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  1. Thanks for the update!
  2. More PM space? Yay! ^O^ Thanks so much for this!
  3. Thanks for the update! <3
  4. Nakuru


    Working on explorations to distract myself from my Squirtle hunt. After 1,338 eggs and many Mystic Waters I'm getting frustrated x-x
  5. Finally got my first Blusang! *O* And one of my Olives hatched <3 I definitely love this release~
  6. Loving the adults <3 Now, if I only could get at least one Blusang... I'll try in 4 hours, but I'm not really hopefull.
  7. So far I got two rottens, two rancids and a random Tsunami. Now, to try for at least one brine~
  8. Finally caught my first new egg! ^O^ In three hours I'll have more room, so I'll try for the others~
  9. I'm egg locked ;_; In five hours I'll have room for one egg and I'll have to wait until tomorrow for more ;_;
  10. Nakuru


    The old site worked for me for a while, but now neither does