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  1. ((Recap, please? Well, not everything, but what's going on right now? I'll edit this into an IC post either later or tomorrow.))
  2. I might be able to see if Lady still wants to RP via her Gaia account. Though... I forgot what mine was, so I have to make a new one, lol.
  3. It's been forever since I was on here. Nice to see it's still active; how is everyone? I kinda poofed after LNS disappeared since I lost a lot of activity and couldn't think of what to do with Thistleclaw without Silkstar. I might join again (again again) though, lol.
  4. Well, since I can't post my argument here without seeming like a total lunatic, I'll just say that yeah, animals > people. People, as a species, are stupid and destructive... But yeah, they don't really help anything.
  5. Team EG-X


    Is anyone else stocking up on Ultimate Icy Neggs while they are deflated? They went from 200k to 13k, and will probably reach 200k again around Christmas. I have a potential 60 mil sitting in my SDB.
  6. ((I know, but I still figured I could add another character since I can become active with my old ones again.))
  7. (Hi guys! I'll be making another character, something I should have done a while ago, actually.I kinda faded off during LNS's absence since I only had Thistle and the kits.)
  8. I was wondering why the site was down as well. Thanks for informing us about the possible upcoming host switch. -In other news: Hm? I managed to be on the first page.
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    I forgot all about ACV! I was going for all star, but had computer trouble... Well, Lost Desert did win, and I was on their team. I only got to rank 3 though... T.T
  10. Has Lady been on since the week before exams? I'm kinda stuck without Silkstar. Anyone know what's up?
  11. Thistleclaw flicked his tail nervously. What had happened to Silkstar?
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    You weren't? Well, here's a story for you. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far... Anyways, there was a time in which the site's artwork was... Average, and things were fun and based off of communicating with others and exploring! Tyrannia wasn't on the map, and the ice-caves looked totally different (you could reach Tyrannia through them). There were wars and plots, and everybody thought Nabile was cool... Wait, what? Then, the site was sold, and things... Went downhill. The navigation bar we all loved was changed! And to make things worse, the good RP'ers began to leave! Then, the finishing blow... Neocash. The economy was doomed; it had been getting bad, but that was the last straw. The Neopian Times wasn't cool anymore, and I just realized it's initials are TNT, just like the moderating team of neopets...
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    Ah, I used to love Neopets... I got back on this year, but the site's really went down in quality. That used to be my favorite site... I had a Ruki, and before that a Jibjib-- Pardon-- Jubjub. I miss not having the same fun back then... Role Playing used to be pretty fun there when I was just starting, too... Seriously? You remember them? Good times... I was on there from Shukumei through the Kirbies, BCA, and ...THEM, but left shortly afterwards. The neopian RP groups have lost all of their elitists to proboards and other sites, and it's almost impossible to track them now...T.T
  14. For some reason, I thought you posted Weird Al... That would be quite an interesting Vocaloid... Nice hair, though.
  15. (('Twas a joke. I believe we were told a while ago they were 21? Think that was last year, either way, they're out of high school.))
  16. ((No problem. We all know how school is. Except maybe Dragonpelt, but that's cuz they're OLD ))
  17. I lieked French. Have French II next year, and someone agreed to teach me Japanese! Hope you do well! @Stunning: I don't know how we do characters... I've only had 1 long-lasting one, and he started off a kit.
  18. I see you, LNS. Good luck on Exams! Given you haven't already taken them, that is.
  19. ((Are cats still at the gathering even though a leader left?))
  20. Thistleclaw's tail twitched with unease. The Gathering had been put on hold, it seemed, and now there was nothing to do. He thought of Carbonkit and Lotuskit, and considered departing from the group to check on them. He shook off the thought, however, trusting in Bushelkit's mother to watch them. Thistleclaw had imagined he'd feel different, now being a father. He didn't, however. There was no massive wave of pride. He had kits now, so what? The tom sighed, knowing his attitude would be welcomed with anger from Silkstar.
  21. ((Well, I finished in May... But good luck with exams!))