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  1. Wow, the adult is beautiful! *O*
  2. My eggs just hatched! I can't wait these three hours to see TJ's adults~
  3. I already got my two~ I'll go sleep now. Happy Valentine and good luck for every one!
  4. Great! Can't wait for this year's Valentine~
  5. So far I have 5, all them are still hatchlings~
  6. Well, I was aiming for another Gold and ended with another Royal Blue~ I don't mind, though. I love these two new dragons so much and now I have 5 of each, which make me very happy~
  7. The adults are beautiful! I'm so going to get many Golden Wyverns ASAP! *O*
  8. Got another moon and two golds ^O^ I'll try to get another moon as soon as I'm not scrol locked and will wait a little before getting more~
  9. My moonies hatched~ Now I'm going ot catch more, if I can~
  10. I had heard it was ilegal too, but now I wonder if it really isn't... or if the rules changed and it isn't ilegal anymore, but it could be again if many people use it or something like that.
  11. Finally got a third shimmer~ Now I can go happy to sleep ^^
  12. Mmm, now I'm having troubles catching another shimmer...
  13. I just wake up and.. I love the gendered Moonies! Can't wait to see the adults~
  14. It took me a while, but I finally got two gold ones~
  15. I think they're permanent... I really hope so~
  16. They really are! I tried to get one for two hours before scrol locking myself. I'll try again in some hours, when some of my eggs hatch... I really want some golds too!
  17. I'm very curious about how the adults look~
  18. I love the gold hatchlings! Can't wait to get some of them~
  19. Just one more hour and we'll be able to see the hatchlings! I can't wait *O*
  20. Just got three moonlight eggs~ ^O^
  21. My clicking reflex are bad right now, so I'll hunt for these eggs in the morning ;_;
  22. Yay, new release! And I'm not scroll locked~
  23. Nakuru

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    Thanks for doing this, TJ!