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  1. I have the same problem I hope it gets fixed and we can resubmit the tree we really want to submit instead of yesterday version
  2. I used kill twice to get two zombies. I got lucky in both cases, so I probably won't use it again. But I can see why some people could want to use it, so *shrugs*
  3. Not only I don't have a Holly: after three Christmas' I have seen one Holly egg in the AP. It was yesterday and I obviously missed it...
  4. Yay! Though I have to accept I'm not that trilled by the retroactive tracking of bitten vampires. I want to keep at least my one and only "CB vampire" that was actually bitten a long time ago. Oh, well… I'll go back to renaming~
  5. Wonderful! Just wonderful! I can't wait for all these features~
  6. Got two! ^O^ Now I can go to sleep happy~