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  1. CariadWinter got my vote =) That signature is simply gorgeous ^^!
  2. I can see this and some other albino pictures:
  3. And what, if you're using two programs?
  4. Can we choose a teacher we want us to teach? Just asking if you'll make another thread like this when you'll teach all your students .
  5. I found a gold female dragon named dragonlady. And here's one named dragon... And here's one named lady... Oh, and here's 7
  6. My hatchie has gold mom with name Goldy Poop .
  7. I saw dragon with name The Silver Gay. I think this is very inappropriate name for dragon.
  8. I have red hatchling with code SONY (caps messed) But I'll gift it
  9. My first dragon was a stone hatchling, but I trade it for a green dino egg. So, my first two EGGS were green dino and black (it hatched into alt).