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  1. 11 minutes ago, TerraAnne said:


    Never give up, never surrender! Just spam click everything. I'm in the same boat at the moment.


    No, this is the start of a third day of nothing, I'm tired. First I got affected by the glitch that didn't let me pick CB Hollies despite not having any so I missed the one I could have got, then eggs where going so fast I had no chance, and now eggs are barely dropping. Having no hope of getting anything after so many hours wasted isn't fun.


    Edit: And now there wasn't even an hour drop! Yes, it's really time to give up.


    Edit 2: An hour drop that starts at :01 and it's extremely short. Of course.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Yunako said:

    Do I need to release all my non-CB Xmas dragons to catch CB ones? I have no CB Hollies, no CB Ribbon Dancers, and no CB Yulebucks, but it says I can't catch them because I am at my limit. I have a few messy ones. Do I need to release these or is this a glitch that will probably be fixed by tomorrow?


    The same thing just happened to me with a Hollie, but I don't have any CB Hollies and my breed limit page recognizes this. I'm assuming it's a glitch, so we just have to be patients until it gets fixed.

  3. Guys are we able to breed our past dragons tonight yet? Or is it tomorrow night? I don't see any new eggs in the AP

    I think we can do it tonight? Though I haven't tried to breed mine yet, nor have I seen any eggs in the AP but it usually takes a while until they appear instead of being hidden by the AP wall.

  4. The game is definitely adorable, but I'm this close to give up on it.

    I know part of it's probably due to my computer, but it's TOO slow.


    I mean, I gave up on exploring, I'm looking for spoilers before doing anything to go straight where I need to, but it still takes far too much time because each step takes several seconds, so even arriving to the right place takes about half an hour or more.


    Add to that the game getting frozen constantly, one browser crash and the game sometimes loading in a browser and sometimes not loading in the same browser, and this becomes just a test of patience and that's just no fun sad.gif