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  1. I'm talking back when DC was on a different host and boards weren't getting carried over when we made the swap. That level of oldness. I just returned here for nostalgia's sake; I'd stopped by on and off over my years of absence, but didn't log in.
  2. Dear god, I remember the first Howl to Me. It's been so long.
  3. O: It would? I thought when the beginning of the suffix was the same letter as the end of the prefix there was to be a hyphen? Then again, I haven't read in quite a while. Alright, Willowwhisker it is! She's a fun charrie.
  4. DUN DUN DUNNNN I might join with my newest charrie, Willow-whisker, if I can commit to a full return here.
  5. About Elizabeth Bathory. I'll completely remove levitation if Sentient Second Skin should take up two spots. And I was uncertain if immortality would count as a duplicate since it's via regeneration and not perfect immortality.
  6. Dalibora was a bit startled by the sudden feeling of a hand on her shoulder, but instead of attacking whoever had touched her, she squeaked. It wasn't the most courageous sound, but that didn't exactly matter at the moment. At least those two weren't fighting each other to the death. The sudden jerk from the stop nearly caused her to fall, but at least she wasn't upset anymore. Having blocked out the sounds of the others, she began to focus on getting her horns to disappear. After a moment of focusing, her horns receded and she yawned. Alright, so you didn't freak out and go all RAWR I'M A BIG MEANIE on everyone. Good job, Dalibora; you should get some rest. Stretching, the young woman looked about; she'd managed to pick up on a bit of the more aggressive gentleman's speaking, hearing that he was looking for someone that could dance? Well, she guessed dancing was an ability. She hadn't been able to make fun of any abilities given her own. "Wait, where are we?"
  7. Dalibora's trying to keep you two from fighting x3 Why anger the shy little thing?
  8. "Ooh this isn't right..." Dalibora stated, the frustration within her building. Her cheeks grew pink in her anger, and she could feel her horns growing, stretching back beyond her hair and coming to fine points. "Please, you two? You d-don't have to fight to gain respect... Peaceful negotiation is respectful too. Having force--and not using it if not necessary-- gains respect too," Dalibora stated, placing a hand on her forehead. Hoping reverse the growth of her horns, she sighed, taking deep, slow breaths. Her arms began to itch ever so slightly. "No, no, no. Not now, Dalibora. Not now, Dalibora. Just... Focus," she stated aloud, though she seemed to pay no mind to the two others. Now wasn't the time to use her abilities, but these two were being so.... Difficult! They didn't make this easy at all, and she just wanted to hit them! But hitting was rude, and it wouldn't help at all in defusing this situation. Tapping her foot on the floor and keeping anything else from changing excluding her horns, she looked to the two, stepping back. "I understand if you're upset, and I know that you two want to fight, but I really wish you wouldn't..." Dalibora nearly whimpered; this wasn't going work. Sitting down she frowned; watching the two in combat was angering her. They didn't even listen to her asking them not to, or at least they didn't give it any mind. She balled up her fists.
  9. "Hey," Dalibora stated. It was more of an exclamation, or at least it was to her. Still holding her suitcase, she stood up, placing an arm between the the two before stepping fully in the way. Her head was aching; something about this situation made her want to just knock them both out, but she knew better, rubbing her temple. "I get that this has got to be unsettling, but those shadowy things are what you were fighting, right? Don't fight each other too..." Her words of advice perhaps didn't carry the most weight, seeing as she'd yet to show use of any powers herself, and she'd only appeared moments ago, but she still didn't wish to see anyone fighting one another after just watching them battle shadow creatures. Chasms, wasn't it? It didn't matter, if that girl used robots, and that girl caught on fire again... Oh, dear. It would be a terrible sight. That, and the whole place might have been destroyed! Dalibora was still holding onto her suitcase, and though she had half a mind to take a swing at them with it, she still kept her sheepish smile, looking to the two seemingly furious people on either side of her. Her head was still aching, but at least she hadn't let her frustration completely consume her. Or at least she thought she did. Keeping silent about the matter didn't help her any, and she could feel two nubs forming on her head, which soon grew into small black horns that were hidden mostly by her hair, though still slightly visible. Eyes widening slightly, she ran her hand rapidly through her hair, the now disheveled strands covering her horns.
  10. Dalibora was more confused than she'd ever hoped to recover from, and instead of asking questions about what was going on, she didn't really wish to ask. Perhaps, for the time being, it would be best to just sit and watch. As usual. Clutching her suitcase and sitting down as the others spoke, she sighed. This had been a rather interesting day... She couldn't help but think about what the motorcycle operator told her earlier.. A gypsy? Powers? So that's what that stupid curse was. It was a power. Oh, joy. Not only were there other strange people out there, but they were targets for something.
  11. Dalibora only looked to Bruxa still before managing to muster up the courage to speak. "I'm Dalibora," she sheepishly began, "And what exactly is happening here? There's so much... Stuff! All these monsters and machines and flaming people. It's like an action movie but--" As she spoke, a chasm appeared a bit too close for her comfort before being destroyed. "...But a bit too real for me." Dalibora awaited a response, still risking falling off the motorcycle to hold her suitcase, and simply hummed softly in an effort to remove her mind from the frenzied fray it was currently in.
  12. Dalibora gasped a bit as her arm was grabbed; she knew the situation likely wasn't the least stressful for the operator of the motorcycle, but there was no need to be so rough, was there? She would have replied, but she was too busy making sure her suitcase was't dropped; it had priority over any inevitably awkward talk between her and her savior at the moment. She wasn't hurt, luckily, but she still was a bit unsettled by the sight of those things. She shuddered at the thought of such a creature successfully attacking her and squeaked, nearly letting go of her suitcase. Wait, seldom were there survivors? That made Dalibora feel elated and more paranoid than ever! Those things could have been following her most her entire life, and at any moment they could have--it was best not to focus on such possibilities, instead silently looking ahead, still unsure whether or not to speak to whomever it was that saved her life.
  13. Thank goodness that the operator of the motorcycle heard her! She'd have been out of luck if she were left to run on her own; she'd rather have died fully clothed than gotten away and been spotted somewhere in the nude. She was about to thank the driver, but before she could, she was told to get on the motorcycle. Well, that or die, and the latter didn't sound nearly as inviting. She nodded and quickly got seated on the bike, attempting to avert her gaze from the freakish creatures. Powers? Oh, great; I really can't hide it. These things can sniff it out, apparently. She sighed. Turning Bruxa, she spoke. "Thanks..." It wasn't much, but it was certainly the least she could say in such a situation. Gripping her suitcase tightly, she placed her free arm on Bruxa; motorcycles weren't her thing, and she had a fear of falling off.
  14. It didn't seem to take much time at all; she'd shown up, seen these strange people fighting monstrous shadow beings, and now the people were leaving. She certainly didn't want to be left alone in the presence of whatever the shadow creatures were, and tightening the grip she had on her suitcase, she waved her free arm in the air, looking to the motorcycle as it left. Her only options were to stay where she was or use her ability, but the latter would leave her naked, and she didn't need to explain that to whomever she was following. "Hey! Wait up!" The young woman ran after the motorcycle, or at least she attempted to. With the vehicles soon gone, she turned around; the long shadows that stretched before her began to distort themselves, and she squeaked in fear, stepping back. Oh, come on.. Dalibora sighed, running from the creatures the shadows engendered.
  15. Just keep walking... Just keep walking... That had been the only thing on Dalibora's mind all day. She'd been, as usual, avoiding that paranoid feeling that crept up her spine and made her worried all day. Suitcase in hand, she only knew to keep walking. Whatever had burdened her, it hadn't made the move it needed to let her /know/ it was there, and she was left with the uncomfortable /feeling/ it was there instead. A noise caught her attention, albeit one far off. The young woman had been walking in the woods all day, as she, when startled, tended to best go without much notice while in the woods, as people seldom gave a second glance in such matters. Nearing the din, she emerged from the woods and curiously wandered nearer; if whatever had been spying on her were finally out in front of her, at least she'd have the comfort of knowing she wasn't going mad. Much to her confusion, there were many unusual things going on. The monstrous machines aside, there appeared to be clouds of sharp objects, a human on fire, and these strange beings that they other humans were engaged in combat with. Something about the sight didn't surprise her as much as she thought it should have. Her foot tapping against the ground, she held her briefcase tightly, shaking her head. So you're right. There /is/ something crazy out here... Right place, but the wrong time, Dalibora...
  16. I'm thinking of a way to float in. x3 Don't want my first post to be totally off, though.
  17. I want to join! Username: Team EG-X Character's Name: Ferr'Corvus a.k.a "The Iron Raven" Age: 36 Third Animal Form: Raven (White) Appearance: Dragon Form: http://partneryahoo.photobucket.com/albums...es/bhjhbhjb.png Fer is rather quick in comparison to most dragons, but her build is for speed and offense, causing her to want badly in the defensive section, If she's hit, it's likely that damage has been done unless she managed to use her arms to grab and resist whatever attempted to strike her. She's, in comparison to quadrupeds of equivalent size, somewhat brittle. Human Form: http://partneryahoo.photobucket.com/albums...s/bvhjbjhjm.png Her markings are usually hidden, though they still exist over nearly her entire body. Due to his markings also being on her face, she rarely uses her human form, and covers herself completely when she does. Animal Form: Fer's animal form is that of an albino raven. Personality Ferr'Corvus is rather vicious in combat, though she tends to keep to herself in most situations. A cold and uncaring killer, she shows no remorse in her attacks, aiming to take down opponents as quickly as possible. She is ambitious and wishes to one day lead the tribe, and has considered less than honorable means to reach that goal. She tends to be as honest as her plans will allow to her superiors, though she seldom speaks to those below her in ranking, as they aren't needed at the time being. Tribe: Sares Rank:Sar Favored Element/Breath Power: Her breathing ability allows her to simulate night in small enclosed spaces and cause others to become extremely drowsy from her breath. This assists her in combat and especially at night, allowing her to slow down her enemies and use her already advantageous speed to take them down. History: Ferr'Corvus was found as an egg and immediately taken in lest she die before hatching. Raised by her adoptive mother as a normal member of the tribe, she grew up and learned she was quite different from many of the tribe members. Capable of being bipedal and quadrupedal, she is extremely agile. What she lacks in wings she makes up for in unprecedented speed and an impressive leap, though it still certainly isn't a leap comparable to actual flight.
  18. What happened to Sarabi? Did she die or is she simply not in this one? I might have just overlooked her. I was hoping to get a friendly rivalry with her and Abbadon.
  19. I understand how some might wish not to have an abortion themselves, but the choice should always be there in the form of safe, professional medical care. I agree that no group should have the power to tell a woman what to do with her own body, and even if some disagree, medical care shouldn't be withheld from people because of a personal preference towards another lifestyle.
  20. Take you time; RP has no priority over personal life. We wish you the best, and don't feel rushed.
  21. Well, Abbadon would just be hitting seven in a little bit if this is two years after the previous story. So he might be using his lazy charm to find looooove ~ <3. But probably not x3. However, he hopefully won't be attacked for his laziness x3. He gets work done, but doesn't do much anything unless told to do so.
  22. I know Abbadon was brought back to life in /The End/ but was his death explained? If not, I'll come up with something. Also, would you like for me to wait until you aren't so busy for me to apply?
  23. Ohmygawsh! I should really rejoin, but I need to modify Abbadon a bit before attempting to join with him again.