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  1. “What? I thought you only did it once,” he asked and said in reply to his sighed statement as well as the other ones he said afterward. “Oh okay and I have one picked out. I’m holding a reservation on it and I’ll pick it up later on our way back to the warehouse,” he said while continuing to follow him around his house and looking around at all the furniture that was in it now. “Oh. You’re really good at that kind of thing it seems. I can’t wait to see you in your Sahar outfit. I bet it’ll look really good on you. I bet Zane will enjoy his gift from you,” Alex said in reply to everything Avery said with a smile barrier sitting down on the couch afterward. “I need to sit for awhile and let my feet rest for a bit. I’ve been moving nonstop since I woke up really early this morning to help move the furniture around.” ~*~ Alivia smiled at Edward when he helped her off of her horse after he got off of his own and then led the rest of the way into her house. “Mom, dad I’m home!” she called into the house after they entered and also after she had closed the door behind them. “Welcome back sweetie,” Daphne said to her with a smile after walking into the entryway from the sitting area and her dad followed. “I also see that Prince Edward is here as well. Did he need to talk to us about something?” Xander said and asked with a curious expression on his face. “Thank you and yes he does,” she said in reply before stepping over a bit to the side to let them talk.
  2. “I was at a loss as how to word my proposal so that’s why I was a bit delayed. I wanted to ask you for advice but kept forgetting. I definitely wasn’t expecting for her to ask me nor did I intend on her doing it,” Cody said in reply to Zane’s question and statement before he was pulled under his arm and he va heard the other statement and question he said and asked. “Alright and yes they did a very good job,” he said in reply while looking at all of the furniture that was moved into the house. Alex nodded before opening the parcel to reveal the clothes that Avery had gotten for her. “Oh wow Ave. It’s marvelous. I can’t wait to try them on,” she said with a bright smile after looking over the outfit and the jewelry that came with it. “Thank you and yes it does, doesn’t it?” she said and asked in reply to what he said last. ~*~ Alivia smiled over at Edward when she saw him ride close to her, feeling a bit better than earlier and less nervous. She also continued to look around at their surroundings until she saw the end of the woods come into sight as well as the guards that her parents had sent to meet them there. She sighed quietly in relief when she saw that before heading what Edward said. “Okay. To talk to my parents, right?” she said and asked before he pulled away some to give her a bit more space. When they made it out of the woods a few minutes later, she greeted the other guards from her parents before riding with them and Edward towards her house.
  3. “Ah and yes I do understand now. I’m glad I have a partner in crime to help with all the trouble we get into. It’s not as much fun to do it all on our own or by ourselves I’m sure,” she said in reply with a smile before stepping out of the way of the family members that were still there so that she wouldn’t accidentally run into them. ~*~•~*~ Cody followed after Avery when he got onto Chestnut, giving the snake a wide berth as well while still continuing to follow the former into town. When they got close, he also saw the prince on his way out of the town and waved to him as well with a smile then went back to following his fiancée to Zane and Alex’s house afterward. He dismounted and went inside before smiling a greeting at the newly weds. “Hey Ave and Cody. We’re doing fine. How about you guys? Oh okay and what announcement is that I wonder?” Alex says and asked back when she saw them come in before hearing everything else Ave said and then taking the package afterward. “Oh thank you and I will. I’ll have to try them on.” •*•~°~•*• Alivia got onto Yue before riding with Edward and the guards away from the castle. She waved at Cody and Ave as well when she saw them before looking ahead of them again and around at the woods surrounding them. She hoped nothing bad would happen this time while letting out a small sigh.
  4. Alex went with him and the other members of his family to three living room to help them get it set up. When they were done and she heard what one of Zane’s cousins says as well as what he said. “Oh? Our relationship is chaotic? I had no idea,” she asked and said with a slight tilt of her head as well as a curious expression on her face and a small giggle. ~*~•~*~ “Alright sounds good and we can do that. They should know. Alex can be your maid of honor or bridesmaid,” Cody said in reply while taking Avery’s offered hand to stand back up afterward. “Ready to go when you are.” •*•~°~•*• “Okay then let’s get going. Maybe it just went by quickly,” Alivia said in reply before kissing him softly on the cheek and then went outside to wait for him and the guards so that they could start the trip back to her town.
  5. “Hm well maybe each twin will have a color of each of our eyes and the other kids we’ll have later on will have a variation of the eye color of us or our family members,” she said in reply while they headed back home and squeezed his hand with the hand he was holding and then put the other one over her stomach and their twins she was carrying. ~*~ “Alright,” she said in reply before kissing him back and then letting out a small disappointed sound afterward when he removed her hands from being around his neck. When he went to go find his mom, she went searching for a red cloak. Once she had found one, she put it on, and then went back out to the backyard where they had been earlier.
  6. “I love that kind of wine and alright,” she said in reply before following after him inside with her own empty dish. ~*~•~*~ “Alright and probably she and Zane would be doing that. That was a good idea to do and okay. It’ll be good to see them again,” he said in reply before sitting down beside Avery and the basket of herbs. •*•~°~•*• “I had sent it earlier but it’ll be nice to have a lot more protection to get through the woods just in case and I’m glad you’ll be there as well. Okay and I’m also glad you’ll be helping with that as well,” Alivia said in reply to everything Edward said when he got to the sitting room and with a smile while standing up. “Should were get going?”
  7. thanks . it’ll be a bit hard getting back into it because it’s been awhile since I last looked for a new job but hopefully it’ll go well.
  8. oh it’s okay. it’s fine and I’ll check tomorrow for the post. congrats on the new job . I’ll be searching for a new one soon.
  9. “Oh okay. Maybe that’s why they were a bit disappointed. That’s true and I’d love to help with that. That sounds delicious,” she said in reply before hearing the question. “That sounds really nice. Will the wine be Spanish wine?” ~*~•~*~ “Alright then I can wait for the wedding to find that out,” Cody said in reply before hearing the rest of what Avery said. “Okay sounds good. I bet his family will still be there, though.” •*•~°~•*• “Okay,” Alivia said in reply with a smile before watching him go. She then had her attention go back to her breakfast before finishing eating it shortly afterward. “I’ll wait for him to come back in the sitting room,” she said to the king and queen with a smile after their dishes were cleared. “Alright dear. I’m glad you stayed here overnight with us,” Gwen said with her own smile and Alivia said still with the smile on her face, “Me too.” She then went over to the sitting room and sat down on the fainting couch that was there.
  10. “Okay and the ones that are tortured are in the circles I know. Those are the ones I was talking about. I do need one because our little princess is starting to take some energy out of me. Sure and I’d like that. Can I also see my old room?” she said and asked in reply before kissing him softly on the cheek.
  11. “I’m glad you’ll help me through that since I have no idea how to give birth. Her pups are very cute,” Sabrina said in reply before looking over at Fang and her pups and then hearing everything he said afterward. “What if all of our pups have both our color eyes or is it only possible for only a few of pups to have that?” ~*~ “Picnic in the woods? For lunch,” Parker asked and said in reply to his question with her arms wrapped around his neck.
  12. ((okay and it’s still there on Netflix if you want to watch it again. I was binging it on Memorial Day but I’m taking a small break from it because then it would be over too quickly. I was watching it on DVD before it was on Netflix again)) “I’d like that as well and okay. What should we have for food for the picnic? I can make a pie. I‘m just a bit embarrassed with the way your family reacted to us wanting to spend some time personal time work just the two of us I guess,” Alex said in reply still with the blush on her cheeks but it was a bit lighter now in color than it was earlier while enjoying him tail his fingers over her cheek. ~*~•~*~ Cody looked a bit shocked when he heard what Avery suddenly blurted out and looked over at him. “Oh?” he asked while going over and kneeling down next to him. “I can’t wait to see how you plan on doing that at our wedding. I know it’s a surprise but I’m excited to see how you plan on doing it.” •*•~°~•*• “I’m glad I went as well. It was a really nice ceremony and I’m also glad that the weather cooperated so it was a nice weather day as well. Oh um yes she was helping me with some other way to protect myself,” Alivia said in reply with a small shy smile before hearing what Edward asked and said. “She was and that would help as well. I’d like that,” she said in reply. “I was also wondering if you and some of your guards could come with me when I head back home after breakfast. Just until we get through the woods and to just before the town I live in. I put in the letter to my parents to send some guards to that point so that they could escort me the rest of the way home.”
  13. “Yes every day. I was actually on my way to the docks when I saw you cause the commotion earlier. I’d like to see Omashu, Ba Sing Se and possibly one of the water tribes,” Kirra said in reply to the first question before hearing the other one. “I wanted to make my own food for awhile and take a small break from eating out,” she said to the second one and then went into the restaurant after Gyiroh while also making sure that the door closed behind her. “Oh thanks and maybe in a booth in the back near a window,” she said in reply to both the statement and question before heading to one in the back that was close to a window. She sat down and then started to look at one of the menus to see if anything had changed.
  14. “I enjoy being spoiled by you. I’m glad they were able to get a reprieve from all that. They seem to be having a nice time. Oh? I didn’t know that. That’s sad,” she said in reply to what all he said before eating another grape. “While you talk to them, would it be okay if I rest in our room for a little while at our house here?”
  15. Sabrina nodded at the request to clean up the male pup and did so with the cloth she was handed while he took care of the v rest of the pups. After she was done cleaning the small male pup, she started to clean one of the other male pups and then another one after that one until all the male pups were clean. She had just cleaned the last one when Adonis brought out a girl and the last pup that Fang gave birth to. “She’s cute,” she said with a small smile before setting the male pup she was holding down in front of her just as her live told Fang that all of her pups were healthy and that she did a good job as well as that Bruce would bring her some meat. “You did a very good job,” she said to Fang before also petting her with the smile still on her face and also before petting each of the pups individually and gently then joined Adonis over at the stream. ~*~ “I guess I can believe that and oh. I guess that’s not so bad then,” she said in reply before she was pulled into a kiss. She kissed him back before pulling away after a few enjoyable minutes or so with a small blush and smile. “So do you still have some chores to do or are you done for the day?”
  16. ((sorry. I was catching up on watching ATLA episodes on Netflix. it’s back on there)) Alex jumped a bit when she heard the shrill whistle that Zane let out before hearing everything he said to his family and friends. She blushed a bit when she saw the glares he was getting from his aunt and uncles. She then blushed a bit more when she heard what his mom said to his family afterward before turning her attention to be on Zane. “We could’ve gone later after dinner and just done a regular ride then,” she said softly to him still with the blush on her cheeks. ~*~•~*~ “Oh okay. I didn’t hear it so I guess it lost that ability,” Cody said in reply before sitting down near the water’s edge to watch the fish swimming around in the clear stream while Avery picked herbs along its edge. •*•~°~•*• Alivia blushed a bit more when she felt him squeeze her hand and squeezed it back. “We’ve always gotten along well,” she said in reply both softly and a bit shyly.
  17. She let out a small sigh before following him outside with the rest of his family. She sat down beside him after being handed a plate as well. She started to eat her food as well while listening to the conversations around them. ~*~•~*~ “I do but I think that ability has a worn off. I can give it back to you when we get back to the warehouse,” Cody said in reply to Avery’s question while also leading Chestnut to the water for a drink. •*•~°~•*• Alivia blushed a bit darker than earlier while hearing everything Edward said. “I wouldn’t mind being queen but I agree with what he said about our courtship going a bit longer before sending out invites. We need a bit more time to get to know each other a bit more,” she said in reply after a few minutes.
  18. “You enjoy spoiling me, don’t you?” she asked in reply to what he said before noticing the bushel of grapes he was holding over their heads with one of his tails. She bit one off while feeling his other tail curl around hers, causing her to purr a bit louder than earlier. “It is a very lovely party. I love it,” she said in reply after swallowing the grape she had been chewing before seeing the rocking horse that was brought to the stairs. “That’s a very good idea. I love it and I’m sure she’ll love it as well,” she said before eating another grape.
  19. “You’re welcome and oh thanks,” Kirra said in reply to Gyrioh’s first few statements with a shy smile before listening to the rest of what she said while leading the rest of the way towards her favorite restaurant. “Thanks. My mom named me after my grandma. It’s nice to meet you,” she said in reply to her next few statements before hearing the questions and the other statement she said. “Okay and it does. I’m starting to get a bit hungry now myself. I’ve been here all my life,” she said in reply before going down a few more stalls or so until she stopped in front of her favorite restaurant. “This place has really good food as well as dessert. I don’t come here as often as I used to but I still come here whenever I can get the chance to,” she said before opening the door and holding it open for the other girl.
  20. Sam purred as well when she felt him pull her back to be leaning against him before hearing what he said afterward while watching the fire dancers, moaning quietly when her horn was kissed by him. “Mhm but you love it.”
  21. ((sorry. it was kind of a busy day for me yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post in here or in From light into darkness earlier until now)) Sabrina intertwined her fingers with his before walking with him down the paths he took her to that were easier for her to go down due to her belly. When they got to the Wolf’s Breath grotto, she saw the tree that had a hole at the bottom of it and Bruce’s head sticking out while looking at them. She sat down with his help and then petted Bruce when he came out, watching Adonis ready some herbs and rags after hearing what he said while doing those things. She nodded and then waited to see if she needed to help with anything. ~*~ “Oh. Kind of like how you didn’t pay any attention to me when we first met? It’s okay and I’m sure you must’ve been going through kind of a rebel phase around then. Oh then should we not have any kids because of that?” she asked and said in reply while waiting for something else to hang up on the line or for them to possibly do something else if he was done with his chores.
  22. I’ll post a reply in there again tomorrow. it was a bit of a busy day today for me and I’m going to go to bed soon. I’ll post sometime in the morning or during my lunch break.
  23. Kirra walked around and found the bowl stall, starting to browse the selection of it. She had just picked up one and was looking a bit closer at it when she heard commotion around there. She looked around and saw a girl conversing with a grumpy elder before there seemed to be an earth wall going him away. She heard what the girl said to him before watching her walk away towards some restaurants that were passed the stall that she was at. She put the bowl down, figuring that she would get it later and then went after the girl. “Hey. That was a super cool thing you did. I’ve always admired earth benders. You’re not as destructive as fire benders. All we do is burn things. I know a nice food place we can eat and continue to talk if you’d like,” she said with a small smile before adding a few minutes later, “I’m Kirra by the way.” Then she started to head to her favorite restaurant before stopping to wait for her a few minutes later.
  24. getting a post posted now in the rp thread. wasn’t feeling very good earlier but I’m feeling a bit better now. I was also working at home today so I couldn’t post around then either.