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  1. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: lurhstaap Scroll Name(Make scroll link): Scroll PM link: PM What Avatar do you want? Destruction Any desired mates? None Any other comments? Chaoz Thank you so much!
  2. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: lurhstaap Scroll name: lurhstaap Scroll: Scroll Birthday: December 11th List: America 1. CB Gold 2. CB Verdigris (aka blue or green) Copper 3. Any vampire
  3. How much are CB coppers worth? What would be a reasonable trade? I'm seeking a red and a green for a lineage project and unsure how to go about getting them.
  4. Inactivity refers to the scroll being logged into, not individual dragons. Îf you log in to your scroll more than once or twice a year, you're most likely active. I know you have to be idle, that is not log into your scroll, for several months before officially being counted inactive. The point is so active players can use names being taken up by people who've probably quit the game, not allow people to namesnipe from other active players. How often you breed a given dragon, or anything else like that, doesn't come into it.
  5. I'm another one who preferred it the old way. I honestly think full body sprites would look better than any sort of cropping.
  6. Both generally and specifically, yes. I might have to get ticky about the definitions of some words, though. For example, there is a specific person for whom I would step in front of a bullet, but whether you'd say he 'loves' me... well, like I said, it'd all come down to definitions.
  7. I remember when descriptions were added to the game... whew! I wrote a few early on. I wonder if they'd be approved now? I've been doing some reviewing lately and just discovered this thread, so, FWIW, lurh is me. Personally I think 'you' is okay when it's nonspecific; that is, when it isn't referring to a specific 'you' but rather making a general comment. Sort of the difference between 'he'll ignore you forever if he dislikes you', a general statement about how the dragon behaves toward others habitually, and 'you see a dragon but he ignores you,' which makes the reader 'you'. Not t
  8. Yeah... part of me wanted to like this idea but on thought it has to be a no. Part of DC's strength is its sandboxyness. Adding too much lore, especially humancentric lore, takes away from that. Right now people have the freedom to imagine their dragons in whatever context they want. It sounds like you want DC to be more like Flight Rising, bu they're very different games with different setup and goals. Just because some other pet games have intricate or even basic lore doesn't make that a good idea for DC.