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  1. Still nothing for me. Even so, congrats to the new winners~
  2. Congrats to all of the winners! And Happy New Year~
  3. When I voted I didn't have a Holly, now I do This has been a great Christmas!
  4. Well, I'm ready for this~ Time, move faster!
  5. Today's story made my day (well, night) xDDDD
  6. I love today's snowman decorations~ <3
  7. Thank you! *nods* I love nice lineages, but when it comes to Hollies I care more about the dragon itself that the lineage~ So honestly, now I recovered from the surprise, I just want to celebrate and I can't wait until my Holly grows up, since I want to breed it and help more people to get the dragon they're searching for~
  8. I can't believe this... O_O After four years, after hunting for almost seven hours today… I got a Holly *O* The lineage isn't the best, but it isn't inbred and that's enough for me ^O^ Thanks so much to the breeder <33333333 and good luck to everyone still searching for one. This year it's still hard to get one, but it isn't impossible~
  9. It's not just you. Today I have been searching for over 6 hours (two after midnight, two in the morning, two more and some minutes this afternoon) and everytime I miss a Holly I feel bad enough and after a while I just have to take a break, before the stress is too much.
  10. Wow, congratulations! I would love to see a drop like that, but it's highly improbable... ;_;
  11. Well, now I breed all my Christmas dragons I just have to hunt the AP... Can I hope for a Christmas miracle? ;O;
  12. I was going to breed all my Holiday dragons, but since one of the Ribbon dancers I just breed is lost in the AP limbo, I think I'll do it later Now I'm going back to search for a Holly... I don't have many hopes, but I won't give up completely yet.
  13. I have missed over 30 Hollies and I'm too sick to stay up even one minute more, so yeah. I give up. Good luck to everyone searching for one.
  14. The chickens! Oh, poor chickens! xDDDD
  15. After seeing all the dressed-up dragons my favorites are: Horse dragons, Skywings, Electrics, Canopies, male Black ALTs, male Winters and whiptails. I liked the male Sunset a lot too, even though their dress-up is simple, and seeing Bright pinks, Pumpkins and male Vampires dressed-up was a nice touch <3
  16. I'm loving this year's event already *O*
  17. This is great! I'm going to visit the house again, this time with more time so I can read everything with calm~
  18. The adults are beautiful! I can't wait for mine to grow up~
  19. The hatchlings make me want to hug them ;O;
  20. Got all the eggs I can hold~ Happy Halloween to everyone!
  21. Got one egg! (And two Zombies~)
  22. This song is awesome! Now I know what I'll be singing at midnight~
  23. Same here. I also fog them for those 24 hours as extra carefulness.