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  1. Ponychan has a thread about Portal ponies. Perhaps I could find the link, if you would like it PM'ed to you.
  2. Glad to see this thread exists.
  3. Mothflight listened as Hazelcloud spoke, tail flicking when she stated she was afraid of change at times. The tom frowned for a moment before speaking. "Honestly, Hazelcloud..." he began, tail swaying from side to side, "I am too." The tom looked up for a moment, as if lost in thought, and then sighed. "I don't like changes when things are already fine, that is. Sometimes I get complacent and satisfied with the current state of things, and am a bit afraid to change that," Mothflight frowned, though it soon became a smile. "But time has a way of changing everything, I guess. It'll push -- or drag-- us along anyways." Mothflight purred in laughter, ears twitching in the breeze. He tended to enjoy talking with others from time to time, though he rarely spoke, and enjoyed speaking to Hazelcloud. Listening as well, and it seemed Hazelcloud didn't have any problem with Mothflight either. He gasped when the thought of the Gathering crossed his mind, pawing at the ground before beginning to speak. "I can't wait until the Gathering. If I go, that is... I like seeing all of the Clans there; there's seldom such unity; it tends to be an 'every Clan for themselves' lifestyle, though everyone acknowledges the importance of one another during gatherings, despite some rather unkind nicknames being passed around.
  4. Mothflight felt his heart sink when Hazelcloud called him a mouse-brain, though a moment later she smiled. He still hadn't recovered from the initial comment entirely, however, and his weak smile showed it. Hazelcloud began to speak about the kits, and he nodded in agreement to the statement that the kits were energetic, though he frowned when she stated that she was uncertain of her ability to handle the responsibility of an apprentice. "Come on, Hazelcloud; you know you could handle an apprentice. You're a great warrior; you'd make a great mentor as well!" Mothflight purred, tail flicking. He wasn't lying, either; he was confident that Hazelcloud was capable of having an apprentice, probably more than he was. "Don't put yourself down..." Mothflight stated, then pausing; he didn't want to sound as if he were trying to convince her to want an apprentice, he was just trying to ensure her of her responsibility and reliability. A moment later, he added, "...But don't force yourself into something you don't want to do, either."
  5. When will the next gathering be? /impatient
  6. ((Wow, I thought I replied to his a while ago! I guess not, or my connection was bad. Sorry.)) Mothflight flicked his tail side to side, he couldn't really think of anything else to talke about. Hunger was a topic, but Hazelcloud was already eating something, and he wasn't really that hungry. The clouds had been the topic already, and Clan politics didn't seem like much of a casual conversationalist piece. Instead, he just sat there, with a kit-like, shy look on his face. His nose began to itch, and he wiggled it before it twitched once more and his eyes watered. He looked away from Hazelcloud and the fresh-kill pile, rattling his body with a sneeze. His dusty pelt seemed to have been hiding real dust, as a cloud of it rose into the air, and he turned back to Hazelcloud, ears twitching. "I'm sorry, Hazelcloud; I can't really think of anything to talk about..." The tom's ear continued twitching, and he smiled, pawing at it to get it to stop. "So..." Mothflight's tail flicked back and forth, and he looked around. "I might get an apprentice soon; the kits seem really energetic." There was a weary look in his eyes that showed he was desperate for conversation. He enjoyed Hazelcloud's company; she was an old friend, but he could tell the conversation was dying and felt the encounter was all too short.
  7. I'm waiting to reply with Swirlstep for when SF replies with Hazelcloud; that way it's in one post.
  8. Mothflight was still looking into the sky, eyes on the clouds, when a familiar voice rang in his ears. He looked down for a moment and noticed Hazelcloud; he didn't even hear her approaching, though it wasn't uncommon for WindClan cats to walk quietly. He nodded in greeting to her and purred in laughter when she joked about the clouds. "Clouds? You have to tell me what they look like!" he giggled, turning to the she-cat. She had chosen to eat the vole he caught? It wasn't really important that such a thing happened, but it still made Mothflight's ears warm. He flicked his tail and attempted to think of something to say; there had been quite a bit of events happening recently, and the previous Gathering had more than enough conversational topics, but he didn't want to just jump into a serious discussion like that. Looking back at the clouds, his tail twitched. He hadn't even asked how she was doing! Well, not terrible, she was did come up and greet the tom, even making a joke, but it still would be rude not to even ask. "How are you, Hazelcloud? Sorry for asking-- I mean, not asking earlier. I was going to since you greeted me, but I didn't because we were talking about clouds and-- how are you?" The tom's ears twitched as they felt warm, but he only sighed; it wasn't impressive at all to begin rambling with such a simple question, but hopefully he wouldn't come across as a mouse-brain; he had the tendency for such whenever he was trying to get into a conversation. The dust-colored tom flicked his tail again, though it was more a slight waving of the tail due to the lazy nature of it.
  9. Lol, Hazelcloud has really short whiskers and Mothflight has crazy long whiskers. Also, edited Swirlstep post to include Mothflight now.
  10. If you were gonna make one, sure. If you weren't it's fine, I wouldn't want a character made just to complement another.
  11. The she-cat felt as if she had done something wrong that was resulting in her delay of becoming a warrior, though Swirlstep doubted it was her fault. "Don't worry, I doubt you've done anything wrong. Spiritstar has been busy recently; he probably knows of your situation and will make you a warrior as soon as he can. If you are so worried, though, you can show me what you've been taught next patrol." Swirlstep flicked his tail, looking to the apprentice. He had a hard time comforting others; not because he didn't want to, rather he tended to have a hard time translating his thoughts into words appropriate for the situation. Unsure of if he sounded as sincere as he felt, he added, "I'll remind Spiritstar, just in case it slipped his mind, alright?" A grin crept across the feline's face; prey had been found, and another stomach would be full in his Clan. This meal wouldn't be for him; the tom never liked being truly full, as it slowed a cat down. He'd leave it in the fresh-kill pile as usual, though he wouldn't mind actually taking it to a cat. This was all, of course, given he actually captured the mouse that now scurried in the tall grass before him. With a pounce and a small cloud of dust, the mouse was captured and killed, the tom satisfied with his catch. The dust settled on his already dusty pelt, and the tom began to return to camp, soft, seemingly clumsy steps making the tom seem to flit about the grassy terrain until he entered camp, lithe form twisting about to shake dead blades of grass from his fur. Dropping the prey in the fresh-kill pile, Mothflight sat down and looked at the clouds to pass the time. "That one looks like a vole... And a tree... And a cloud,"he giggled.
  12. I don't know what I'm going to do with Swirlstep yet, but Mothflight is open for a mate. Swirlstep seems like he wouldn't do well with a normal relationship, lol.
  13. I'm thinking of Swirlstep and Mothflight getting into a fight next Gathering. Nothing major, just a little scuffle. Anyone against that?
  14. Swirlstep noticed the apprentice pad over to the fresh kill pile, though he didn't say anything until she introduced herself. Dragonpaw, was it? Well, he hated to say it, but he didn't remember learning her name from anywhere else. He was a bit disappointed in his inability to recall the she-cat from anywhere else; when he was younger, everybody knew, well, everybody by the time the were warriors, but something happened along the way from his kithood to when he finally became a warrior that left Clanmates somewhat detached from one another. "Nice to meet you, Dragonpaw. I'm Swirlstep." Swirlstep didn't really know what to talk about; an apprentice was still young in comparison to the warrior. Trying to think of a topic, his tail twitched uncomfortably. "How long have you been an apprentice, Dragonpaw?"
  15. The zephyrs were soothing. The cacophony of birdsong rang in the tom's ears as he crouched low to the ground, eying the invisible enemy that crept towards the nursery. They were passing by the fresh-kill pile; their stench tainting that of the Clan's prey. For a moment he thought of the queens and kits; Badgerstripe and Firespirit wouldn't be able to hold their own against the being that threatened attacking the nursery, and Swirlstep wasn't going to allow any injuries on his watch. His pace quickened, and he pounced, only leaving a cloud of dust that rose up and settled quietly back on the ground. The rocks above towered over the two, enclosing them in an arena fit for the death match that was to take place. A flash of unsheathed claws glinted in the sun, and after a low hiss, silence fell yet again over the camp. The alien beast that had been silently nearing the den moments earlier was now dead, and Swirlstep smiled in satisfaction. Perhaps a millipede wasn't the most frightening creature, and perhaps the queens could have easily shooed it away with their paws, but Swirlstep still didn't want to risk the queens playing with it and getting ill, as this one was poisonous. He took the creature outside of the camp and decided to throw it out, leaving whatever birds come and grab the prey away from the camp. Upon returning, he noticed the others out didn't seem to be doing much themselves, and he sat near the fresh kill pile, bored.
  16. Mothflight was looking for Nightwing, just notifying you.
  17. People who won't close their mouths when eating something.
  18. Does anyone have sombody in WindClan or ThunderClan? Mothflight and Swirlstep are open for RP.
  19. ((I'm considering joining. I have a question; is this similar to a YCM RP, where there are user cards? ))
  20. Wow, you've had Silkflame and Timberfur for a while. I can't remember which cat was my first... I remember the cat, I mean; I don't remember his name.
  21. lolyeah, I'd made Swirlstep on another site, but I only made two posts with him. D:
  22. Username: Team EG-X Name: Swirlstep Gender: Male Age: 34 moons Clan: ThunderClan Position: Warrior Description: The Mask~ Silver was the canvas of this tom's face. The color has become what defined the tom, being of a Clan with several silver cats. In different lighting, it was possible for the canvas to appear blue. The silver was like that of a misty sky, the black streaks and markings on the tabby being as dark as night, if not finer and darker, for the night sky was blurred and of a soft light by the stars. The rivers of black came to an end in wonderful, deep blue pools that had what seemed like a bottomless fissure in their centers. They were beautiful things, functional as well. They would meticulously take in the data light had to offer, letting him see. Letting him communicate emotions without speech. Letting him connect to others. Above these pools were great, silver mountains, the two peaks fine points. Hollow things they were, despite their strength and form; they let in sound. The cacophony of birds, the din of battle, and the calm words and purrs of those for whom he cared and fought. These were his reception tools. These let him be connected. Now, below those pools were to other things, both of which as vital to the functionality of this being as the two previously stated. One of which was a small, gray thing, two holes in it. This of stood at the furthest point forward, having no fur on it. It let him take in scent; he had to track, detect friends and enemies, and hunt. This not only let him be connected, but if helped him recognize. This let him filter. Perhaps the most important of these was the feature that made itself noticed. Thin, white strands were on its sides, and the silver canvas stood out more near it, as it faded to a soft, near white colour. This, of course, was what he used to eat food, to speak. White, clean, sharp daggers extended from the pink edges of its interior. They looked sharp, able to be efficient in combat, though they could double as tools for caring; young could be lifted and carried with the things. This let him eat and talk. This let him live. The Body Beneath the head that so greatly defined the tom was his body, the neck being excluded from description only because of it's lack of outstanding features. The main of this feline, however, was of the same silver canvas, other than the occasional ripple in fur height that caught excessive light or failed to catch much light at all, which gave the effected areas a magnificent silver-to-blue coloring. Regardless of the changes in the base color of the climate, the main of the tom's body was littered with spirals, all varying in size. The most prominent of which was, on the middle of him, a large spiral that connected into another one. These swirls were all black, and, since most were rather small, he had a very interesting look. The swirls appeared symmetrically as well, the designs, gifted to the tom by StarClan, printed identically on both sides of his body. These jet-black whirlpools of color were well groomed, as was the rest of the tom; tended to by both the lake and tongue for the entire period of their existence in the world. Due to this, they were free of much trapped shed fur and had a glossy appearance, as any well-groomed or self respecting cat's fur should have had, and caught sunlight, making the tom look as if he were a small star in his own, glistening swirls covering his entire body. This was a rather unique thing in its own, but it was only further increased upon by the markings that went down the warrior's spine. They were small swirls, in a near perfect line, that alternated in the direction of the twist. The first, located at the base of his neck, twisted to the left, the second to the right, with that pattern continuing until the base of his tail. These designs didn't do much for camouflage, however, as the glistening effect often caught the attention of prey on sunny days. Cloudy days, however, as well as misty ones, gave the tom an advantage. His fur was of a slightly short length, which gave him neither an advantage nor disadvantage in combat. This area, filled with designs, was his mural. The Support Four legs. All four in working order and in the right shape. His retractable weaponry was unlike most; the little daggers were larger than most of those that you would see warrior's with. In fact, they could very well have been the largest claws of any cat in the forest. even when sheathed, they were not fully hidden, and they came to sharp little hooks, those things, able to pierce the flesh of an enemy and tear, destroying whatever flesh they met had they been placed in such an area with the intention to do harm to the one on whom they rested. His paws had large swirls on the tops of them that covered almost all of the silver-blue canvas, then having legs devoid of those decorative little spirals that so covered the rest of him. His tail was a long thing, the hairs long and coming to a low hang. On the top side of the tail, they were a bright silver that shimmered as the tail flicked, while the bottom side was a very calm, nice white. His pads were large, the cushions allowing for him to move both quietly and comfortably, though they were a burden to get irritated. The last time the things had been injured he couldn't stand to get up for two whole days. The poor thing, though he really could have; he just enjoyed not having too. His legs were muscular as well, though it didn't seem to clash with his lithe figure. He was a fighter, or built to be as one, anyways, but he knew the importance of backing down when you had to, and his flexible frame allowed him to do so with ease, especially if ever aided by the energy fear gives a cat in such situations. Personality: Swirlstep is a rather interesting tom. He tends to be solitary, only due to the fact that his most developed relationship was ruined, however. When around kits, he seems to be a decent cat in terms of being interactive with others. He's also very protective; he is especially so around she-cats due to his feeling of failing to protect Driftingleaf, who died. He's caring towards Clanmates in to the point in which any warrior should be, but he doesn't show much interest in developing a serious relationship with anyone. History: Swirlstep was a promising apprentice many moons ago, and he used to be qutie the extrovert, playing around with his peers all the time. After the death of his best friend due to a blackcough infection, he became much more introverted, and dislikes being around ill cats. Other: Password: Starclan I hate I didn't get to use Swirlstep much, so I'm giving him another shot in ThunderClan. He isn't bothered by Driftingleaf in this one, however. The history isn't the 2000+ words it was, since I'm moreso keeping his appearance.
  23. D: The banning of loners means I'll just make a WC cat. Username: Team EG-X Name: Mothflight Gender: Male Age: 27 moons Clan: WindClan Position: Warrior Description: Mothflight is a pale, dusty brown tom with small splotches of faded and darkened color all over. His pelt looks similar to the wings of the moth for which he was named. His whiskers are much longer than most, and his claws are very thin, though sharp. Personality: Mothflight is... Average? He's fairly talkative, though he dislikes being shot down in conversations and being teased, so he often only talks about unimportant things; fearing meaningful conversation could result in him being identified differently and disliked. History: Mothflight was born to Mapledew and a tom whom she wouldn't say was the father. His mother died when he was an apprentice during a badger attack. His eldest sister left WindClan when he was too young to remember. Other: N/A Password:StarClan