suggestion thread for marking eggs in the AP. So that's another reason I think, politely, that you must be mistaken.
  11. I prefer tags as a solution to this. But if we don't get tags, then please, at least this minimal thing would be so helpful. I really don't like having to use the CB thing to name my caveborns. I've gotten used to it and in some cases it let me have names I couldn't otherwise have (like CB Merry Christmas belongs to me, but Merry Christmas is of course looooooong gone.) But on the whole, I began using it not to get otherwise-taken names, but to mark my CBs for breeding.
  12. I see no reason that all time-associated dragons should have to follow the same schedule. IF there is a lore reason for them to differ, they should differ. HOWEVER. No such lore exists for zombies, and as noted, what lore they do have suggests nothing whatsoever is special about midnight for them,and in fact, it suggests they should be seen anywhere there is no or or very low light. Therefore, as a zombie lover, I support this wholeheartedly. I'm in Pacific and I still mostly see only tombstones.
  13. I don't think this is feasible for the same reason the whole 'mark AP eggs we've already picked up' is not feasible. Everyone sees the same biome pages. They aren't specific to the user. Therefore, it's extremely hard if not impossible to provide user customized content on those same pages. Don't get me wrong - if I am incorrect and this could be done, I'd be happy to have it. It would indeed be cool to be able to earn the ability to see what's in the biomes rather than always seeing the ? egg. But I tend to think it's not possible.
  14. Killed five adults for a Dec 31st Zombie attempt. Was super excited about it. Proceeded to get distracted by IRL and totally forgot to try to zombie them. ;.; Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF. I had dragons killed, meaning to try to zombify them yesterday, and I FORGOT. ;.; I'm going to have to just suck it up and do it tonight, but they're probably all going to fail. This is the first time I've ever wished that dead dragons lasted longer than two weeks. If only I could hold out for Jan 31st. Also, @rinoa26 I want a baby from that pair SO BAD once that Khusa grows up!
  16. Dang, those Winter Magis were pending, like, 24 hours, tops. You go, Gurl!
  17. Okay, so, the posting thing is bugging out hardcore and I can't get it to work. Sorry for the double post. But it won't let me edit my original in any way. x.x; Anyway, yay! I love getting tagged here. Raindear is the one who came up with that Blusang-Solstice match. It's brilliant. Unfortunately that was the first year of Solstice breeding and we didn't know about bluewings yet (in fact the situation wasn't even worked out yet at the time that girl was bred). So in the long run I've decided to breed bluewing checkers some years and alternating checkers other years. It's too prett
  18. Dear God. So many gorgeous possibilities. I really like them with Gold and Gold Lunar, Gaia, Anagallis, Khusa, Snow, Holly, alt Undine... I was expecting to like them with red or green Fire Gem best, but the blue is actually the most striking to me. It's like a Christmas Eve kind of look. They're not matching with stuff like silver Lunar and Celestial as well as one might expect because, as a Fire type, they're a -warm- white, and most of the other white dragons are cool whites.
  19. See, that's exactly what I mean, though. On my screen, it IS a bright blue. It's almost cyan, intensity-wise. To my eyes, the Aegis in particular DOES pop, quite strongly. The whites are bold and vivid, the blues are sharp and intense over the body. I wasn't saying anyone said they're not pretty - that issue of differences in perceived 'pop' is my ENTIRE POINT. You guys are seeing much duller versions of the art, it seems to me, or else my eyes work very differently for some odd reason. I just don't perceive a major overall difference. Snows are the only ones that could fairly be described as
  20. Okay, I have to say, I think those of you complaining about muted colors need new monitors. Garlands and Snows don't look muted to me at all, and to describe the Aegis as muted sounds downright silly to me. It's covered in BRIGHT blue! I have zero trouble matching these guys and I'm finding it hard to understand why other people see them so very differently. I can only assume poor monitor color display for some people is to blame, because otherwise I have to assume our eyes work very differently. (Which I guess is possible.... but seems less likely.)
  21. WOW. WOW. WOW. The adult is just as gorgeous as I hoped! I love her so much! And I'm SO happy that Christmas dragons are starting to get their own unique descs. It's always bugged me that they all shared the same desc.
  22. I don't recall exactly. I think it was due to people complaining, basically, and how common it is for people to leave and come back, leave and come back. There was some talk of adding a mechanism by which names could be SELECTIVELY taken from inactive players (as opposed to inactive players losing EVERYTHING whether anyone else wanted it or not) but so far that has yet to come into being.
  23. Not anymore, Fabula. It used to be that way, but it stopped being a thing some time ago. It's possible someone just changed the name.
  24. I think they're based on candle wreaths, yeah. I've never known of the association with St. Lucia before, but I've seen those candle wreaths in the past and definitely associated them with the Christmas/holiday season.