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  1. got my two eggs - happy valentine's day dc thanks TJ and staff
  2. thank you TJ and team for such an awesome game and christmas dragon
  3. happy holidays/merry christmas everyone
  4. i love the new egg(s) - thanks TJ happy birthday sockpuppet
  5. happy birthday DC - thanks TJ and spriters
  6. i took the ridgewing - thank you
  7. happy valentine's day and thanks TJ and to all involved in making the valentine's day event and the eggs/dragons
  8. thank you TJ though i am hoping that my solstices stay blue...i like both and bred mine so i could have both colors
  9. happy holidays to all at dragon cave and thank you TJ - got my two
  10. happy halloween everyone - got my seven so now i might try to get another adult zombie...forgot about trying to get a zombie hatchie this year...maybe next year
  11. looks like i wont be able to get any because at 1pm (i am on the same time as dc) i wont be near my computer...i actually liked the midnight drops... oh well guess i might be able to get one or two somehow
  12. happy april fools day to you too
  13. got my two - Happy Holidays to everyone here at DC - thank you TJ and the artists for the beautiful eggs
  14. after being Holly-less all these years...i finally have one, thanks to a very generous and kind person...the elusive Holly is no longer elusive
  15. happy halloween and thank you TJ and everyone involved in making this a wonderful event... got my seven so i am off to bed...good luck to all those hunting
  16. caught 3 'can't make up its mind', 2 blue opals, and one green opal...i am off to bed because i am locked with a moonstone, dont want to drop it... good luck to those still trying...
  17. Yay! I won! forum name: carmen8386 scroll name: carmen8386 scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/carmen8386 gift: summer egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/TVhjY gifter: old_duck has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc) Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes, please
  18. caught two...thank you TJ and all the spriters for a wonderful event good night and good luck to all that are still hunting