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    After just six battles, I already hate those Little Children's Haxorus more than anything else in Battle Tower >_<
  2. Nakuru


    I was thinking on hunting Spinarak, so now I'm considering joining... I'll decide before this month ends~
  3. Nakuru


    I would like to join to the forum shiny hunt, but with my recent lack of shiny luck I probably do better not starting any new shiny hunt
  4. Nakuru

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    I love these updates so so much *O* Thanks so much, TJ! <3
  5. As expected, I had a fail too. I only have 8 sets, though.
  6. Nakuru


    sportsfan666: Just added you~
  7. Yay, thanks! I think I'll get up early this Sunday instead of staying up until it's possible to see the changes~
  8. Nakuru


    Finally! Egg 539: And minutes fater I got another one IDEK how: And now, Rufflet time~