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  1. I'm surprised at how fast I managed to catch those new eggs. There wasn't even much lag!


    Though I guess it helped I tried at the five minutes drops instead of the hourly drop, but I'm still glad this went well for me, instead of being stressful.

  2. Oh, I don't like this change at all sad.gif


    At midnight I can try to be here, even if I'm a little sleepy and my reflexes suffer from it.

    In the middle of the day in a Sunday? I cant' be here at all, so I guess I'll miss this and future releases too if this schedule stays sad.gif


    If non-rares are released that isn't a big deal as there's always a chance later, but with rares... ugh. (It took me months to get my first Trio and I'm still trying to catch a second Green Copper to influence male, since I only managed to catch one during the original release)

  3. Honestly, without making CB Prize dragons obtainable in another way (which would create drama anyway), eliminating the raffle would just increase all the actual issues, because:


    -Short gen ones would be ever scarcer that they are now.

    -And as consequence of that, they would be even more rare and their value would increase even more.

    -To make things worse, it would create more pressure on the CB owners that keep playing.


    So no, it's better for raffles to stay and search for a way to improve them, which many are already trying to do with several suggestions.

  4. Chances are there's a delay before they show on the AP.... but my main worry is that neither I nor my friends can accept the eggs we have bred to exchange. We just get the limits message.

    Uhm, the limits are still there for me, so I guess that needs to be changed manually too, just like the eggs appearing on the AP?

  5. My suggestion is that if someone has won a Prize in the last two years, then they don't get to win yet another one.

    I don't agree with this, but I understand that people winning more than one raffle feels a little... uncomfortable?.


    Maybe HMs being a fair game for everyone who enters the raffle, while having the chance of winning a Prize only for people who haven't won and selected one (because some winners choose a HM instead) would be better?


    Getting another one by trading/gifting/AP picking would still be possible for people who won one before, and at the same time it may be enough to avoid the weird feeling of this unforeseen turn of luck?

  6. I didn't join last year because I didn't like the tiered system. Sure, I have a Gold trophy and I do have a few CB metallics, but all have been lucky catches and I can't get rares regularly not matter how much I try.


    How it was organized this time was great and I'm really glad I participated ♥


    It was fun to try to fill as much as possible of my giftee list (though I still lament that I couldn't get a Copper for her despite trying to catch one during all this month) and my gifter was lovely and I'm so happy with my gifts ♥


    I'll probably join the next time as long as it isn't back to the tiered system.


    So... in resume, thanks so much to PointOfOrigin and Oasis for organizing this ♥

    And to my gifter for all the wonderful gifts and to my giftee, because I'm really, really glad she liked my gifts ♥

  7. Releasing CB tinsels / Shimmers in the cave would be totally unfair to the "old" prize owners. They could have chosen a cb holly or cb hybrid (which will probably remain unique) instead of something that, in two or three years, is reduced to the status of cb silver or cb gold. We made our choices on the assumption that our tinsels / shimmers would remain unique. With other rules, we would have made other choices.


    If cb tinsels / cb shimmer were ever to appear in the cave like cb metals, they would have to be recolors. Clearly visible recolors, not some minor detail changed like wreath or no wreath, or the font used for names. Anything else is very unfair. And it's not the way YOU would like to be treated if YOU won a few years back. Would you take a cb gold instead of a cb holly? I really doubt it.

    Although I'm against Prizes released in the cave (even as a Coal variant, having it as a consolation prize would be far better IMO), this unfair talk is illogical.


    Rarity is changing constantly, just as the ratios.


    Remember when CB Black dragons almost disappeared? And CB Stripped? Remember what people offered for any of them?

    And remember when CB Metal were so scarce than seeing someone with more than two at the same time was something extremely unusual?


    I's fair more unfair that a very few number of people have the possibility of breeding eggs that will always be super rare and hence, have a big influence in the market. (though I know not many Prize owners do that and the market is more influenced by what the people are willing to offer for 2nd gens)


    That is is why many of us (including me) agree with the suggestion of more Prizes, better breeding chances/ratios, and so on. The CB suggestion is more extreme (and really, I don't agree with it because I like Prizes to be that, prizes), but even in that case, why would it be unfair when it isn't unfair to original Holly owners that CB Hollies to be obtainable in a raffle every year?


    Making Prizes less rare won't make their value disappear completely, especially for the original Prizes. And even if that happens, time could make their eggs extremely rare again.


    (Edited for typos x-x)

  8. My first thought when the "dull colored" variants were suggested was, "What? really? Just, no. That wouldn't help anyone." However, since I started picturing a coal colored variant and decided they would be pretty awesome looking, I've changed my mind. I support the idea because I want one! Not as a consolation, just as an awesome looking dragon.

    Same here, I was pretty much into "no, don't want" crew, but I'm starting to get fond of the idea of a coal version and now I really wish it could really exist (and that I could one, too xd.png).

  9. Inflation is happening because the breeding pool is so small. Because there's so few available, sane offers don't work, so you either offer insane things or you go without.


    It'd be great and dandy if we could all just say "none of us will offer more than 1 CB Metal for a 2g Prize," but let's be honest--it's not going to happen. Not unless the number of prizes increase drastically, anyway.


    Do I think 4 CB Metals for one 2g is crazy? Yes--but at the end of the day I want the 2g more than the Metals, so there you go (not that even 4 CB Metals was doing the trick, at least not for the old prize winners...)

    I can't be sure about 2nd gens, but when the Tinsels were first released I got two 3rd gen ones for one CB Silver.

    Now, getting one 3rd gen for one CB Metal may only be possible if it's from a common lineage.


    Even if inflation is an unavoidable phenomena (time+not enough availability+more availability of Metals and other CB rares), it's a little too much.

  10. I'm working to sent the first (of several, I hope) gifts for my giftee tonight and I think I'll be able to get most of what I'm looking for.


    Except for... well, basically yes, I need help with something and although I'm planing to try on my own until the time is up as I would love to gift at least one of those, any help would be loved.


    I need help

    Forum name: Nakuru

    Dragons Needed: CB Green Copper (female or egg) and/or Neglected (male or ungendered)

    Are you Willing to trade for it? Yes! Anything I can breed or catch~

  11. Saynna: I mentioned the "specific breed" since I know many like to have designed mates for their dragons and don't like to breed them with others ^^;


    Saldy I don't have an Alt Sweetling, so a swamp it's impossible and I'm a little short of time, so hoping for getting contacted is not the ideal either sad.gif


    PointOfOrigin: I guess I'll have to overcome my shyness and try that, since it may go better than just asking on the trade forum.


    Thanks very much to both of you smile.gif



    Siliskor: Thanks too! I'm getting a better idea of what to do now.

  12. I'm wondering, what people ask for a 2nd gen non-rare egg (but from an specific breed) from an Alt Sweetling?


    I'm searching for one urgently, but since I'm not really sure about its estimated value I'm not sure what should I offer in the trade forum to have any chance to get one.

  13. Well yes. Because it does take time to breed a higher gen from CB. Unless of course you take a CB and mate it to some 10th gen tangle, but I doubt anyone would be queuing up to thank you for doing that even if it's perfectly within your rights as the owner of that dragon. rolleyes.gif But it was apparent that the Shimmers, with twice as many initial CBs as the Tinsels (and comparatively more active owners for the same total number of CBs) spread further and reached higher gens far faster than the Tinsels did the year they were released.

    You misunderstand what I meant when I talked about the "not being able to get a prize without one first".


    I'm not talking about getting one immediately, because yes, that's impossible, but the fact that months after, when there are many long linages already, people still only search for swamps of the same of lower gen. And I get the reasons behind that, but it's also why it takes a while for that to change, so for a while very few people can get prizes at all, even when lower gens are available and not that valuable.


    And although you point that Shimmers spread faster, people where more aware of their value and took longer until more people where willing to trade a seventh gen for something that wasn't another seventh gen.


    Of course, now people even gift longer gens so Shimmers can be attained but anyone now, but it's not a wonder for people to grow impatient after months attempting to get one without any luck.


    When people stop caring about them, though, it'll became harder for new players to get them since very few will breed them.

    If there are more linages to be attained, though, there's a chance for people to keep their interest and breed every now and then their Prizes (not only their short gen ones) if they do keep playing.


    So that's the point. It's not about ratios (that's another issue altogether), but about more CBs (mostly for retired Prizes to be future HM, though also for increasing a little the one in the main raffle) so low gens can keep existing even when most actual CB owners do stop playing.


    (And I hope this makes sense, I didn't sleep a lot last night and I fear I could be making little sense right now @o@)

  14. Trying to fix this, so certain rare Dragons are still rare but not unobtainable to 99.8% of the players it's not that bad.

    Tinsels/Shimmers are absolutely more obtainable than that. The 2nd gens, not so much. But the average user can still get Tinsels/Shimmers without much trouble.


    Should TJ give out hundreds of CB Hollies next year too so more users can have 2nd gens in the future? Most people wouldn't suggest that for Hollies so why should it apply here?


    There ought to be at least a few things in DC that are incredibly hard to get. 2nd gen prizes and 2nd gen Hollies fill that niche.

    And we're talking about low gen ones, so?


    And even if we extend the talk to longer gen ones, at first, too, it was almost impossible to get a not-that-short linage Prize because most people were only looking for lineage exchanges, so not getting one in the first place made impossible to get one.

    In fact until some months ago that was the issue with Shimmers.


    Hollies are not the same because: Multiclutches.

    I missed on the AP, but saw, some 2nd gens last Christmas, which means it's not impossible to get one, but the same doesn't apply for Prizes.


    It's also worth to mention that Hollies are given all years as an option for HM; and if I remember correctly there were more HM in the last raffle than in the first one.

    So if you want to compare them with Prizes, having more CB ones given in the raffle would be, in fact, the normal progression of the game.

  15. Although it will probably take a few tries, any other user can do this as well.  If someone is unable to catch Metallics, this is a sensible route to take.  A lot of users are perfectly content to hunt the cave for Metals but they get bored of experiments.  So fill that niche.  Make a Neglected and trade it for nice things.  Trade it for a low-gen prize or for something that you can later use in an offer on a low-gen prize. 


    No, that's not a really option.


    Many of us have tried several times to create a Neglected and got only failures. That's why they are also are one of the rarest Dragons here, because even though there seems to be a method that increases the chances, most of us don't know it.


    And that's ok, really, the challenge for these obtainable-yet not obtainable Dragons it's even fun, but it's not possible for many players.


    The same goes for many of the "ways" you and other people have mentioned in this topic, because if it was really possible for more users to get someday a low gen Prize we won't even be talking about this.


    In fact, that "hard work" part you mention is the way I got several Tinsels and my first Shimmers. But they aren't low gen [5th and 6th gen, in fact] and I'm not surprised, because the market price inflated TOO much and not having good networking skills and not being at the right place at the right moment to be able to have a chance in "working hard for something rare" (and let's be honest here, those chances are extremely rare, and despite checking trade topics frequently I have seen ONE 2nd gen Prize being offered in all those years) means not having a chance at all.


    Trying to fix this, so certain rare Dragons are still rare but not unobtainable to 99.8% of the players it's not that bad.


    And hey, there are more CB metallics in the cave now than some years ago (when seeing a CB Metallic was so unusual that it was possible to not hear about anyone seeing one in months) and that hasn't made them less valuable. So having some more CB Prizes would make their eggs devaluate that much? I have a hard time believing that.

  16. It's not that I'd want them to be rare. I just don't want them to be traded away. As I understand the prize dragons aren't easy to breed, so when I'd breed one I'd surely like it to stay on the scroll of the person I gift it to. Be that friends, glomp gifting, gifting for wishlists (or trades for that matter).

    I'd hate it if a prize dragon becomes a simple trading commodity to get other dragons.




    I can see this happening with multiclutches from prize dragons as well. So... instead of more people getting the eggs, the eggs will be clustered with those who are fast enough clickers to hoard them from the AP..... That's my biggest fear with multi-clutching.

    The thing is, that already happens.


    There are people who already collects short lineages Prizes and people only breed those rare Dragons and/or catch rare Dragons just to trade them for other Dragons. And no everyone who gets a Dragon gifted keeps it (and that's why I stopped breeding any rare/uncommon Dragons I have for requests, TBH).


    On the other hand, there is not a way to know beforehand the lineage of an egg in the AP, so if more that one Prize's egg appears at the same time, no everyone will click the same one and that'll give a chance (small, but still better that the inexistent chance right now) to someone who doesn't have a way to trade for such Dragon to get it.



    The irony is (as noted by others) that as soon as something is common enough that a reasonable percentage of the population can get hold of it, the "trade" value falls and mighty whinging ensues because suddenly those former rares don't net the same worth as they did previously.


    For more irony, as soon as something is considered "too common", people stop breeding it since they won't get anything rare enough for it.

    And the people who are still searching for a Prize lineage that is now "too common"? They have even less of a chance to get it even if they ask for long lineages, because really, no one wants to breed it because that would make it even more common.



    So (and yes, both of this ties here) we are in a problem without a real solution, because:

    If something is too common, many won't care about it because it isn't valuable enough.

    If something is rare, it'll be used for many as trade folder first and foremost.