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  1. Hooray! I figured it was probably OK because my own inner reaction to the idea DEFINITELY involved my inner five-year-old and a lot of unmanly giggling. However, it could be potentially interpreted sexually, so I wanted to be sure. For myself, ihe part of me that is still in roughly about second grade is the part that wants to do this, no question.
  2. Okay, so. I just was gifted a pink whose parents' names are I Touch Eggs (the pink parent) and Fluffbutts (Soulstone parent). Looking at this, I had an instant, totally immature urge to name the baby "I Touch Butts". Over the line or can I indulge my childish glee?
  3. When's the new thread going up? Am I needed to help get that done? Hit me up if so! I already have like 23 Deepseas lolz
  4. I'm hunting for Gaia Xenos and Volcano Zyus right now. I have a habit of skipping through all the biomes every refresh just to see what drops. Part of the POINT of doing this is to try to catch rares, especially gold/silver. So I start in the Jungle because Gaias are my top target. Drop happens. No Gaias. I skip to Volcano first. No Zyus. So I hop over to Alpine and begin my usual skipthrough.. only to realize an instant too late that when I clicked into Alpine, a gold was there, and I had juuuuust clicked away from it. I clicked in fast enough that I know in the pit of my gut th
  5. Refusals after successful HOLIDAY breeding are normal. Refusals after successful (including no-egg results) NON-holiday breeding are not. But I've never, ever seen that happen. I think you're just having a bunch of bad luck. I have a Magma x Bronze Shimmer pair of G2s. That pair has only two Shimmer offspring in the years I've had them... but ZERO MAGMAS. ZERO. Breeding Magmas sucks lol
  6. Yeah, that was how it came out. I tweaked a couple of small things, fixing repetitive phrasing and the like, but it's essentially a first draft. I've written over 130 dragon descs at this point and once I get rolling on one it tends to just come out. Practice makes perfect I guess?
  7. I'm glad you like it! I feel like I could make a few sentences better phrased, but if you're fine with it as it is, please feel free to use it. An artist is always hardest on their own work
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but here's a first draft... what do you think? @Rekha Every morning, at first light, Rozemyst arises. She loves to go out into the forests and meadows before the dew has left the grass, looking for butterflies. The way they flutter and dance in the pale golden dawnlight enchants her. Her favorite mornings are those when she finds a large flock of them - swallowtails, monarchs, whatever is there to find that day. In turn, butterflies seem to like her. Rozemyst's glittering silver scales are often accented by brightly colored wings, as the tiny cre
  9. TBH I'd be completely happy with something short and subtle like "This grave has been disturbed..." too. I'd just like them to have their own distinctive 'daytime' desc, and for their custom descs to always show.
  10. If there's already a thread for this, sorry about that! I looked, but may well have missed it if it's there. Basically, I think zombies shouldn't display that simple "your dragon has been killed" thing during the day, and if they have a custom desc, it should always show. The former problem is exactly why so many zombie descs get bounced incorrectly as 'this dragon is dead' when it is in fact a zombie. Also, I write descs for all of my zombies, but the way it's set up now, I don't even get to see the descs except when the zombies are active. It's bad enough that the sprites are hid
  11. Oh, wow. That's an important one, indeed. I will definitely do it, but give me a little bit to consider it. I want to get this one right.
  12. Do you want a desc for your dragon, but you feel like your writing skills (or perhaps your English) aren't up to it? Or you just don't feel like writing one for yourself right now? Ask me. If I have time, I will do it. Please include anything I'll need to know in order to write the desc you want in your reply. Also, I'm happy to do this for free, but in return, please be patient and don't ask me to describe your entire scroll. Want to see my descs? These are my approved descs: https://dragcave.net/group/31374 And here's the Pendings group for those of you
  13. Sometimes people just empty a biome for no explicable reason. I've seen it happen before when searching for specific things. There'll be more people than usual in the biome and the eggs just whoosh, and keep whooshing after they'd normally stop and do the blocker sit until the next five minute shuffle, until everything is gone. It's especially apt to be the Volcano, too, I've noticed. Maybe people searching for Fire Gems or somesuch? Dunno.
  14. I support this. It would have been better not to have HMs at all, but it's done, they're in the game, so that's that. At first, yes, they may become the new super shiny specials, but the more time goes on and the more people have them, the more things will even out. I'd love to be able to pick the code, too, but I don't see how those are mutually exclusive anyway.
  15. Huh! So it does. I must have misread it before. Interesting. So I wonder what's missing then?? That's very odd. EDIT: Oh, I see TJ posted. So it WAS the zombies? That's fascinating. Good to hear the bug was tracked down!
  16. Do you have Neglected? I have everything but that and I'm at 203/204.
  17. I've sent enough that I guess I could call myself done... but I don't wanna yet. >.> I'm still hoping to snag a CB Gold or Silver for my listy if I can.
  18. Tried both of my CB Yules with CB Silver, but got two no-egg/no-interest type results. Sorry! Will try again in a week?
  19. Oooh, I'll take the Shimmer if you still have it. My listy asked for G3 and G4 prizes.
  20. Seeking a Dino, a G3 Prize (all mine refused to cooperate, blah( and (longshot, I know) a CB Gold or Silver for my listy. Also seeking: white from white/ Val 09 checker, any gen, unrelated to him Please PM if you can help, will offer fair or better than fair trade value! (Also, if anyone here breeds any particularly neat Canopy lineages, hit me up.)
  21. Can I start a thread somewhere in the forum offering to write descriptions for other people? I know there have to be some people who'd like to have descs but don't feel ike their writing (or their English) is good enough. Would that be breaking any rules though?
  22. No, I don't think so. The number of extra viewers at EATW was too consistent over three days. It was ALWAYS 1000-1500. That looks more like a botnet to me. Unless the person spent the money or time to save up enough 'clicks' on Yarolds or something to afford that kind of constant continuous attention, I guess?
  23. It disappeared as soon as Christmas 'ended' officially (event not included). It seems to only display when it's 'relevant'. I'd rather have it year-round, personally.
  24. I'm not questioning your decision to end EATW. I understand where you're coming from. But I fear that it sets a terrible precedent and gives the attackers a far bigger victory than they perhaps even hoped for. What if this doesn't stop? What happens if they go after AoND next, and the other major hatcheries? We're going to have to come up with some kind of defense for this.
  25. ! Hooray! That's so awesome of you! I love zombie-lined dragons.