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    I love to draw, so please visit my page at deviantart and say hello, if you have an account too :3 http://shirubaaneko.deviantart.com

    As I don't have super rares or low Gen Thuweds or Dorkfaces or super beautiful lineages, I find it hard to make people happy with glomp gifts, departure threads or in trades... That is really frustrating at times.
    While I am able to catch holiday releases easily, I hardly ever so much as SEE a raredroping in the cave. My last Nebula CB I've seen maybe 7 months ago. CB Silver I haven't seen for at least 2 YEARS!

    So...To build better lineages I would need more CB and 2nd Gens from different or nearly all breeds I guess. ..

    Nebulas are always loved, especially the NON alts.
    NDs or helpfull hints for my experiments
    CB Silver
    CB male Gold? (joking)
    Holly... any lineage would do. They are just such beautiful ToT
    2nd Gens from Holiday parents for lineages
    2nd Gens from old Pink or Frills for lineages
    CB female Black
    CB male stripe
    Alt Blacks

    mmm.... difficult ^,^"
    I really really love all my dragons. Most of the wishlist is so that I can make better presents (and have something fdor trades from time to time).