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  1. The main issue is how much certain things could control the trade market. Imagine people charging obscene prices for unfrozen Frills, Old Pinks, and past CB Holidays...

    There's always the option of making unfrozen hatchlings un-tradable and un-abandonable, so they would have to stay in the scroll they're and won't cause any issue to the trade market.

  2. There is, actually, a fairly perfect event that could be used as a 2nd raffle event. DC's birthday is May 20. Though that isn't exactly 6 months from December 25, it's close. It's an annual occurrence that we already celebrate to some extent.


    I don't know how TJ would feel about having a 2nd annual raffle to celebrate DC's birthday, but if we were going to do it that would be a natural choice.

    But not being a Holiday means many players may not even have time to be here for that day and may miss any raffle, which is not an issue during December/January.

  3. Suggestion #1: It would be great, specially if the HM are the one increased the most. That way there would be enough prizes to make more players happy, but without making the Prize Dragons less and less rare.


    Suggestion #2: I don't know why, but I can't really like this option. I guess it's because there isn't a good festivity known for the presents to have another raffle during that date, while December/January fits perfectly for it.


    Suggestion #3 & #7: TBH I like that prize Dragons are that, prizes; having them in the cave (or different colored versions) would change that completely.

    I'm also not sure they would count as a real "consolation prize" as they would be almost as appreciated as the normal prizes (or even more at first, since they would be new and other Prizes have been here for a while), because there would be still few of them at first and people would try to get as many (short) lineages as they can.


    Suggestion #4: This, TBH, it's a suggestion I love even if the chances for multiclutches were low or a temporal thing (either for a few months or only on certain dates).


    Suggestion #5: Another suggestion I love, because it would mean previous CB Prize Dragons won't end disappearing as players go inactive.


    Suggestion #6: Seeing as how low gens are desired not matter how much time passes, I don't think it would change things that much. Yes, CB prize's owners would be able to gift them to their friends and fulfill any IOU faster and all, but that's it. In the end, it wouldn't change things enough to be called an improvement.




    You know, I think part of the harassment could be avoided if only we had an in-game "market" where our trades got publicized (if we so desired). This way, putting up trades anonymously would be possible, and prize owners wouldn't have to worry about trading away their 2nd gen eggs.

    IA with this so much.


    I would make thing better for prize owners and I think it could (depending on how it's done) make trading an easier thing that going though posts on the trading forum. Win/Win.

  4. At the end of it, will they mix with normal eggs? No, right? And they stop dropping at midnight of the 28th... which means for me on the 28th. Ok, if they dont mix I should be able to get two fairly easily. biggrin.gif Thanks!

    I'm pretty sure than in previous Christmas release they haven't been mixed with normal eggs.


    I really hope this year is like that too~

  5. I managed to caught a Holly last year and a messy one I froze. I'm pretty happy with both of them, though a part of me wishes to find another one, hopefully with a two-bred only lineage but... catching a Holly on the AP this year seem to be impossible.


    I'm not complaining though, since I love the Hollies I do have~

  6. I want to Change!

    Forum name: Nakuru

    Reason for change: I just got what was my 4 petition (a 2nd gen Dark Myst from male Pumpkin), so I would like to change it~


    1. 3rd or 4th Shimmer (Silver preferred, but any color it's ok).

    2. CB Green Opal.

    3. CB Bleeding Moon.

    4. 3rd gen PB Royal Crimson.

    5. 3rd gen PB Mint.

    6. A pretty checker!

  7. I want to participate!

    Forum name: Nakuru

    Scroll name: Nakuru


    1. 3rd or 4th Shimmer (Silver prefered, but any color it's ok).

    2. CB Green Opal.

    3. CB Bleeding Moon.

    4. 2nd gen Dark Myst from male Pumpkin.

    5. 3rd gen PB Mint.

    6. A pretty checker!