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  1. I have to agree with that, I put a lot of chessboard tiles down. Under a lot of already placed objects, the ones I added things to after aren’t effected by the layering problem. Which is like five trees and a snowman. The rest of my board is covered in white tiles.
  2. I'm getting an error message only in the alpine biome, I can get to all others. edit: it seems to have fixed itself
  3. Mobile. But I have an option to go to desktop on my iPad, I use portal 2, it doesn't make a difference.
  4. It's only the actual breed button on the list of available dragons that doesn't work. As it's the only button on the site that is that grey rectangle, at least for me. Clicking on it causes the whole page to freeze up and none of the links work. It doesn't even attempt to load the page to tell me if my dragons produced an egg. However the BSA/name dragon are the rounded blue or pink buttons and those do work. I went into the site through the Facebook app, on a whim really, and was able to breed my dragons while on the site from within the Facebook app, so it's a work around for when I want to breed my dragons. But I'll probably look into downloading another browser or deal with the iPod.
  5. I am still unable to breed my dragons on my iPad 3, that button is acting more like a decoration that I can click but leads to nothing. I am however able to breed on my iPod touch 2nd gen, but it's difficult because it's so slow and because of its age certain things on the site don't work.
  6. Safari doesn't have any such options.
  7. There is nothing in Safari's settings about page styles, unless you mean JavaScript.
  8. Safari isn't crashing or rebooting the page like it does when it can't handle something on the page. I've had that happen scrolling to quickly sometimes. This basically slows/freezes the page after I press that breed button in the list of potential mates and doesn't allow it to go to the laid an egg/refusal page. I went back to my action log to look further down, I did breed two of my dragons in the beginning of January but I might have been on my actual desktop for that so if something changed it happened after the 8th. It does seem to be only this site is happening on. I've gone between both mobile and desktop versions both have the same issue.
  9. Yup, deleted the site cache again just to check. Whatever it is, is still causes the page to freeze up and the browser to temporarily freeze.
  10. I was trying to breed some of my dragons today but when I clicked on the breed button it causes my browser to freeze, the breed button becomes unclickable after the page unfreezes. I was able to get it to go through once but the page never loaded, it only went to like 20% on the loading bar. The dragons I've tried to breed are still unbred, and nothing shows up on the action log. I'm on an older iPad with Safari, earlier this week I cleared out my history and web data. I was able to breed my dragons in December, this is the first time I've tried since.
  11. I think if we had something that mixed the setup of alternative custom sort and the numbers of legacy sort could possibly help. Because while I can move tiles in ACS it's so slow and painful to do so when you can only move one dragon at a time and only a few lines down at a time.
  12. I was looking at sea slugs a while back, for their name they are some of the prettiest of sea creatures. I thought they'd make a super cute Pygmy dragon.
  13. Hatchlings are pretty cool, I like the updates. I'm super happy that I can finally use custom sort on my iPad now.
  14. Happy Easter! Time to add more pretty eggs to the Easter basket.
  15. Awesome! and pretty cool eggs.
  16. Is there a way to rotate furniture on an iPad? Because pressing letters isn't possible.
  17. I have had to do the day 6 quest over like ten times. The page keeps erroring out, the quest freezes. I finish it and then it errors after giving me the checkmark, I teleported back and ended up in the cave. I've hard refreshed, deleted cache, and out of bound reset multiple times. I feel like I'm in groundhog's day here, only playing on an iPad.
  18. The eggs are lovely. I'm kinda sad that the game is so slow on my iPad, I'm probably not going to be able to play it. It took my character like five minutes after leaving Romeo to get back to the transporter building. The village is slightly faster on moving, but the other town is basically unplayable for me. Thanks for the work that went into the game.
  19. I really want to freeze one of these eggs. I love the eyes blinking at me from inside. Can't wait to see how they look grown up. Thanks for such a fun Halloween.
  20. The leaf one is so adorable. I think I just might have to hoard them. The diamonds are tiny t-rexs.
  21. Pretty eggs! Can't wait to see what they are.
  22. Thank you TJ. I like the lineage ruler, makes it so much easier than having to count my dragons. Zombies yay, just have to wait for tonight.
  23. The male aria is so proud looking. I really like him. I need to get more soon.