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  1. I'm a major LOTR/Hobbit fan, so seeing Smaug's eye awakening from Shajana's sprite absolutely made my entire week!!! /o/
  2. I named one Noctis Lucis Caelum the First (and he's happily mated already ;P) and the other Hamatora's Art Kudos to anyone who figures out origins of the names
  3. I'll like to know too! There are some flowers in my garden that I particularly like but are rather rare, so if we're not keeping the garden I'll rather send them to others to appreciate
  4. Perhaps? I managed to breed 4 eggs from Bilbo x Snow Angel, so I kept one and just wondered where the rest went. I hope they got good homes...
  5. I would definitely support this, so SECONDED! THIRDED! @Absolute: Consider me dense, but I really don't see what was wrong with trading for a CB Shimmer, especially if both sides are more than willing for the trade to happen. So... congrats, and I wish you all the very best!!!
  6. Lol, one Shimmerfail from Bilbo too - although I really like the colors, haha~ Can't wait to gift this away! XDDDDDDDD EDIT: Gifted away already, so congrats to the catcher! Although I wonder who it is... O.O
  7. *seconds* *thirds* *fourths* And now to start thinking of complimentary pairings, haha~ Since it's Eastern (I assume?), would the Royal Blues or Golden Wyverns work, I wonder? (And if they could also breed with drakes somehow... /o/)
  8. Lol, this FTW - the moment I saw you can choose your own code if it wasn't out already, I booked a matching name from one of my fave quotes in the Hobbit movie ... Would it be cliche to start a LOTR/Hobbit lineage/s thingy? O.O In other news, I know Dracaena commented on the possibility of one popping up in a Dr Who lineage soon - if mine didn't already have a pre-planned name, I would have done so, lol~ (And 2 more hours, woohoo~! /o/)
  9. Congrats to everyone who's finally gotten their eggs~! I'm quite interested in the ratios, actually - will they be easy to breed initially, then slow down? Or will they be easy-to-breed nearly always? Can't wait, haha~
  10. Frills are still an option, as are past Christmas dragons and everything in the Cave & breedable - prize dragons, bright pinks, zombies, neglected and any other past Holiday dragons aren't, though
  11. A Holly, lol~ And you also get to request a 5-letter/digit code of your choice, assuming it hasn't been taken
  12. Felischia, if there's still space, could I please be added to this list? 'Cause this was the first DrWho eps to make me cry - especially this part - so I've a huge soft spot for this convo *sniffs* Thanks! Raistlin, if you don't mind as well, could I be added to these lists? Thanks! @Wiz: Nice quote for the PB Canopy, can't wait to see that done @Zareni: Congrats on the hatchie! *sends breeding vibes to the future pair* Also, since I've finally bred an Alt, my normal-&-alt Vines lineage from The Visitation is officially open if anyone's interested (Normal Vine) 1. Saloiq 2. 3. (Alt Vine) 1. sparkdragon 2. jerusha 3. Belisar
  13. No worries Belisar, I'll be glad to add you Unfortunately for me, current time constraints mean I'll be on/off for the next fortnight, so deepest apologies in advance for anyone who's on my lists - I'll try my best, but I suspect greatly that I'll be slower than usual at breeding T_T As a offering, I bred a Spitfire instead of the expected Ultraviolet for my I Always Look Forward To That lineage, so if anyone's interested, feel free to pick it up~ Also Wiz, I hope you don't mind, but could I be added to those three lists pls? Ah, but if that's too much will the first and last do pls? Thanks~
  14. Awesome updates! My personal fave is the Mobile app though - looks like it'll make it easier to play DC on the go now~
  15. Awesome quotes & lineages jerusha! If you don't mind, could I be placed on both lists? Ah, but if that's not ok, then could I acquire a place on Giving My Days pls? Thank you!
  16. O.O stagazer_7, sparkdragon, congrats on successful completion of those lineages! They're lovely~ Also, sorry it's took so long, but added everyone to lists up to here, and now the Ultraviolet list is closed EDIT: Just hatched another Normal Vine from The Visitation, so here's the little one up for grabs~
  17. Argh, missed another list due to forum absence >_< Well, gonna stalk lists again I suppose... *sighs* On another note, I am pleased (and relieved!) to finally complete another 4G DW lineage after quite awhile: from The Vampires of Venice, 4G Ultraviolets with 1G M Spitfire x F Purple First egg will be kept, however I'll be offering 5 empty slots for that, if anyone interested? Also, both my 4G Sunsong x Sunstone and 4G Royal Blue x Deepsea lists are open again with 5 slots too, if anyone would like an egg from either/both as well~ Ultraviolet list: 1. Felischia 2. jerusha 3. Zareni 4. sparkdragon 5. Wiz
  18. Offering a 4G Normal Vine hatchie from my The Visitation lineage - I'm actually trying to breed an Alt, so any Normals will be offered here in case anyone's interested~ Teleport here!
  19. O.o Lovely quotes for gorgeous lineages~! Could I pls be added to, um... *thinks hard* ... The Red x Horsedragon, pls? I love the Guardian x Spitfire as well however, so I'll wait for the next round~ Also, T_T for missing all those lists whilst on hols *sighs*
  20. Thanks so much Raist! And I was debating a little on which-for-what, but decided to just go with the flow-order: PB Normal-&-Alt Vines: The Visitation; "All this carnage..." Turpentine x Neotropical: Partners In Crime; "Cause the thing is..." M Spitfire x F Purple: The Vampires Of Venice; "It's a lot to take in..." PB Night Glory Drakes: A Good Man Goes To War; "I have a message..."
  21. Checked with the spreadsheet and the search engine, and still couldn't find anyone claiming these quotes yet, so: Fifth Doctor: All this carnage isn't necessary. Terileptil: It's survival, Doctor. Just as these primates kill lesser species to protect themselves, so I kill them. Fifth Doctor: That's hardly an argument! Terileptil: It's not supposed to be an argument! It's a statement! The Visitation Donna Noble: 'Cause the thing is, Doctor, I believe it all now. You opened my eyes. All those amazing things out there, I believe them all. Well, apart from that replica of the Titanic flying over Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day. I mean that's gotta be a hoax. Partners in Crime The Doctor: It's a lot to take in, isn't it? Tiny box, huge room inside; what's that about? Let me explain... Rory: It's another dimension. The Doctor: It's basically another dimen — what? Rory: After what happened with Prisoner Zero, I've been reading up on all the latest scientific theories. FTL travel, parallel universes. The Doctor: I like the bit when someone says "It's bigger on the inside!" I always look forward to that. The Vampires Of Venice Rory: I have a message and a question: a message from the Doctor and a question from me. Where is my wife? Oh, don't give me those blank looks. The Twelfth Cyber Legion monitors this entire quadrant. You hear everything. So you tell me what I need to know, you tell me now, and I'll be on my way. Cyber Leader: What is the Doctor's message? Rory: Would you like me to repeat the question? A Good Man Goes To War If anyone's already claimed any of these, please do inform me~ Thanks!
  22. Congrats, that's gorgeous! Although the pain of having to deal with Thunders... *sighs empathically* If you don't mind, could I pls be added to the list? Either type is perfect, btw~ EDIT: Self-report - 3 Alt-Vines acquired; 1 G3 & 1 G2 Nightdrake acquired; Need more G2 Neos...
  23. Still Alive, and with cake to boot~! Ahaha I wonder if anyone catches that Been a busy week, and will have a busy week ahead though, so responding very erratically for now >_<
  24. Hm... in that case, would I be permitted to call dibs on PB Hybrid from Spitfire M x Purple F pls? If not, no worries~