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  1. "Oh?" Alex asked with a curious expression on her face when she heard him say that he wouldn't have been there even if she had arrived. She wanted to ask where he would have been, but didn't when she heard what he said next which was that only Cody knew and he wanted to keep it that way. She felt a bit sad that he didn't feel comfortable with sharing where he would have been with her, his twin, but didn't feel that feeling for long until she just mentally shrugged it off. "Okay. I was as well, but felt glad all the same. I, too felt surprised when he had told me at the tournament that he was g
  2. “Me, too and I agree; it’s nice to be able to do that with you. I’ve always treated you like a sister instead of a brother so that’s why conversations like this weren’t awkward growing up. It’s crossed my mind before, but it’s been awhile since I last thought about it. Hm I think I would have run away long before the tournament and gone v to the castle to trade places with you. I don’t think I would have lasted very long learning etiquete,” Alex said in reply before taking a sip of her own tea. She glared slightly at him when he said what he did and gave him the shoulder whack he was expecting
  3. ((It’s okay 🙂)) “Oh okay. I’ll do that then,” she said in reply just as Rosa helped her with her shirt to lift it up out of the way and then had Aria go to her breast and held her there while she drank. “Okay and I bet he’d like that a lot,” she said to Jach before he started to call their son and then had both her attention and focus be on Aria.
  4. "Sure I can do that. Would you like to help me, though? I'm very comfortable in my current position," she said in reply while watching Adonis softly pat Callan's back until the latter burped and then had her attention go back to being on the former when the latter fell asleep. "I was, but I still heard what you said. Why thank you and okay," she said in reply to mostly everything he said, she would ask him about the best way to feed him when she woke up, before he gingerly lifted her with his free arm which was the one that wasn't holding a sleeping Callan and then walked with his help and sup
  5. Sabrina heard everything Ray said as well as Adonis humming and smiled a bit at both in her sleep. After a little while longer of sleeping, she woke up while rubbing her eyes slightly. "I like hearing you hum love and I'm glad I was able to give you what you've always wanted," she said before leaning in a bit and kissing him softly on the cheek. ~-~-~ Parker was helping Zach with his chores at the inn by cleaning the floor in front of the bar with a mop. She would have been on her hands and knees and doing it with a rag, but that would have taken too long. She was tryin
  6. "I'm glad and I've always been amazed by your magical abilities. It was actually thanks to them and you getting Isabo that gave me the ability to be able to understand and talk to animals. We'd love to have her. I'm happy for her and the new family she'll soon have. Okay," she said as she got out some tea leaves of tea that both of them liked and started to measure the right amount so that she wouldn't have to do that when the water was ready. "It's very lovely and I didn't know that. I bet you'll be able to find what you need for potions and whatnot there if it has the right ones. You and Cod
  7. ((it's early morning, probably around 1 by now. would he already be in his demon form due to that?)) "Okay. Oh all of that sounds very interesting, but also good to know. Yes, he's very powerful. Next time I see Phoenix, I'll have to thank her for doing that. How do I breast feed her?" she said and asked before having her attention go over to be on Jach when she saw him sobbing and also as Rosa gave him a box of tissues. "Now you're just making me blush but yes she is," she said with a small blush as she both hesitantly and awkwardly tried to raise her shirt a bit while holding Ari
  8. Sabrina looked down at Darren when he stopped crying, seeing that was was sleeping and then looked over at Callan when he also stopped crying and then noticed that his eyes were open and they were two different colors; one was a sea-green color like both of hers and the other was an icy blue like both of Adonis’. “Yes they are and thank you. I think I’m going to close my eyes for a bit,” she said in reply before doing just that for a little while.
  9. Sabrina finished all of the tea during the process of everything else being set up for her to give birth and was very grateful for the quickness of the tea helping with the pain. She did everything that Ray said while she coached her through it and loved Adonis supporting her while clearing away the sweat that formed on her brow, breathing the way she needed to and then also pushing when she needed to. After awhile, Darren and Callan were born. She looked exhausted after it was over, but was still smiling all the same while her mother-in-law cleaned their boys and swaddled them in cloth. She w
  10. "Okay and that's one of my favorite seasons. I think I heard the King and Prince Edward talking about you and Cody being welcome to have the wedding in the garden or in the ball room with the reception in the dining hall. The garden would definitely be lovely but in case it rains, would you be okay with the ball room and dining hall as a backup plan? We can decorate the ball room with lilacs and a few other flowers you like if you'd like that as a plan B. Oh okay. Well she and her family are always welcome to stay long periods if she'd like later on in the future when it gets cold so they can
  11. "Okay. Can I rest here then for a bit until noon or should I do that in the waiting room instead?" Sam said and asked in reply to what Dr. Rosa said while closing her eyes for a bit while the doctor and Jach discussed the birth certificate forms; both human and the one for angels and demons. She ended up sleeping for what felt like an hour but was really only 15 minutes or so when she woke up due to hearing Aria start fussing. "Shh sweetie. It's okay," she told her gently while also slowly moving her a bit back and forth in her arms while keeping her head close to her chest so that the lights
  12. ((okay and let's say July 4th)) "Oh okay and I guess you do. I think I heard from somewhere that it does get better with the next baby but maybe I misunderstood or jumbled that up," Sam said in reply with a small smile although it was a bit strained due to the pain. She did as she was told after hearing that the doctor saw the head of their baby and then let it out with a bit of a scream while also listening to Jach as he coached her through what to do. She also tried to keep her breathing as steady as she could before the next couple of pushes or so before she (Aria) c
  13. She tried to keep her breathing steady and have it come out in spurts, but it was a bit hard to do at times since it hurt so bad and she ended up panting instead during those times. She also squeezed his hand only during the times she had contractions more instead of squeezing it the whole entire time so she wouldn’t just him too badly. She knew that she wouldn’t really hurt him, but she just wanted to go easy on him. “I’m glad,” she said when she could speak when she heard him say that she was nearly there in giving birth to their sons as well as also hearing that Ray was there. “
  14. ((okay. just making sure since I kind of god-modded there)) Alex listened to everything Avery said, hanging onto every word he said with undivided attention. “Of course I know how impatient you are and sounds like it was perfect and I bet you’ll either draw or paint that sunset/moment to put up in your guys’ future home to remember forever. Sounds like that would be fun and between those two I vote for wolf. She’s always welcome to stay here (thinking that she and Ave are at her and Zane‘s house or they can be at his [Avery] warehouse) after you choose the new familiar. We have an
  15. “Sorry love,” she said when she opened her eyes a bit and noticed that his fingers were turning a bit blue from her squeezing it. She loosened her hand on his slightly and only squeezed it when it was needed, basically every time she had a contraction. She then nodded when heard what the doctor said about her keeping her breathing steady and did so while trying to brave the pain. “I’ll be so happy when she’s out because this pain is unbearable,” she said to Jach between steady breaths.
  16. *•*•tsing to birth •*•* The day of the birth of their daughter came and Sam was at the doctor’s office with Jach, trying to control her breathing and the contractions that were coming every five minutes or so now. They headed straight to the doctor shortly after her water broke and have been there for close to three hours or so. She was laying down on one of the beds there, holding onto one of Jach’s hands and squeezing it every time she has a contraction and her eyes closed as well as she tried to get over the pain she was feeling.
  17. -•-•-tsing to birth-•-•- The day of the birth for their twin sons came and she was currently laying on the couch in their den of the cabin (I can have her be in their room instead but I figured them being on the first floor would be better). She was breathing heavily and trying to stay comfortable in her current position while having contractions, but it was a bit hard. She was waiting for Ray to come help her so she knew what to do after Adonis had howled for her. She was also currently holding a bit tightly onto one of his hands, squeezing it every time she felt the painful contr
  18. ~•~•tsing a bit•~•~ Alex was making lunch for her and Avery and when she had finished putting it together, she brought it over to the table. “So Ave give me the details,” she said with a happy smile after sitting down. ~*~•~*~ Cody had gotten the ring for Avery and had asked him to marry him shortly after retrieving it from the jeweler. He was a bit ecstatic when he had gotten his answer and it had been yes (if that’s okay) and he was now planning it with the help of Zane. “I’m so happy, but I’m also a bit nervous. Just like you were if I recall,” he said
  19. “Oh right and okay,” she said in reply to his first few statements regarding her still needing to bathe before hearing the rest of what he said afterward. “Okay and glad to hear that,” she said before following him to the tapestry with the Rockies on it. “Why thank you handsome,” she said before kissing him on the cheek and then walking through the door that led to their Colorado home shortly afterward.
  20. ((I edited my post as well)) Sam followed after him with the bag she was helping him carry and the other hand had her own suitcase in it and carried it while she heard everything he said regarding his second pair of wings. “Oh and I bet they feel nice even if they are heavy. I can help you clean them, no problem. Would it be okay if I got in the water even while pregnant? I guess we can ask the doctor at our appointment,” she said and asked and then said again in reply while continuing to follow after him down the hall. She then got concerned when she saw him slip on the shiny floo
  21. "Okay and of course they would," she said in reply with a small giggle in response to his chuckle as she also envisioned him sliding all over the place on waxed floors. "Those new suits looked really nice on you." She then followed him out of the store, helping carry one of the bags to the car while he carried the rest and before hearing what he said about the second pair of his wings just as they arrived back at the castle. "They look good. I'm glad they were reattached. Do they feel soft against your back or do they tickle?" ((edited. sorry))
  22. “Okay. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to get out of your current comfortable position so I can do that. I can also just back up a few inches/feet to rest my back against the couch and that way you can stay in your comfortable position,” she said in reply to his first few statements while continuing to pet his head when she saw his tail thumping against the hardwood floor. “Mhm it is and yes, we do.” She said this last short statement in reply to his last two statements before seeing his big yawn. “Maybe we should do the latter one since you’re really tired and I’m starting to get there
  23. “Oh well that’s good I guess,” she said in reply before they found a mattress and he had it delivered to their house. “Okay. What kinds of things do that I can help look?” she said and asked in reply after he took her hand again and she intertwined her fingers with his. ~*~•~*~ “Yes it would and that sounds like a good plan love about both,” Cody said in reply with a smile on his face before he finished eating his breakfast. “I’m be back in a bit. It’s going to be a very short errand,” he said after he brought his dishes over to the sink and then went back over to where
  24. She waited for the tailor to get what Jach requested before seeing him trying it on afterward. “I like that one a lot and I agree with what you said about it not being too striking,” she said before seeing him change into an all white suit. “An off white color like eggshell might look better like you said,” she said after thinking a bit about if she liked it or not or if she liked it as it was. Then when she saw the next one with the black shirt she nodded approvingly and said, “I like that one much better and I agree about it going with bowties as well.” When he put on the last one that was
  25. “Okay and can both go to sleep here on the floor or if you feel like you can up in our room,” Sabrina said in reply before getting up briefly to get some healing supplies from her desk and then bringing them back over to him afterward. She sat down beside him before starting to put a salve on his wounds while listening to everything else he said and asked. “Parker did well and yes they behaved,” she said while smiling a bit when she heard him talk to them and then it got bigger when she felt him put his head in her lap. She petted him a bit on the head shortly after he did that and looked outs