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  1. It's not passive aggression - they're trying to help you avoid losing any more eggs. I understand it's no fun to be told your understanding of something is incorrect. I sincerely do. No one likes being in that position. But that's all that's happening here. You're being gently corrected in your understanding of how egg sickness works. They don't get "used" to things like real living creatures do, so your idea that they can be harmed by early fogging simply does not apply. Sickness for Dragon Cave eggs is a very simple phenomenon. The more time the egg has left on its timer, between 7d0h and 4d1 the fewer views/UVs/clicks it can safely have without becoming sick or dying. At/after 4d0h, they can hatch. That's absolutely it. There is no possible way for fogging to make things worse except if you leave it fogged for all seven days until it dies (which, of course, you're not going to do in any event unless you're making zombie fodder.)
  2. https://dragcave.net/group/41866 Gah. This year was pretty lame for me. I did a lot worse than I planned to. (Somehow that always happens.) Only 116. Still, better than zero I guess. 😛
  3. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Lurhstaap Giftee: Dirtytabs Lineage link(s): 2mkTf, RAMNS, kEGco, and pipLU Breed(s): Almerald, Sinii Krai, Teimarr, and Zyumorph (blue) Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Lurhstaap Giftee: Nyxity Lineage link(s): xX2AU Breed(s): Geode Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Lurhstaap Giftee: Mochi Lineage link(s): VKiKC Breed(s): Cassare Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Lurhstaap Giftee: LumosSeeker148 Lineage link(s): zhPH6 Breed(s): Paper Status: Offered
  4. What happened with the Market today? Why did our shards get refunded and our gold/silvers taken away? Is there a notification or alert or post about this anywhere? It's pretty discouraging. I was excited.
  5. Both Hellhorses look good - I did a female but forgot to save it. I did Carinas too, but I like this set of colors better, personally:
  6. I think you're probably right. Since the messy wave of awesome seems to have passed, when my scroll opens up more from stuff growing up I may do my part grabbing and hatching some "unwanted" stuff just to help keep the AP moving.
  7. LOLOL I bet it's the same G2 purebred I just threw back a minute ago.
  8. YES!! I finally caught a Trololomen my life is complete ❤️ It's a Dorkwed too! Still hoping to catch/trade for more, but very happy to at least get one. @RandomBreeder I'm not sure what you mean by "suddenly Thuweds", but they're in demand precisely because they're last year's new release. That makes them the rarest Halloween right now other than this year's release. Last year's release is ALWAYS heavily in demand and hard to grab.
  9. Oh no... I'm not seeing any go by anymore... now that I can finally catch something. Figures. I missed out on the trolomens. x.x *crosses fingers to be wrong/for a tossback*
  10. I for one, while I was definitely hoping for G2s, love the idea of Trololomens and will definitely be snatching up my share once my scroll will allow it. There's always next year for more G2s.
  11. trolololoolol i see now I'm WAY MORE IMPATIENT to unlock. Must get one of the trolololbabs
  12. What's with all the messy Omen!Altkin? Are they destined for deadlining, intended for freezing, a troll on people who are looking for G2s...? (Not intended critically - just honestly curious. There seem to be a lot of them from what I'm seeing in the trades and the AP.) The wall has officially hit the 31st, BTW - saw an Arcana go by. (I can't grab anything right now but I'm stalking it anyway ROFL because I am obsessed)
  13. I bred some Omens on the 31st and I know friends of mine did as well. I'm sure there's more left to find. I'm anxiously waiting for stuff to grow up so I can get back into the AP!
  14. LOL now I'm picturing an Arcana sitting all Blofeld-style with a pug in its lap being like, "Yessss..." *strokes pug* I'm still working trades and the AP so I may have even more when I'm done (can't resist a good code on a CB, especially holiday CBs!) So far I've got af4ng, vvows, REMHX, E1SUx (might name this, but I keep being tempted to read it as 'Everyone Sucks' and keep it as a code derg lol), eySoW (going to be matched to BOARM), and SxC1r (major prize here! 'sexier'). I got some great codes on other Halloween CBs this year too. CB Black Marrow RuShW, CB Cavern Lurkers Foxc4 (Foxy for... the female mate will complete the phrase, nicely versatile), xYuHo (going to be bred exclusively to Zyumorphs LOLOL), CB Grave oL4dy (either Ol' Lady or Oh Lady), CB Pumpkin SwQrn (one letter off Sworn) ... While people beat me to a lot of CB codes I would have liked to have, I am VERY content with what I've ended up with this year.
  15. Using StarSea's lovely tool, I mocked up some more complex lineages for people who might want to see. First, some GoN/Avatar stuff. Not sure what avatar they'll turn out to breed so I did all three. (Where are you guys hosting images? It won't let me upload more than a few images at a time through the forum.)
  16. The adults are spellbinding - literally. I cannot overstate my adoration for those sprites and the breed in general. I love Halloween dragons in general, so it's very hard to overturn my favorites hierarchy, but I think the Arcana have done it. They're just so freaking perfect. The colors and patterns, the rendering of the sprite, the whole "magical trickster" concept... I am absolutely positively in love. I need a huge collection of caveborns to name after each of the Major Arcana in Tarot and all the G2s I breed will be named after the Minor Arcana in some way. I have already planned this. I will be hunting CB Arcana in the Halloween biome SO HARD next year (and I'm already angling to try to trade for as many as I can get this year!) The only "problem" is that I collected too many code Arcana. So I don't want to name them. So I need EVEN MORE CB ARCANA to make up for the abundance of code Arcana I have now. Worth it though. I got some pretty neat codes! Like af4ng, and vvows, and REMHX. I am so bummed about the last one - it's one letter off from REMIX. If only that H were an I! But I'm training myself to read it as a stylized sideways I rather than an H. LOL
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/iOAar G2 out of coded parents "n0EbS" and "WarNd". Is it OK to name it "No BS - You Were Warned"? I wanted just You Were Warned but it's taken and I don't want to resort to weird punctuation etc.
  18. I would SO make massive use of "gifting slots" if they were a thing. I did multiple batches of abandoned new CBs, BTW, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so people who missed out should keep an eye on the AP. They'll start showing up in a day or two, whenever we start seeing eggs bred/dropped on the 31st. Speaking of which, is it just me or are the eggs way lower-time than usual at this stage? Why? Did everyone really just ignore the AP until the CBs were gone?
  19. Interesting, they're non-dimorphic (at least as hatchies.) I wonder if they'll stay that way?
  20. I forgot to prepare for this, blah! I always do even though I love zombies. Oh well. Still got the basic five tries. Of those tries, one (a dragon I bred specifically to zombify, no less) did a full revive, and three disintegrated, but I got a success! My first drake zombie, too. https://dragcave.net/view/hBtBS So that's cool. Not my best year, but far from my worst.
  21. https://dragcave.net/lineage/hBtBS YES! Success! I forgot to get more than five fodder this year so I was afraid I wouldn't get any new zombies, but I did! She's another female though which kind of irks me. For some odd reason I have more luck with lady fodder. Also, I LOVE the eggs. They have a definite "trickster/wicked clown" kind of feel to them to me and I hope the dragon follows up on the vibe of the eggs.
  22. True, it doesn't have to be all sweetness and light to be not pure evil. Some kind of candy-themed "trick or treat" concept would be awesome. i'd also still love some kind of bright red devil thing, but I love red dragons, so I'm biased. Honestly, I'd also like to see something more along the lines of the Graves again - traditional Halloween orange, black, and white, maybe with some touches of violet and/or green. Just a very traditional look. Desipis comes close but there's not quite enough orange on them. And Pumpkins are all orange. So I'd love to see a more balanced orange-and-black color scheme. I've been saying this for years, but I'm still into the concept of a werewolf-dragon, too. (And to be fair, the Christmas and Valentine dragons aren't 100% squishies. Aegides are obvious badasses. Mutamores can be grumpy and unpleasant and even during their breeding season their behavior is kind of annoying. Heartstealings are literally thieves, even if they try to matchmake through their thievery.So there's more balanced temperaments than it may seem at first glance.)
  23. No, it's not going to happen until the 31st. It''s only the 30th.
  24. Amazing how fast the Halloween biome is still moving. IIRC, by this time last year it was slow enough to code hunt. I was hoping to do so today, but no such luck. Got to just be quick I guess. (REALLY JEALOUS of whoever sniped that "sexy"!)
  25. Awesome, so I did get them all. Thank you!