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  1. “Oh? I’m glad that you’ll be staying a bit longer here with us. I’m honestly glad that you did that because I like being around and doing stuff with you. Oh so we’ll be getting some new people here after some of these other people go on to heaven? I can’t wait to meet them and I wonder how many people are on that waiting list. I don’t think I was really paying much attention during that time so I don’t think I saw those specters floating around but this next year, I’ll make sure to pay attention to them so that I can see them. Oh that sounds interesting and I think that other time after Easter our before, I forget, is Pentecost. I wonder why,” she said in reply to everything that Abigail said after She has responded to her earlier statements about what was going to be happening later on that evening.
  2. Sam took her book, the snack, and the tea from Abigail with a nod of thanks before listening to everything she said afterward. She listened with interest about the Christmas dinner as well as the ceremony that took place after it and who attended. “I can’t wait for all of that. It sounds like it’s really nice,” she said in reply with a smile before starting to eat her snack and sip her tea afterward.
  3. “Okay and is there a room in the back where I can rest and not be in the way while you guys are selling stuff? I don’t want to see that woman since she was rude to me during our first meeting and also in case my hormones make me not be in the best of moods, I don’t want to be the reason for her not buying more things from you. That sounds like a good idea regarding the prices being low,” she said in reply before she was held tightly by him and as his forehead rubbed against hers. “Same nightmares as before or different? I’m glad I can help you sleep,” she said before she kissed him on the forehead softly. When there seemed to be a break in their conversation Jack said with a happy smile on his face, “Oh that’s wonderful news you two! I can’t wait to tell both Aimee and Beth when I get back to Shadowgrove.” He then went around the warehouse and cleaned a few more pieces of furniture after saying what he did.
  4. “Oh okay then I misheard her as well as misunderstood her. My bad,” he said in reply before watching as Avery had the camel come over and then went through the saddlebags to get a piece of parchment paper and a quill pen. He then watched as he wrote a note and then sent it off in the shape of a mini Phoenix although it had been folded into a crane first. “Okay and that’s a good idea in case Zane asks Master Riko to send him here and he thinks he needs to rescue us.”
  5. “Alright. I’ll be right back,” she said in reply before going over to the lounge where he pointed and then calling her dad afterward. She wished him a merry Christmas for both her and Jach as well before taking to him about a few other things. When she hung up the phone again and went back to where she had left her boys, she saw that they were sound asleep. She smiled a bit at the sight before leaning down and kissing them both on the forehead before sitting down on the other end of the couch and watching them sleep.
  6. Terra nodded in greeting to Veronica when she came over to them at the campfire. “I’m Terra and it’s nice to meet you Veronica,” she said in reply to part of her question. The other one was for Kubo but she didn’t was bit to introduce him without doing it for him.
  7. Sabrina smiled at Adonis when she saw him turn towards her but was a bit curious when she heard him gasp. She was then surprised when she heard him squeal before she was pulled into a hug and kiss but kissed and hugged him back nonetheless. She giggled and nodded when she heard the same question come from him before hearing the statement that he said afterward and then blushed when he knelt in front of her and kissed her belly. “Mhm and I’m going to be a mother,” she said in reply before turning her attention back to be on her dad. “In case you didn’t that I’m pregnant. You and mom will be grandparents and so will your mom love,” she said to the both of them. “Should we tell your mom the news?”
  8. ((okay and sounds like a plan . yes it would be 😙)) She shivered a bit again when she heard him growl again before she carried upstairs to their room. »»~«« As Adonis went into town to sell some of his wares with her dad, Sabrina stayed at their cottage and got comfortable on the couch. She closed her eyes for a bit which actually turned into an hour and when she woke up she thought she smelled Adonis’ scent in the cottage and thought he was back so she called towards the front, “Adonis love?” When she didn’t get an answer, she was somewhat confused but only for a minute before she just shrugged it off and turned her attention towards the kitchen. She thought about getting something to eat but then a scent in there caused her to suddenly feel sick. She got up quickly and barely made it to the bathroom before she threw up in the toilet. When she was done, she rinsed out her mouth, and then thought briefly about what this meant and the conversation she had had with Adonis’ mom and the part about heightened senses and this kind of sickness as well as the missed womanly needs. Her eyes widened when she thought back to earlier in the month when she had missed it, getting up and quickly heading out the door to go to town to tell Adonis and her dad what she had just found out. When she got to town, she went to where her mate/husband and dad were and selling their wares. “Dad and Adonis love I have some news,” she started out in saying before waiting for them to look at her. ~•~•~ Jack had just finished setting up his wares beside Adonis’s and was waiting for another customer to check them out when he saw his daughter coming towards them really fast. “Hey Sabrina and what’s your news?” he asked in greeting to her after he had heard what she said and turned his attention towards her.
  9. ((okay. possibly thinking that after he leaves she has morning sickness and then she can tell him when he returns or should she go to town and find him to tell him the news or will he just find out on his own when he returns?)) “Mhm,” she sad in reply to his question after he got up and she heard him go to stand behind her chair. She finished eating her own steak before hearing everything else he said in her ear. She shivered a bit before she let out a small moan when she felt his lips against her neck. “Adonis,” she moaned out before turning slightly to look at him before placing a small kiss against his lips.
  10. “Oh well I think she also said I had a twin soul which was interesting. Okay so what should we do now?” he said and asked in reply after also eating another bread roll. “We can sleep or talk a bit more.”
  11. Terra watched the coyote come over to them to get some eggs and then listened as he introduced himself before also hearing that he’d let the others introduce themselves to him which included her. “I’m Terra. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a black wolf with some blue in my fur which matches my hair,” she said with a small smile in greeting to one of the new shifters that had joined their little ragtag group. She then started to wonder when they’d be able to get back to their lives and when they did, if they would be able to keep in touch with the other shifters they met while here.
  12. “I feel the same way except the only thing that’ll taste as good as this steak is my big bad wolf,” she is back in reply while shivering as bit when she heard his growl before she also took another bite of her own steak. ((sure. can I have her just figure out she’s pregnant or would she already know?))
  13. “Oh okay. She said the same thing about me, which was interesting. Me neither and I feel the same way love,” he said in reply before holding him close to him while also hugging him.
  14. “And I love it when you call me Persephone,” she said in reply before he sat down beside her on the couch with Zander and she heard the rest of what he said. “Same. Yes I did and that sounds like a really good idea. I haven’t talked to him in awhile so that’ll be good for both of us.”
  15. Terra heard what Kubo said in regards to him washing her plate and cup in the sink and turned around to give them to him just before she had made it all the way to the steam nearby. “Thank you for washing them but I wouldn’t have minded doing it in the stream,” she said when she had gone back to them campfire. She was about to sit back down when she heard a truck drive up. She had her full attention be on the two scientists that came out of it and what they had taken out of the back of it which was a cage but the looks of it. She could see two forms inside it but couldn’t quite tell what they were until they were taken out of the metal prison which is what she referred to it as. She then was able to see that they were a red fox and a coyote after the scientists had left and also after the dust from them driving away had cleared. She then heard Kubo offer them some eggs to eat since there were some left over and hoped that v they would come over and eat them so that she could meet them properly.
  16. Welcome Val to our rp . I look forward to rping with you .
  17. You’re welcome . if you have any other questions about the rp after reading what it’s about, you can ask them here.
  18. all that is very good to know I’m planning on having Terra be nice to him so he’ll have a friend in his camp. she hasn’t been mean to him and has just kept to herself until my more recent post where I had her sit with Kubo and Eliora.
  19. “Alright and you’re my dark king. My handsome and hot Hades,” she purred back in reply before hearing the rest of what he said while he let Zander chew on his finger. “Hm that is a very cute image,” she said while continuing to watch the two of them.
  20. “True but he’s still very cute. I’d love to see those. Are you saying that you were cuter than Zander when you were a baby? And I’m your dark queen,” she said in reply with a smile and had to hide a giggle behind her hand at how cute the two of them together were.
  21. Terra nodded at Jason in acknowledgement when she saw him come sit with them before having her attention go to be on Valiant when she saw him return with a bone that he was now nawing on. She was a bit tempted to go over and talk to him but would wait until he was finished with the bone to do so. Her attention was pulled back to being on Kubo and Jason when she heard the African wild dog introduce himself. She figured he knew her na e but in case Jason didn’t she said a bit softly, “I’m Terra. I also caught a deer earlier and left it at the edge of camp for anyone to enjoy if they’d like to later.” She then listened to everything Valiant said when he joined them at the fire, bristling slightly when she heard him call them idiots. She hadn’t said or indicated anything in regards to Deric not understanding them so she thought that she shouldn’t be called that but didn’t say anything. She finished drinking her tea before saying to Kubo as she got up, “Thanks for the eggs and the tea. They were delicious.” She picked up her empty plate and carried both that and the empty cup and walked towards a nearby stream with them to get them washed after she had said what she did.
  22. In Character. This is the out of character (ooc) thread where we can discuss details of the rp. edit: here’s the link to the rp/ic thread - https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/185608-project-prides-and-packs-open/
  23. not me. I haven’t been mean to him yet and I probably won’t.
  24. oh okay. I’m having Terra be a bit experienced where her shift’s a bit quicker.