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I accept IOU'sHave 2nd gen gold shimmer,would love to get on a list for bronze and silver.Looking for 3rd gen Thuweds!Looking for 2nd gen nebula's with Alt Sweetling, Black Marrow, or Shadow Walkers. Also, PB Black Marrow, PB Shadow Walker, 2nd gen black marrows with Nebula parent, and 2nd gen shadow walkers with Nebula parent. If you can help me with these please let me know what you want as a trade. Thank you qovip3.jpg st_tj09copy.png

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    Got on a list for a 2nd gen thuwed (1/29/13)

    IOU's owed to me;
    PF13- Shimmer
    42- Shimmer

    IOU's owed from me;
    attackfish - 3rd gen shimmer

    IOU's Completed;
    Bantymom - 2nd gen winter from Ice(M) x Winter (F)
    Bloodyrose13 - 3 Silver tinsels with Nebula's
    aqua17 - 2 2nd gen pinks from old pink and lurker
    shovedtbh- silver tinsel from Penk and Nebula line
    Crockturtle566- 3rd gen shimmer