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IOU offers consideredNow Trading: -LTT: Shimmers/2G shimmerkin from LUFFY, Zelda; 2G Spriter's Altfirerubynat.png

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    Prize lineages I own:

    Gold Shimmerscale:
    3G Sugoroku Statr x Tsunami Spiral
    3G Ashura's Izaya x F Electric
    5G Sugoroku Statr x F Magi
    5G Geumseol Menoth x M Green Copper

    Silver Shimmerscale:
    3G Layla x M Silver
    3G Rhapsody x Blusang Spiral - 2014
    4G Jewel x M Moonstone
    4G Echoes in the Deep x F Spitfire
    4G I have no idea what I'm doing x F Tri-Horn Wyvern
    4G Luckiest Catch x M Copper
    4G Dazzling Girl x M Blusang
    4G Silvrr Wintermint x Alt Nebula Spiral - 2014
    4G zilver prize x M Shadow Walker
    5G High Queen of Connacht x M Golden Wyvern
    5G Prowl x Marrow Spiral
    5G Quantum Color x F Green Copper
    5G Layla x M Thunder
    5G I have no idea what I'm doing x F Solstice
    5G Jewel x M Lumina
    6G Shao Shi x M Cloud

    Bronze Shimmerscale:
    1G Bilbo Baggins of Bag End x Lumina; Horse; Tri-Horn Wyvern; Grave (N/A); Black; Tan Ridgewing; Pillow; Black-Capped Telmarr (1 IOU to ai*-); Royal Crimson/Blunt (1 IOU to Es*-); BBW/Canopy/Neo (1 IOU to Fi*-)
    3G Felix Felicis Leviosa x Purple Spiral
    3G Daris Lian Mea x F Ember - 2014
    3G Han-Gukin's Babsang x F Silver
    3G Magic Mustika x M Green Copper
    3G brFA8 x F Red Copper
    3G Libby x M Radiant Angel - 2014
    4G Lucky First Raffle x F Golden Wyvern
    4G Utren Shim x F Sunsong
    4G CB - Lieghtenstein x F Ember
    4G BS The Female Prize x M Green Nebula
    4G Sa*an x M Heartseeker
    4G Dream x M Blusang
    4G Roran Domiadraumr x F Ice/Winter
    4G Seian CB x Magi Spiral
    4G Kegluneq x F Solstice - 2014
    4G Xiiao Yen x M Blusang - 2014
    5G Seaglory x M Water
    5G Schimmernder Drache x F Tsunami
    5G Tah-dah x M Ice - 2014
    5G Crazy Little Diamond x M Ice
    6G Merry Times of Plenty x M Nebula

    [The 2G list for Bilbo is FULL.
    3G IOUs from lines above are, however, open to polite negotiation.]
    3G: 1 Bilbo x Horse (aq*-)
    4G: 1 Bilbo x Horse (Ori*-)

    Gold Tinsel:
    5G Gold Epica x M Magma Stairstep
    5G Gold Epica x M Vine Stairstep
    5G Gold Epica x M Stripe Stairstep
    6G Alexandria Aurelix x M Terrae Stairstep
    7G Living In Sin x M Sunset Stairstep

    Silver Tinsel:
    3G Dawn's Silver Medal x F Gold Stairstep
    4G Abby x M Nebula Stairstep
    5G Arboviel Morchaint x M Black Stairstep
    5G Booo x M White Stairstep
    5G Cha0s x White Wave - Currently Gifting
    5G Inextrica x F Nebula Stairstep
    5G Patxaran x F Gray Stairstep
    5G Patxaran x F Shadow Stairstep
    5G Penk x F Pink Stairstep
    6G Artemis x M Hellfire Stairstep
    6G Dawn's Silver Medal x Ice Wave
    6G Elena x M Red Dorsal Stairstep
    6G Erno x Stripe/Tombstone/White/Valentine Stairstep
    6G Inextrica x F Nocturne Stairstep - Currently Gifting
    6G Penk x '09/Rosebud Stairstep

    Bronze Tinsel:
    2G Se7en x F Water Stairstep
    3G Crouching Tiger x M Horse Stairstep
    3G Joyous Gift x F Shadow Walker Stairstep
    4G Antihypertensive x White Spiral
    4G Bronze Ivy x M Marrow Stairstep
    4G Cayvyn x F Black Stairstep
    4G Glory x M Black Stairstep
    4G Roreng Freshly Baked Wafflewing x M Terrae Stairstep
    5G ARMY x F Hellfire Stairstep
    5G Galletian Victory x F BBW Stairstep
    5G Roreng Freshly Baked Wafflewing x M Terrae Stairstep - Currently Gifting
    5G Tanoth the Dragon King x F Terrae Stairstep - Currently Gifting
    6G Antihypertensive x M Sunrise Stairstep
    6G Antihypertensive x M Black Stairstep
    6G Bronze Ivy x M Marrow Stairstep
    6G Cielatal x Green Nebula Stairstep
    6G Cielatal x Moonstone Wave
    6G Darkrose x White Wave
    6G Galletian Victory x Red
    7G Bronze Ivy x Harvest/Ribbon Wave

    Shimmerkin, Tinselkin, Spriter's Alt & Thuwed:
    2G Ridgewing x Xiaonxuan EV XXX (Shimmerkin)
    2G Nhiostrife Wyvern x brFA8 (Shimmerkin)
    2G DivaZ x Guardian (Shimmerkin)
    2G Sherlock Holms x Brimstone (Tinselkin)
    2G Ember x Sephiroth (Radiant Angel SA)
    3G EG Ember x Sephiroth (Radiant Angel SA)
    3G EG Old Pink/Pink x Nighttime Voice Elements/Hidden Gambol Elements (Shadow Walker SA)
    4G White x Gentle Rose (Rosebud SA)
    4G EG Mix x Ancient Dreams/King Louen Leoncoeur/Aluriel Silvermoon/Dark Fantasy Elements (SW/Heartseeker/Ribbon Dancer SA)
    3G Purple x Ridgewing Spiral Thuwed

    Other projects:

    Doctor Who PPP: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=29&t=121955&st=1140#entry6051750

    The Pendragon lineage: 5G Stairstep http://dragcave.net/lineage/tsBWn

    4G Sunsong x Sunstone Mirror: Quote from Sherlock's A Study In Pink - http://dragcave.net/lineage/487YA

    Yes, I do share my laptop with two other users, MoonyViolet & Emeraldwindsarah~