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  1. Thistlekit looked up to his mother. "Do you think ShadowClan has a pile like this?" he asked, innocent curiosity in his eyes. "I don't know," Ivyclaw replied, " and why do you ask about ShadowClan so much?"
  2. Ivyclaw exited the nursery, silently approaching her kit. She grinned playfully pushing him with her paw. "Hm? Oh, hai!" Thistlekit mewed, batting at hit mother playfully. Ivyclaw laughed and sat beside Thistlekit, getting a piece of fresh-kill. "So you like fresh-kill?" She asked Thistlekit, who was finishing his vole. "Mhmmhph hmm!" he replied, not lifting his head from the prey.
  3. Name: Ivyclaw User: Team EG-X Appearance: Ivyclaw is an extremely sleek tabby. Her eyes are a vibrant green, and her tail is a tad longer than normal. Her claws are thin, yet extremely sharp. Bio: Ivyclaw was a promising apprentice, and a strong warrior. When she had her son, Thistlekit, she refused to speak of who the father was. She gave birth to three kits, but the other two went missing. Clan: ThunderClan Position: Queen Gender: Female Password: StarClan ** Be back in 15-20 minutes. Please, don't poof.**
  4. "Hai!" Thistlekit mewed, looking at the warrior. "I'm trying fresh-kill! It tastes good." Thistlekit was still smiling, and he looked into the air, smile changing to a more focused look. "I wonder if ShadowClan has these..."
  5. "Oh, okay." Thistlekit mewed, hot with embarassment. He took as large a bite as he could, the meat tasting much better than he had expected. He silently chewed and swallowed the bit, smiling. "It tastes good!" he mewed, taking another bite.
  6. Thistlekit grabbed for the vole, putting it down in front of him. He held the prey down with his paws and bit at it gingerly, mouth only filled with fur. "Blaah! Is that what it tastes like?" he asked, tongue stuck out.
  7. "C-can I try?" Thistlekit asked, padding to Spiritkit. He looked at the piece of fresh-kill curiously, the smell foreign to him.
  8. Thistlekit smiled, looking at the two cats. "Hi! Uhm, how is this stuff eaten?" Thistlekit asked, tail pointing to the fresh-kill pile. He was hot with embarassment upon asking the question, seeing as everyone he knew ate it.
  9. (( I suppose I shall later.)) Thistlekit exited the nursery, looking into the sky. He had dreamed a massive black bird came down and swept him away. "I don't see anything." he mumbled, walking to the fresh-kill pile. He only stared at it, wondering how it was supposed to be eaten.
  10. Name: Thistlekit User: Team EG-X Appearance: Thistlekit is a small, tabby with a white-tipped tail. His eyes are emerald green, and his claws are abnormally large. Bio: Thistlekit is an extremely interesting kit, showing promise of beind an excellent hunter. His constant interest in ShadowClan, however, often concerns his mother, Ivyclaw Clan: ThunderClan Position: Kit Gender: Male Password: StarClan (( I shall do an application for his mother if you wish.))
  11. (( Mind If I join? I'll create an application later))