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  1. In the piano there, to be more precise.
  2. Thank you very much! ^O^ 40/40
  3. I feel like I'm going around in circles so... I guess is time to ask for help ;_; What I'm missing and where I find it? m(_ _)m
  4. Found the chicken! But I'm still missing something ;_; 39/40
  5. Already calmed the dragon's ghost, but still on 38/40 I guess it's time to search more~
  6. This is awesome! Just starting: 2/40
  7. I can't help but want to wait a little more and maybe... *keeps ignoring her bed*
  8. I think I'll go to bed and maybe at morning there'll be already something z-z
  9. I guess we have to wait a little more... ?
  10. Now that I'm unloocked, I wonder if I should hunt for another Marrow or another Pumpkin...
  11. So pretty! *O* Now I'm wishing I had gotten more Marrows last year, so I could have a male to try a pair like that one ;_;
  12. I whish they would... But knowing the chance it's probably the same as lately, I don't dare to even try to bite one egg.
  13. I only got a clutch from my Marrow, my Pumpkin gave just one egg...
  14. Ugh, the lag... but I already got what I wanted, so I can't complain~
  15. Nakuru

    Site Down

    Thanks for letting us know!
  16. Got one of each. I'll wait until some of my other eggs hatch to get more~
  17. I thought it was impossible and I even said so here, but now I have all three Tinsels. It's all thanks to a CB Silver I caught by sheer luck and traded. Obviously, after having a Tinsel is easier getting others but even so it took me a while before getting my first Silver~
  18. The Balloon Dragon one is so adorable <3
  19. Thanks for the updates!
  20. I have been trying to breed my CB Silver x CB Silver, but so far I have got nothing.
  21. I love the adults! And I specially like the adult Sunstone, so now I won't abandone the extra ones I got and will wait patiently until I can get more eggs to search for more Moonstones~
  22. The hatchlings are so cute! I can't wait to see them as adults~ So far I have 5 reds (two hatched) and 3 blues. I plan to get two more blues ones tomorrow, after 2 more reds hatch~
  23. I'm glad to know that! As soon as my next sun one hatches I'll go hoping for a another moon one~