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  1. (I see you, TMD. Lurking about the other RP's...))
  2. ooc:// No, it didn't end. In fact, I think LNS is waiting for a response from TMD.
  3. ((Yeah, sorry. I'm stuck in limbo until the gathering is over.
  4. (( I counter your RESPONSE with RESPONSE. It's a direct hit!))
  5. ooc:// Okay, then. You up for it, Thistleclaw? Thistleclaw: No. Me: Thistleclaw says yes.
  6. ooc:// Up to you. It would be funny. ! I could see Silkstar being all "WTFOMG?!" Thistleclaw: 0_o;?
  7. ooc:// I saw you too, TMD. Thistleclaw: Meep! I just wanted to say haiz! D:
  8. Thistleclaw sighed, a sinking feeling coming over him. He figured his message was a failure, and he sat near the fresh-kill pile, tail flicking. There was nothing to do here but guard the territory, and he doubted anyone would be attacking ShadowClan. Thistleclaw was curious as to why he wasn't called to go to the Gathering, but he dismissed the thought, looking up into the sky.
  9. Thistleclaw had been wishing to fall asleep, but the Gathering had not ended fro what he knew, and he didn't want to be in trouble for dozing off while Silkstar was gone. He knew all too well that ambushes could occur during Gatherings, when the leader was gone, as well as some warriors. While trying not to fall asleep, Thistleclaw thought about his mother Ivyclaw, who he murdered as a kit. Thistleclaw was burdened by the feeling of guilt that he had for his mother, but he had no one to talk to about it; both Echospirit and Silkstar were at the Gathering. Knowing he could communicate with her in dreams, Thistleclaw tried to contact Silkstar while awake. He closed his eyes, focusing on his leader as much as possible. Hey, Silkstar, it's Thistleclaw. Sorry for interrupting, but what's going on there? Thistleclaw was unsure if his mental message made it, but he continued anyways. Look... I know this isn't the best time, but... Nevermind, talk after the Gathering? See you then, love. Bushelkit turned to the kit that greeted him. "I'm not doing anything. We could play a game, I guess..." Bushelkit turned to Eaglekit, ears red. "You wanna play with us?"
  10. ((That was a very large edit... 0_o?))
  11. ((*Is stuck in limbo until the Gathering is over.))
  12. Bushelkit was bored and decided he would speak to Eaglekit, who he liked. The tom padded beside the she-cat, turning to her. "Uhm... Hai Eaglekit..." Bushelkit began, ears red. "How are you? Wanna play?" It was moonhigh, but Bushelkit figured since Eaglekit had slept much during the day...
  13. ((OOC:// Meep, Thistleclaw and Bushelkit are ignored... ))
  14. Thistleclaw watched the cats be called to go with Silkstar, then entering the Warrior's Den. He had went to every gathering there was when he was alive, but figured missing one wouldn't change anything. Besides, Silkstar had the entire Clan to worry about; Thistleclaw whining about a Gathering wasn't going to help anything. The tom sighed and curled up, tail flicking. Bushelkit burst into camp, tired. He headed directly to the nursery, only to be cut off by Thistleclaw. "Where were you, Bushelkit?" "Talking to StarClan. A she-cat named Ivyclaw told me how to become better friends with Eaglekit." Thistleclaw leaned down to the kit, his voice now a whisper. "Eaglekit? You risked your life, and my pelt, to get relationship advice? Bushelkit, why in StarClan's name... Wait, Ivyclaw?" Thistleclaw froze, his eyes widened. He wanted to cheer his mother's passing to StarClan, yet run for his fear of StarClan never accepting him. He began to near Silkstar, concern still heavy on his face, but he stopped halfway, head lowered.
  15. Makeup work is a drag. K then, see ya 2morrow. Hey, what is the last day in Canada? It's two weeks for me. I'll probably have a new computer by then, and I don't want to harass people if they are still in school.
  16. Okay! Off topic, it's Gathering Time at the IC thread; Silk needs to pick cats to go.
  17. ((Roar in return* It's Gathering time, LNS, and Silkstar's late. ))
  18. Thistleclaw purred, ears red. He continued to paw uneasily at the ground, tail flicking. What was Bushelkit up to? He supposed he'd ask the kit later when he returned from... Wherever. He sighed, dismissing his thoughts about the kit and turning his head back to Silkstar. The sun had ended it's daily voyage across the skies, darkness vining across the forest. The vibrant blues of the sky were now pinks and oranges, then fading to navy, then black. It was time for another Gathering, though Thistleclaw was enjoying his time with Silkstar. Funnily enough, the day all clans got together, having kept to them selves, was the day Thistleclaw once again met with other cats. "Should I go to the Gathering, Silkstar?" Thistleclaw asked, ears still red.
  19. "Oh. Hai Silverstar! I gotta go back to ShadowClan now or Silkstar would be mad... Well, I think she would be anyways." The kit turned around and darted back towards the edge, carefully going down the rocks. He made it down safely and began running again, careful not to fall. Once he was out of sight, he walked, wondering what was happening at camp.
  20. Bushelkit nodded in understanding.Then, looking over to Spiritset, asked, "Are they getting their lives, too?" The kit squeaked, looking back to Silverstar. "Oh... I never said my name. I'm Bushelkit. And, if you're a leader now, your name is... Somethingstar! Erm... What's that 'something'?" The kit's tail still flicked happily.