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turbosilver.pngI take requests, see profile for details~!CB ___ x CB Frill IOU available.

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    I place IOUs BEFORE breeding lists. Meaning that if I owe you an egg from a breeding pair, you will get it first BEFORE the listers. Once the IOU has been paid the breeding list will resume.

    IOUs (**this is not the updated list, I have a google spreadsheet of all outstanding IOUs):
    Nureyev --> (sire x dam) Black x Frill (done), Frill x Green (done), Royal Blue x Frill, and Stripe x Frill (done)
    Adri --> Hatchies: 2/2 Turpentine, 6/8 Mixed (for 5G Cielatahl)

    Breeding Promise:
    Kelkelen --> D0tT (offspring promise)
    coltzen --> PB Reds
    nooey --> 5G Tinsel


    Immaling --> 2G PB Vine
    ElayneDragonLover --> Valentine '09 x Electric
    Sinsdaemn --> Valentine '09 x Red, BSA Pink x Sweetling
    reidragon --> Fizzing
    enchanted spirit --> Inkling x Thorn
    grammydragon --> 6G Gold Tinsel (2 Rosebud IOUs)
    grammydragon --> '09 Val x White for Gold Tinsel from Sin
    odddude1 --> 4G Even Silver (AT LONG LAST!)
    codyne --> PB 5G Black from Noctis (offspring promise)
    OnABadBet --> 3G Thuwed (offspring promise)
    sheppardkid --> Black x GW Checker (offspring promise)
    reidragon --> Red x Thunder Trio; waiting for white egg
    Twilightdreamer1979 --> PB 3G Black (offspring promise)
    runnerdude1 --> CB Frill x CB Stripe
    Adri --> 11/11 Red 10/10 Purple Hatchies (for 2 4G Tinsels)

    Breeding Lists:
    J Alfred Prufrock x Fizzing D'Hennegal Thuwed
    1) -closed-
    2) -closed-
    3) -closed-

    Black x GW Checker
    1) -closed-
    2) -closed-
    3) -closed-

    Black x Magi
    1) Catlover74
    2) MsTina
    3) stagazer_7

    Blackout Lineage
    1) -closed-

    Male CB Frill:
    1) -closed-
    2) -closed-

    Female CB Frill:
    1) Iside - M Stripe

    -Low Gen Tinsels/Shimmers
    -Low Gen Lineage (ie. Dorkface)
    -Descended from Spriter Alts
    -CB Metallics
    -CB Black
    -CB Nebulas
    -CB Trio
    -Alts (Vine, Black etc)
    -2G Holly

    **I have listed the generations I have, not the generation of the egg that would be produced

    8G & 9G Stair Bronze Ivy x Ember
    5G Even Cayvyn x Mix
    9G Stair -Censored- x Vine
    4G & 7G Even Roreng x Mix
    6G & 6G Even Darkrose x 'PB' White
    6G Even Darkrose x Mix
    7G Even Epica x Tanoth
    4G Stair Galletian x Hellfire

    7G Even Abby x Mix
    7G Stair Inextrica x Nebula (Imperfect Stair)
    9G Stair Erno x Mix

    5G Even Apollo/Epica x Mix
    8G Stair Apollo x Terrae
    5G Stair Epica x Vine
    8G Stair Epica x Vine/Frill

    Will breed only if the trade sounds reasonable.

    PM Requests (Subject title 'Weekly Breeding Update' if you've read this)

    Thank you so much to these people, and so many others!
    - DragoonEagle (simply amazing. Thank you so much!)
    - the Even Gen Community (what would I do without you? Everyone is just so helpful!)
    - Mandrakekeeper (for being so patient and willing to help!)