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  1. Thanks that helps. I love people helping me out. like I said the bride doesn't have the internet so I am doing the leg work in finding stuff. please can any of you keep me posted if you find something you think would be awesome at a Halloween wedding?
  2. The wedding has eyeballs and such, when I say classy Halloween I mean, nice fun. Nothing slinky or sick or too much gore. we already vetoed a cake that was dismantled body parts.
  3. spottedleaf that would be great. just think of a Halloween party, but classy. And I will so love any help I can get.
  4. pretty much I am just asking for anything Halloween for the first one. you know like Halloween themed cakes, Halloween themed dresses, wedding dress that would be Halloween type, Halloween decorations, Halloween invites, etc, etc. Also, that is freaking great. It has always been a dream of mine since I was very small. I never pictured myself as a bride, but as a bride's helper.
  5. Not sure how the response to this will be. You see I like weddings. I always wanted to be in one when I was little. I dreamed of being the flower girl. But everyone dismissed me and told me I wasn't good enough for that job. Ugh. stupid people. Oh well, Now I am a maid of honor. And I finally got my wish to get to be in a wedding. however I hit a snag. My bride to be has no internet next so I have to do the looking around. It's a Halloween themed wedding, the color scheme is apparently black and orange. So I need help finding stuff. Halloween costumes, cakes, decorations and all that. Als
  6. my favorite snack changes so much I don't have one I stay on for very long. though sweet tends to be the idea. currently it's okios greek fruit at the bottom yogurt before it was brookside pomegranate dark chocolate and before that mr.goodbar before that it was bread- rye preferably before that pomegranate before that bananas before that smoothies and so fourth. most of my snack favorites only last 3 to 6 months before it changes
  7. American English, with random phrases from other languages. Mainly Konichiwa.
  8. English, unless you count gibberish a language, though people think my gibberish is another language.
  9. How do you sleep? Not sure, I close my eyes normally What are your interesting habits? I sleep walking, I have seasonal sleeping patterns that are reverse of most people, I sleep better during the day, I sleep cook, fight, dance, and apparently give excellent advice. Also apparently I groan something fierce. I have slept with my eyes open, and when sitting upright or standing, NO one can tell that I am asleep unless they see my eyes as bloodshot. Are you a living dead or a rock'n'roller? I got called kicky the bed hog, and I got called the log of death. so it all depends on th
  10. I poured lemonaide on the ground and let people think it was pee I shaped a snickers bar into poop shape and watch to see how many people would step in it. a lot. I have placed a smelly candle in a bowl thing with a book over it as a booby trap to stink out people I convinced my brother if he ate corn he would give birth to a child with corn eyes. (he didn't eat it for a month thanks to that) I ate out of the bottom of the candy box so it appeared full so my mom got nothing but air when she want to get candy. I turned all the heads of the dolls backwards in the house (
  11. Chocolate no matter what I love chocolate. Also currently the snack of choice is yogurt. Not sure why. I get into moods or phases.
  12. I got a Chinese hamster. I will upload a picture when she stops attacking the camera.
  13. I am 28, going to be 29 this year. somehow I get mistaken for 16 all the time though. It's great. And I still play. currently I been helping my friends fatten up their scrolls.
  14. Elsa from Frozen, going to change it soon. I hate being the same for too long. I remember not too long ago I use to change my wallpaper everyday
  15. November 17 Creepy part is, I have a doctor who was training at the time of my birth, and was at my delivery. We didn't know this until I told them about my birth. Since the doctor who delivered me only apparently made jokes with me being born.
  16. Normally when I go I split the order. normally it's one of their pretzels lightly salted. but last time I think I had chicken teriyaki with ranch dressing and the fixings. never olives. for god sake never olives. yuck
  17. Turkey cheeseburger (homemade so I had veggies in it and it was lean turkey), a half a cup of mac and cheese (soy milk style) and two cookies It was a holiday so I ate a lot Also today I learned that lean turkey burgers spit out a hell of a lot less grease than beef.
  18. hot and humid. time to put the ac on. My room is in the mid 80s
  19. I like eevee so I pick them in reality I keep getting different pokemon each time
  20. I am a recently born Whovian. I like the tenth best. My favorite episodes are the ones where he is discovering something new (like that strange one on that spa trip with donna) or the episodes where he runs into writers or anyone who can knock him for a loop for a second.
  21. while long nails look good, I don't understand them. I can't work with long nails. I have a biting problem so if they are long I will bite them. Also I worked with animals and if you have long nails you get them ripped out if you have an animal grab them.
  22. sweet and sour chicken and a pineapple smoothie(almond milk, no real milk) as pineapple is suppose to suppress coughs.
  23. I got a minion out of a claw machine. I been wanting a minion since despicable me came out.