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  1. Got my first blue one~ Yay!
  2. 4 eggs, 4 oranges... Well, in two hours I can get another one so I hope I can get a blue one then~
  3. Got an orange one and in 7 hours I'll be able to hunt for another one
  4. New Release! I wasn't expecting this, but at least I'm not completly scroll locked. Now, hunt time~
  5. I used to, but after seeing many of my bred eggs dying I stopped. Now, I only check every several months the children of the few dragons I bred as a FFA (mostly Blunas and Shallow Waters) to see if the ones that survived have names. I'm always happy when they do~
  6. Saw (and missed ) a black in the Jungle~
  7. When I was new, I ignored Silver eggs in the AP thinking they were common and could get easily later D:
  8. The red is less common but I still like Purple too (even if it made me had a hard time getting a CB red), so in short like both~
  9. Thanks for letting us know!
  10. For me is worst since I have never gifted. Instead I just breed my metalics and when (if) they breed another metalic I just abandon it for whoever is looking the AP right now, since that's the way I got my own metalics and I want to do the same for other players. I also do the same with a coulpe of lineages that for some reason some people liked enough to ask me if the egg from that lineage was for a trade and I even got a nice mate for my 2nd gen Silver to do the same (though I haven't had any luck breeding them), because most metalics in the AP have a messy lineage and a finding (without a trade!) with a good lineage can make the day for many people~ The point is: I don't have a rep. Plus I don't really keep contact with the few people I have made trades with (though I keep the pms I exchanges with them, so I even if I forget their names I still have a way to remember). Many people said the chat is a good way to know people, make friends and maybe the chance of a FFA or finding a trade with a not so high price like in the forum. That's wonderful! But I don't have many time (thanks to work) and... well, there is the language barrier... I don't even feel confortable writing in the forum because I know my English is far from good and I would feel worse in the chat. And asking people I don't know it's something I'll never do. They probably have a list of people to gift or trade with and/or are probably tired of getting requests from random people. This all doesn't make me extremely sad, but all in all I still wish I could get a Tinsel someday. Knowing that if I ever get a Tinsel it could take years (like with Hollies) it's just a little disappointing.
  11. Same here. I unhidden it for a while, but it's easier for me to check my eggs/hatchlings while it's pratly hidden.
  12. Just got my third new egg and now I have to wait until tomorrow before being able to try for another~
  13. I don't have any and I don't think I'll ever have. I don't know anyone here, so I don't have a friend who I could ask if s/he had a Tinsel and I'm not going to search for Tinsel owners to ask them. Even if I do it politely, I'm sure they had more than enough people asking them for a Tinsel and they're probably tired of the begging. And thought I could had a chance in a trade, but seeing the trade topics made change my mind since the dragons beging asked are CB metalics (sometimes more than one), IOU of Hollies (another dragon I'll probably never get), Neglecteds (I don't know how to make one) and other Tinsels. So... yeah. Unless something changes and Tinsels become somehow not so rare, I'll probably never get one Edit: And I could stalk the shelter until I get one, like I did for my Silver and Gold dragons. But in that time I didn't know about the forum and now that I do; so chances are that if I got a Tinsel by some miracle I would check the missing in trade topic and someone would be searching for it. And since I know it's not nice to loss a trade, I would return it. So in the end I would kind of loss my time stalking in the shelter.
  14. I... couldn't resist and frozed a Dino to unlook my scrol and get another egg today~
  15. OMG, new eggs! And I just got one but now I'm scrool locked orz And [edit] more coherently: Yay! Happy birthday, DC
  16. I love the hunts <3 and I just got the last one~ 53/53 ^O^
  17. I'm ussing Opera and it does work perfectly. Though I have the lastest version, so maybe some older versions of Opera don't work...
  18. Nakuru

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Just got two thin shell ones and one with a velvety texture~ As soon as my vampire hatchs I'll go for another with a velvety texture
  19. Nakuru

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    I'm scroll locked until... tomorrow, if I freeze some...
  20. Got my two a little ago, now I can go back to bed and take care of my awful cough. Good luck to every one and remember be patient, usually that helps <3
  21. I can't wait to see all them!
  22. I saw a leetle tree yesterday, so I think they are still dropping.
  23. Terraes (all versions) <3333
  24. I have to say I'm happy with my tree. It won't win, because it's too simple, but I like it and had fun decorating it <3 And now I'm looking forward to see the other trees~