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  1. I want this. I want this SO BADLY. Please note me as one person, at least, who has longed for their own real CB Vampire JUST AS MUCH as all the other previously inaccessible and now re-released old breeds. I get the "they're not a true Halloween" logic, but if that's the case, can we please get them some other way? Rare standard drop? SOMETHING? If it doesn't matter to some of the rest of you, fine, but please don't pooh-pooh the idea just because YOU don't care about it and haven't happened to notice that other people do. We do. I know for a fact that my other friends who play would be all ov
  2. It's weird. I like these guys, but I'm having trouble finding pairings I really like for them. They're a lot harder to match up than I thought they'd be. I do like them with Almerald, though.
  3. I was, yes, though I wasn't hinting. Just noting that other people collect those too! My "LGBTQ Dragons" group is def not as large as I'd like it to be. They've been doing this longer so they deserve first shot, but if they don't pick it up, I'll gladly take it!
  4. They're not the only one! I collect those too. Though they're probably much better known for it than I.
  5. Woo! My Deepseas are in this group: https://dragcave.net/group/41866 And here are the Hollies whose offspring I'll be donating this year: CB Merry Christmas and the winner's choice of any female CB on my scroll as mate. Exotic Holly and his mate, CB Angel's Trumpet (Stair with Bright-Breasted Wyvern) Festive Carnival Glass and his CB Red mate (Spiral with Red) Ilex Opaca Aurea and her mate, CB Eminence (Stair with Gold) Houx de Saint Laurant and his mate, Pumpkinvines (Stair with Frilled) Soul of Yule with Midnight's Sunlight or winn
  6. I hate to say it, but I think closing DR has directly lead to its inactivity. Most people have no reason to peek in there now. Not that I'm saying closing it was a bad idea, at all, or arguing to reopen it right now. I'm just afraid the inactivity may have been a sad side effect of the closure.
  7. Haven't decided on breeding plans. Tentative thoughts of pink Zyumorph? I named mine after types of orchid, though - Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium. I named them at S2, but it turned out to be perfectly fitted so I'm not going to change it. I love how they managed to be "yet another pink Valentine" and "yet another Western", yet simultaneously look so different than the existing Valentine's dragons nonetheless! Really cool. Shows how much we can still do with designs, in case people were feeling like "it's all been done"!
  8. OMG that IS hilarious. Congratulations! Hopefully next year I will have a proper mate for that pair.
  9. EDIT: Thread took me to an old page when I clicked in LOL
  10. I sent you a PM about this, @PREDATOR, since I saw your sig about your friend dying. But now that I've discovered this thread and found out more, I understand why that PM has not been read yet. If I were you, I wouldn't touch a PM with IOU in the title right now, either. So I wanted to make a point of saying this publicly. You owed me a CB Gold from an IOU at Christmas. I am WAIVING that IOU. Please DO NOT fulfill it. The LAST thing I want to do is contribute to the pain and horror you've experienced at the hands of some extremely immature and thoughtless people. Please, write it off. And try
  11. I'm having a bad day, and I'm single and lonely, so I decided to post again. Could definitely use some pretty little pick me ups today.
  12. OMG THE ZOMBIE. <3 I have to make a zombie of a Coast breed now that talks in Surfer.
  13. Pending Desc: Briny Embrace is a dragon with a problem, and she doesn't know what to do about it. Called Brine by her friends, this sweet, loyal creature is an unusual example of her kind. She rarely steals, and always makes sure that the recipient of her gifts knows who they came from. She is in love, and invests her energies exclusively into wooing her chosen mate. The unfortunate part is that her chosen mate is a Blusang Lindwurm named Iridescent Art. The first time they were together, it was during the Festival of Love, and the two shared dragonwine, which lead the otherwise solitary
  14. I'm having good luck with codes on bred Valentines this year. Snagged this from the AP. Radiant Angel out of Golden Wyvern with a code that meas "I'm gold". Perfect. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IM0ro
  15. I have a couple of KKK code dragons myself. (I'm always looking for XXX, but noooo, not one, yet I have TWO KKKs.) One of them is a Pillow, of all things. Despite how horribly tempted I was to name it Fluffy Hitler, I refrained. But boy was I tempted. I settle for breeding the two together and just letting their creepy, awful codes speak for themselves.
  16. HAVE: G3 Mutamore from Aeon Wyvern WANT: Bloodswap https://dragcave.net/teleport/cf7e4782b150a1b89942b3ebe5f6ca91
  17. The desc just got approved and I forget who it was, but I got this on one of my recent Christmas CB descs... "Maybe say who Lurhstaap is?" I had no idea how to react to that. First, I don't hide my scroll name, so when you're viewing the dragon's page and seeing the description in context when t's approved, my name is right there in front of the person's face as Owner: Lurhstaap. Y'know? So spending too much of the dragon's desc on my own self-insert character rather than the actual dragon seemed both redundant and vaguely off-topic (re: "Actually Describe Your Dragon" rule). Also, I write a l
  18. Hooray for queue clearing! Go, EG, go! My CB Valentines all got desc'd officially just in time for their holiday thanks to your hard work <3 (Of course I immediately write more... sorry But I summoned a new Sinomorph and they're too special not to give each one a desc right away. And then today I was breeding for Valentine's and I noticed I had a pair with a Heartstealing where they'd rejected out of season and that inspired me for descs for the two dragons involved.)
  19. One and ONLY one? My brain explodes at the thought. Twitch. I can tell you what my finalists would be: Male Carina Setsong (either sex) Yellow Undine (and even this is a hard call.. female for x Holly or male for x Rosebud? gah) Geode (either sex) Male Hellhorse Avatar of Destruction (either sex) Green Spinel (female for x Holly *drools*) TBH? If it were possible I'd try to get all the hybrids and alts as CBs even if it were super hard and rare and difficult.
  20. A lot of the times when I breed, whether it's Celestials during normal times or holiday multiclutches, I am not breeding for myself, but rather to send the eggs to the AP for the benefit of others. While it's not a HUGE deal to "pick" an egg and then abandon it every time I do this when I'm not locked, it can be tedious when I'm breeding a lot of things, and I also don't like having to choose to either fill up on things and THEN breed (which can make timing difficult during holidays depending on what else I'm trying to do) or do the select-abandon thing over and over. It would be n
  21. Perhaps the site 'knows' the scroll existed before 2010, but the user's oldest still trackable dragons are from then?
  22. I'm a writer and would love to help DC with anything it needs, whether events or much more boring/routine textwork, FWIW. I'm sure many of us would if we were asked. But yes, there would definitely have to be a process for it. Open hiring, hire some people, then close it when you have what you need for now.
  23. Going over my scroll, I remembered I had picked up a pretty G3 Carina from the AP whose G2 parentage was Carina x Alt Ridgewing rather than being purebred Carina. I have a purebred G3 lineage but I decided to rebreed the parents involved to make a new G2 Carina male and an alt Ridgewing female G2 and then breed another alt Ridgewing female at G3 so the Carina from the AP can have a matched mate. Previously my dragons were giving lots of Carinas and the occasional not-alt Ridgewing. Today I got an alt G2 at last! Buuuuuut I forgot I was locked, so it auto'd. *headdesks.