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  1. I am coming in on this event a little late Happy birthday DC!!
  2. Dang! Lost 15+ easter eggs and a sunrise/sunset egg Too bad.
  3. Odd, one of my swallowtails is at 5 days and has yet to gender - infact, none of mine have yet gendered (swallowtail or pillow) and they are between 5 days 6 hours and 5 days - usually they have gendered within that time frame - must be slow developers! They have a good view/unique view ratio so I guess it won't be much longer.
  4. Wow! The pillow adults look like giant, fluffy rabid bunnies!
  5. bred a stripe with a fairly low lineage! whooo hoo!
  6. Got two of each for myself - now I have to catch them for my son!
  7. Well, I have to say, this was a complete surprise! Gotta go hunting! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  8. o.k.! The adults made up my mind for me! I am so NOT freezing a hatchling! These are AMAZING! The spriters have an awesome imagination and unbelievable talent - have a couple of names in mind, so I am going to go do some naming!!
  9. The hatchlings have got to be THE most adorable I have ever seen!! Now I am trying to decide if I should freeze one - I have never done that with event dragons EVER - but these one's are just too cute!!
  10. Yippeee! Got my two and two for my son's scroll! Awesome eggs! Can't wait to see what they look like when they hatch! Thanks TJ and Spriters!!
  11. If you click on the first or second egg you get this message: Error Sorry, a database error has occurred The third egg spot works.
  12. The cave is back up, the eggs are there, but getting a data base error when clicked on.
  13. I have been with the cave for over two years now, and to my knowledge TJ has ALWAYS given extra time when the cave is down - he is very fair!
  14. I forgot there was going to be a new release and this is the first chance I had to get on here today - and the cave is down, lol! Oh well! At least I managed to catch two sweetlings in the AP last week!!
  15. I had vanilla/cinnamon black loose leaf tea today and is it AWESOME!! First time I've tried this one, ended up going back for a second cup, yum!! No milk or sugar, just the tea, perfect!
  16. Sigh, no email, rats. Edit: Contrats to those who won
  17. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I just got a LEETLE TREE!!! I saw it and thought for sure someone else would snatch it first but I clicked anyway and I got it! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!
  18. I am partial to the trees that are silver, blue and white - maybe because that's how I decorated my tree this year - mind you, I also had a white tree. And I like the garlands where they are layered so that they look almost like one garland - silver overlapping gold or vice versa. I don't like the trees that have been upchucked on or that have random ornaments floating above them. When the ornaments are placed under the tree, kind of like gifts, that's fine. And the one's where there aren't any ornaments or only one or two? Why did they even bother submitting them??
  19. The one that made me laugh is the one where all the dragons and birds look like they are climbing up the tree to pounce on the little angel at the top! And they look hungry! lol!
  20. What I'm getting from all the comments here is that as long as you put in some effort and thought everyone stands a chance! This contest is a lot more fair, in my opinion, than some people thought it was going to be!!
  21. ummm, ok, but I thought the whole idea was that this was a CHRISTMAS tree decorating contest? So I am doing the opposite of you. If it's obviously too DC low marks - traditional, elegant, classic Christmas, higher marks. If it shows thought and effort went into it, higher marks. If it's too simplistic or too jumbled up, lower marks.
  22. You know, there really are some amazing, talented and creative people keeping this site going. I want to offer Kudos to TJ and all the spriters - it's kind of cool how they keep bringing new and interesting offerings to the cave!
  23. My tree seems to be holding it's ornaments now (same with my son's tree). Thanks for fixing the glitch, TJ!! Can't wait to see what everyone came up with!
  24. OMG! So not fair! I LOVE all the dragons/birds - but the tree is too small to use them all!! Now I have to rethink my theme AGAIN! Great job spriters and TJ! Anyone have some miracle grow they can give me to make my tree bigger? lol!!
  25. I always use birds on my Yule/Christmas tree to show respect for mother earth. And I love the candles - hope we don't end up with any virtual christmas tree fires, lol!! Bright blessings, Lexa