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  1. True, it doesn't have to be all sweetness and light to be not pure evil. Some kind of candy-themed "trick or treat" concept would be awesome. i'd also still love some kind of bright red devil thing, but I love red dragons, so I'm biased. Honestly, I'd also like to see something more along the lines of the Graves again - traditional Halloween orange, black, and white, maybe with some touches of violet and/or green. Just a very traditional look. Desipis comes close but there's not quite enough orange on them. And Pumpkins are all orange. So I'd love to see a more balance
  2. No, it's not going to happen until the 31st. It''s only the 30th.
  3. Amazing how fast the Halloween biome is still moving. IIRC, by this time last year it was slow enough to code hunt. I was hoping to do so today, but no such luck. Got to just be quick I guess. (REALLY JEALOUS of whoever sniped that "sexy"!)
  4. Awesome, so I did get them all. Thank you!
  5. How many items are there to find in the Halloween event game this year? Not the ToT items, but the little story game. Hoping I got them all on my second runthrough LOL
  6. Last year's new breed is always rare in the AP. It's because there's so many fewer of them compared to the older breeds.
  7. It seemed like the best thing to do given I can't pick just one thing. I already have all of the CBs, but I want MOAR, especially Desipis and Omen Wyrms. But I also want a full load of the new CBs (plus as many as I can trade for or catch in the AP afterward). And I also want the G2s I am accustomed to hoarding at this time of year. So I needed a way to divide the time up between all the activities. Waiting to to do the AP means my odds of finding something super special are way lower, but I'm sure I'll still use up all my reds and pinks. πŸ˜› I'm not even trying the biome right now,
  8. No, there won't be any CB Vampires. There weren't last year either. They're not considered "official" Halloweens for some reason. Alas! I'd've snagged those too happily.
  9. I honestly didn't get the negative reaction either. It makes sense to me, too. I have a week plan. Focus on breeding my existing Halloweens now, get CBs later when the biome slows down a bit, then get the new CBs on the 31st, then go crazy in the AP until it's empty. Probably with visits to the AP along the way too because I have zero willpower and I'm always hoping to snag an SAkin or prizekin G2.
  10. It'll slow down a lot by the middle of the week, don't worry. It's crazy the first few days but then it gets easier. I'm looking forward to code-hunting CBs later on. Right now I'm glutted on bred eggs. *squishes soon-to-be baby Omen Wyrms*
  11. Halloween Week starts in a couple of hours (as of when I'm typing this)! I'm doing my best to just read Xenocide or do other things and be patient, but it's reaaally difficult. I'm super excited to see if the old-CBs biome comes back this year and what the event is going to be. I can't decide whether I want to breed my own CBs first or stalk the AP for the first bred Halloweens that hit in case I find something shinycool that I can't breed myself, or, if the biome returns, grab moar CB Halloweens (I especially want more Desipis since I only have seven CBs.) What are you guys plann
  12. IKR?? I felt that way when I noticed rFapp is actually a G2. x.x
  13. Oh man. Does it make more sense to catch more CBs if the biome comes back, or focus on AP catches because now I have CBs and can breed mates for most of the things I could conceivably find, or just... breed my own and flood the AP with the spares from the multiclutching? I swear I can't decide whether I want to hoard more CB Halloweens or more bred Halloweens. Incidentally, even if all dead hatchies gendered, that would still be a glitch if it's not what TJ intends his code to do. πŸ˜› (On the other hand, I have to wonder why something like that hasn't been fixed yet. Seems like it s
  14. I'm super into the holidays on Dragon Cave, so holiday dragons in general. I'm gonna start hoarding the butts off Omen Wyrms this year. I'm not quite as into Shadow Walkes or Cavern Lurkers as the rest, but I am obsessed enough with all of the Halloween breeds to count as hoarding them. For Christmas, my favorites are the Hollies and Solstices, and I'm looking forward to madly collecting G2 Garlands this year, but I also really like Snows, Mistletoes, Aegides (both types), and Wrappingwings, too. Not as into Snow Angels (I didn't get my favorite color - I don't hate the one I got, it's just no
  15. You're welcome! ❀️ And thanks so much for doing that, @13310!! I knew some of those would look super cool, but I wanted to see it ahead of time to be certain. There will definitely be some Halloween x Siyat breeding on my scroll this year!
  16. Oh, my Omen Wyrms are my babies, especially the females. I LOVE the female sprite. Options I'm considering this year include Boreal x Female Omen Wyrm, Boreal x Male Omen Wyrm, Aeon Wyvern x Female Omen Wyrm, Aeon x Male Omen, Mageia x Female Omen, Male Omen x Female Silver (sigh, this one misgendered), male Silver x female Omen (no egg from this combo yet), Purple Nebby x Female Omen, Male Gold x Female Omen, Male Omen x Deepsea, Male Omen x Guardian of Nature, Ash x Female Omen, Male Omen x Female Hellfire Wyvern, Aether Wyvern x Female Omen, Male Omen x Blue Gemshard. I'm think
  17. Halloween is coming up - can I get a nice person to preview some of these for me? Purple and Green x Grave (both sexes), Purple and Green x Desipis (both sexes), Blue and Purple x Shadow Walker, Green x Witchlight (both sexes), Purple x Black Marrow (both sexes), Purple and Green x Caligene (both sexes), and Blue and Green x Omen Wyrm (both sexes)? I can't be the only person who's contemplating Siyat x Halloween, but only a few combos have come up in this thread so far.
  18. Ahhh, I see. Thanks, Relaks. Shokomon, FWIW, my thinking was basically, "It's overpopulated, so a high price would discourage people from buying more until they're more in balance." That may or may not actually make sense, but it did to me at the time. πŸ˜›
  19. I'm still searching for a "gold" code to pair with my Kona, but I've got some awesome naughty ones growing up right now. https://dragcave.net/lineage/uzLut - Throwin' insults around. https://dragcave.net/lineage/tOoHY - Someone's too high. Can't wait to mate this to DrugU. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ySMxy - Why so smexy? https://dragcave.net/lineage/rFapP - Are fapp? I kind of want to pair this with fap2b https://dragcave.net/lineage/SnEX1 - Sexy sneks are snexi! https://dragcave.net/lineage/N4Use - In for use. So many pairing possibilities for this.
  20. I think it's an overpopulation thing. Didn't TJ say that would have a bearing? Maybe Fleshcrownes are overcommon.
  21. Aw, didn't get an upside down again. None for me. I got a regular Mint from the game though so yay!
  22. So bummed . I feel like an idiot. I missed out on upside down Mints the first time they were a thing, and I participated in this and stupidly chose to say nothing, so I missed out on upside down Mint AGAIN. *kicks self so many times* I KNEW I should have checked on the event's nature before making a choice. I guess I'll have to hope this happens again next year so I get another chance. I want an upside down Miiiiiiint Did get a regular Mint though, which is better than being eaten. I shall give it a silly name. Also I suppose I gave someone else a chance to get an ups
  23. I did the event without checking what the results were. STUPID. I missed out on upside down mints the first time and just cost myself a chance to get one. Oh well. x.x At least I can give my ordinary April Fools Mint a silly name or something...
  24. ARGH stupid RL made me miss the first release of the year. I was able to grab some Speckleds but no luck on Florets. x.x Hoping they're not rare as heck so I have a chance to get some when the fervor dies down...
  25. Oh man. I kind of want to apply, but I fear RL Good luck to everyone and grats to our two new global mods!