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  1. Thistleclaw flinched from the yowl, though Pinetail simply grinned. Pintail laughed. "Say please..." He taunted, standing beside the poppy seeds. "Or else you'll be in more pain than you thought was possible. That, and I won't be your friend anymore. Whichever one is worse..." Thistleclaw unsheated his claws, though Pintail dismissed it. "No seriously," Pinetail began. "Say please or I'll let you have your kits without any poppy seeds."
  2. "Aww... But Thunderstorm, I like to play. Besides, I'm the only Medicine Cat here, last I checked, so you have to play by my rules if you want Silkstar fixed..." Thistleclaw glared to Pinetail, pupils slits. Pinetail looked to Thistleclaw and lowered his head, knowing well that he'd lose in a fight. "It appears Silkstar is expecting kits... From the amount of pain she's in, I'd say they're not that far from being due. Now, if you can let me do my job... I'm going to have a little quiz. Silkstar, if you don't mind playing, do you know what type of seed helps with pain?" Pinetail asked, tail flicking lazily.
  3. Pinetail returned, mouth full of watermint, poppy seeds, and borage leaves. "Here." Pinetail meowed, dropping the herbs and nosing the watermint over to Silkstar. "In case I'm wrong, you'll want these. Go ahead, try them. If they don't help, I'm right, and you'll be a bit too busy for leading the Clan." Thistleclaw flicked his tail. "Whaddya mean? How's a case of food poisoning going to-" "Not food poisoning..." Pinetail interrupted. "I'd tell you, but I'd like to see the look on your face when you find out what's bothering her..."
  4. ((You and jiggling... )) Pinetail's eyes widened a bit, the lazy look becoming one of interest. "Really? Well, that doesn't sound like any food poisoning I've heard of. In fact..." The medicine cat placed a paw onto Silkstar's stomach, tail flicking impatiently. "Nah, that's not food. I mean, unless you eat kits... I'm pretty sure that the cause of your stomachache isn't in your stomach at all..." Thistleclaw turned to Pinetail. "What? You're kidding, right? No time for games, Pinetail, what should I get from your den?" "Don't step paw in my den!" Pinetal yowled. "I'll go. Be right back." The medicine cat exited the den.
  5. "Something you ate? I don't know... I ate a bit earlier and feel fine. I'll go get Pinetail." The tom stood and turned around, exiting the den. He looked for Pintetail, finding them sitting near the entrance of the camp. "Pintetail!" Thistleclaw meowed, tail flicking urgently. "Silkstar requires your assistance. Come on, hurry up!" Pinetail turned with a lazy meow and padded beside Thistleclaw, entering the leader's den. "Yes, what is it, Silkstar?" The Medicine Cat meowed, licking a paw.
  6. Thistleclaw flicked his ears, glad to see Silkstar had arrived. He noticed she retreated directly into her den, however, and he, concerned, followed her, paws pressing against dusty earth. He leaned down and entered his leader's den, seeing her splayed on the ground, complaining of her stomach. The tom leaned down beside her. "What's wrong, love?" He asked, concern in his usually frosty eyes. (( I'll play Pinetail after you reply, I guess.))
  7. Whoot! The gathering ended. There's still chat, though.
  8. ooc:// Yeah, Thistle was from TC. His father was a ShadowClan cat, though, so...
  9. ((K. Now... What 'Star' is left? Nevermind.))
  10. (( I'm confused now. What just happened at the Gathering?))
  11. OOC:// No problem. Talk to ya later! C:
  12. Thistleclaw sighed, nothing to do at the camp. There was a strange sensation that washed over him, though he couldn't place a paw on what it was. His just dismissed it as tiredness and curled up, trying to go to sleep. His fur rested heavily on the dusty ground of the clan camp, and he breathed heavily, the moon beginning its descent from the sky.
  13. ...? How does somebody jiggle in excitement? *Could see people turning into noodles and flailing around* ???
  14. ooc:// Thistleclaw: Yayz! I waz in the news! -- Well, Holly's not on, so... Limbo time again, I guess.
  15. K then. *Is not involved* Oh, Holly replied to Silkstar.
  16. ... Well, I've got time to wait; School ish out in 4 dayz/ C: I was gonna ask if you wanna RP, but you're still at the Gathering.
  17. ((ooc: Wait, who? You mean Silkstar's replied or... ?))
  18. ((Gathering still going on. Silkstar responded about Rowanstar's death.))
  19. *Flails hand I'd like to make a plan once yours is over, Lady.
  20. My bad, forgot you had limited comp access for a bit. There's a Gathering going on right now, and those that aren't in it are stuck in limbo.