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    Crouched just outside the cave behind the Juniper shrub. Dragons ♥ Juniper berries, you know. =)
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    CB or PB Gold Dragon (I can dream, can't I?)
    CB or PB Silver
    Holly (1 with a fairly clean lineage)


    For Projects:


    Cheese Eggs!
    I wouldn't mind a few Chickens


    I realize I don't have any special dragons, but I will try to breed what you want in exchange for these dragons.



    I don't mind attempting to breed anything on my scroll for anyone. Just send me a PM and we can discuss what you'd like me to try.

    Successful breedings:
    Ice x Bright Pink - PolarVortex
    3EG Blusang - xShadow
    Mint x 09' Valentine x2 - salmonbaby


    I need: