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  1. Cardgamesftw banned from YT. Oh the humanity ;A;
  2. I've played some of them. I played some of the oldschool PS1 ones (Which were totally off the wall awesome), a few of the handheld ones, which were dece. My latest game would be the Eternal Night for the Wii. Not bad, but Spyro sure has changed over the years, my preference lies with the old ones. So much nostalgia, ahhh~
  3. Death to Navi. I WILL NOT LISTEN. Don't "hey" me like that ;A;
  4. Monster Rancheeeeer, yessss! I liked both, but show wise, Digimon takes the win. Games? Pokemon. But as many others have said, Pokemon has gotten a bit stale. I'm a bit sad now.. As I write this.. Spellcheck recognizes Pokemon, but not Digimon.
  5. I was in fourth gear on my Kawasaki 125cc four stroke. Roaring down the field as fast as I could go, kinda showing off for my friends. It had been raining earlier, and there was mud. I fell. I hit my knee. Then I got up and tried to start the bike again.. I was in shock, I didn't feel the real pain then. I hit the kickstart, which jerked back. I fell over again, and then it started to hurt. I couldn't stand up. I sat for the rest of the day with ice on my knee feeling like an idiot. Days passed, I still couldn't walk. Days into weeks, my parents told me I was faking it and to give up the
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    I used to play AQ, but that was ages ago. I don't even remember my account haha. I bet the game has changed a lot since then anyhow. All I do remember is I was around level 60 or 70 something in the Aerodu clan. Haha, that was a fun game while it lasted for me.
  7. I left a cup of milk in the basement for three months. It was solid when we found it, and it smelt something awful I tell you. My brother dared me to eat it for 100 bucks. I wouldn't for a thousand. Same thing with a peach. There's still a stain where it was left
  8. RedWolfen

    Justin Bieber

    He's egotistical, and he can't sing. I'll relish it when his fifteen minutes of fame are over, and someone with real talent steps into the spotlight. On another note.. I read this here post.. And.. Well.. He is not rock. Not even close and never EVER will be. That is all.
  9. I'm an absolute fanatic when it comes to the LoZ series. I've just replayed Wind Waker, after a few years. I just love that game to bits. The characters were just so loveable, and the plot was interesting. And the game play was very fun too. Twilight Princess is the runner up in terms of favorites. Great game. Great plot. Gameplay, characters ect. I especially liked Midna in that game. She was one of my favorite companions. But, King of Red Lions is for the win. Come on. Talking Boat. Pure win.
  10. The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker. For the Gamecube, though it isn't mu first time. Third, I believe. First in years though. Ahhhh the memories. What a great game <3
  11. 1. My best friend was still alive. 2. I could get out of this place. 3. A nice house in northern Ontario. I can't ask for anything more than that.
  12. 94? e-e No way I'm getting them if it ends tonight.
  13. Yessss! And Rhea.. McNinja is awesome.
  14. Interesting site.. I find a lot of the nice adopts are private most of the time though ><
  15. I just finished downloading it myself. I'm not on a private server anymore. I decided I like WoW enough to try out the Retail servers. Consider what I did as an alternative trial. The update took forever, and everything was slow, the install especially. I left it and went out for dinner.
  16. I rewatched Spirited Away last night with my Dad. Gotta be my favorite movie. I don't know how many times I've seen it. I only know, it's a lot. I love Haku~ Howl's Moving Castle is also fabulous. Another favorite of mine, for sure. Ponyo sucked =x
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    LGXVI3NH0Y Not used 9NY8T5A3P1 Not used V0UTCOH24D Not used J1SQOWHTPX Not used 4SE6IYMVN7 Not used I don't play often, I'm busy most of the time. But seeing the demand for codes.. I might as well...
  18. Troll druids.. Freaking. Epic.
  19. ^This. This so much. I really couldn't have said it better myself. Good thing Kila could~ ;D
  20. Showers for me. Murr. I dread the shower right now. Burns suck.
  21. The wolfaboos kill them for me. Seriously. I love them myself, but I'm not an "OMGWOLVES11SOSPESHULANDAMAZNG". I actually know a fair bit on them, and I've done my research, as they once lived in my area. They're mostly gone now, which is a shame. There are plenty of other animals just as interesting though, really.