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  1. Got a Wave egg this time~ Now I'm only missing the hybrid..
  2. Got my first Gold one ^O^ Now, I have to wait several hours until I have room for more eggs...
  3. Happy Birthday! And yay, new eggs! I only have room in my scroll for one egg right now, but soon I'll start trying to get all of them~
  4. I hope the same. In fact, I'm going to try BlackxTurpentine as soon as one of my Turpentines grows up~
  5. Just saw the adult and... I love it! I'm really glad I got so many Turpentines ♥
  6. 5 hatched so far, got another 7 eggs~ I'm surprised by my luck so far with these turpentines ^O^
  7. My first turpentine hatched! I think I'll try to catch another one now...
  8. Got one last egg for today~ I got these new eggs rather easily, although I'm not usualy that lucky
  9. Got my fourth egg just a moment ago, just like I wanted~
  10. The gendered hatchlings are even more adorable than the ungendered ones! Can't wait to see the adult~
  11. Got two more~ I want to catch one more today to have at least two CB pairs~
  12. Got my first egg! Now, to wait two hours to have room for more~
  13. The hatchlings are very cute! I can't wait to catch my own ;_;
  14. I have to wait 6 hours before I have room ;_; I want to hunt them soon!
  15. 42, I'm done! This year I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite egg, because they're all beautiful <3
  16. Great! I just got my first egg and I'm looking forward to see the others eggs for this year~