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  1. Pyro~

    Squiby anyone?

    I went adopt-crazy here's a few of mine.... Lol....yeah they're all so cute!
  2. I haz pink hatchies... but I don't have the heart to let em go..... Bah dam my guilt for cute little pixels....
  3. ok grabbed 3 pinks..... now to hatch...*stares eagerly at eggs*
  4. I grabbed a pink.... I might grab a few more though...
  5. *gives Taliax internets because pie is awesome * I'll start getting poor little ignored eggies when Tj enables breeding again... the wait is indeed painful. EDIT: because I left the most important word in the sentence
  6. Dear Scroll, It's been quite a while since the other dragons and I have seen our caretaker, Pyro, we are beginning to worry about her well being. I know she would not abandon us, and cares too much. In her absence I have tended to the eggs and hatchlings, so far two of them hatched! Another strange thing has happened today, we were going to send Ceaser and My Bloody Vallentine (our fastest flyers by the way) out to search for Pyro and food, they were unable to leave the cave we call home. Eventually we were able get Mixxi out only to have her instantly return, describing a horrible
  7. ahaha that would actually be really rad! And then I bet with all the hatchlings, they'd clear out pretty fast! Someone should find a day when a thing like this would start!....when the lagmonster leaves.....
  8. I'll join this evil plan as well once the lagmonster leaves, besides I actually kinda like the pink and purples, they add a splash of vibrant color to peoples scrolls...