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  1. ((okay)) "Okay and I can do that no problem. I understand," he said in reply before walking with him through the corridors to a terrace that was along the wall that they were walking along and then down a staircase that was narrow. The wall was on one side before there was a drop off cliff off the other side of the staircase and then there was a gigantic mosaic courtyard that was around a curve in the wall that was filled with magic circles and transportation spells that were all formed from white tiles that were in the midst of sea blue tiles. He saw the three men standing around three of the cardinal points of north, south, and east which left the west one open for Avery and Isabo. He nodded in greeting to one of the men standing there that had deep coffee colored skin and the panther familiar he had. He then saw the other man that was the same height as him and also nodded in greeting to him before doing the same to his African spotted dog familiar. Lastly, he did the same to Avery's teacher and his phoenix familiar before the latter joined them in the west cardinal spot in the circle. After the phoenix cried, he listened to all the men and girls gathered there start chanting before noticing the large crates that had soil and rocks in them start getting different hues around them of red, yellow/gold, royal purple, and sky blue. He stepped back just in case he was transported with the supplies, which he didn't want. He watched with interest as the familiars started to circle around them counter clockwise and the colors went in the opposite direction of clockwise. He kind of got a bit dizzy as it all became a blur and had to stop watching but then looked back towards the company when he heard the loud "pop" sound which was when the colors shot up to the sky and the items disappeared. He then grew concerned when he watched as both the apprentice and Avery's teacher collapsed and went towards them. It was then that Avery told him to help the apprentice inside as well as him saying that he'll be inside soon. "Okay but be careful as you clean up. This is a strange place and there could be anyone lurking around," he said softly to him before kissing him softly on the cheek and then helping the apprentice inside behind the Sahar teacher who had Master Riko.
  2. ((I edited my post a bit in AKS to add a bit more stuff to my post as Alex and to also add a post with Gertrude)) She smiled at him when he took the things he gathered for her and held his hand when they made their way to town for the house-call for her to check on the pups. She then kissed him on the cheek and said that she’d be right out when they got to the address, going in after knocking on the door, and doing her check-up on them afterward. A little while later, she came back out of the house with the stuff three had brought along with the book and gently touched his shoulder to let him know she was ready to go.
  3. Sam looked for Dawn with the other kids in any of the other rooms in the big castle but they couldn’t find her anywhere. She made her way back to where Jach was with the other kids in tow when she heard him yell what he did but also frowned when she didn’t hear a reply. When she was given the baby to hold, she took him while he tracked her and then he came back and said what he did she nodded with an even deeper frown on her face before helping put the kid’s jackets on and then put on hers afterward. She then went outside with them as they started to look for any footprints they might be in the snow.
  4. Sam stayed where she was when she heard as Jach found each of the young kids and was tempted to fall asleep but didn't when she heard him come closer to where she was until he opened the chest and found her. "Yes you got me," she said in reply while giggling and smiling a bit when he poked her nose. "Let's find Dawn," she said after a few minutes of silence that had fallen between them and when she noticed that she was the only kid he hadn't found yet in their game.
  5. okay. I’d be fine with that. so I’m guessing it’ll also be an entirely new thread/topic instead of this one?
  6. She giggled a bit when she saw his grin and his chest puffed out before he gave her a long smooch and she did it back to him. She then went back to drinking the rest of her water when he fastened her cloak for her. “Thanks dear. I’m also ready to go if you are,” she said after putting the now empty cup down on the counter.
  7. Sam stayed where she was, not wanting to move at all to give herself away or make a sound so she stayed as quiet as she could when she heard him start walking around in order to try to find them.
  8. oh okay. only if you want to. I just like going back through and rereading it.
  9. “Oh thank you love and I guess maybe I either sensed that or was just able to wake myself up by my body telling me to do so,” Sabrina said in reply after taking the cup of cold water from him and smiling when she felt the kiss against her head. She took a few sips of the water before seeing that everything she needed was already packed and ready to go. “You’re the best. I love you.”
  10. She laid down on their bed after she got to their room and slept for a few hours. She then woke up a couple hours later, yawning and stretching a bit before heading back downstairs to get a drink of water to wake her up a bit more.
  11. “Oh and hm very sneaky. Oh okay. I guess that’s good to know,” she said in reply to his first few statements before he started counting and she heard the rest of what he said in between his counting. “Okay good to know that hair dye won’t work and I can just lie about his hair color if we cover it up with a blanket. Okay and I bet you won’t find me,” she said in reply before giving him a small kiss on the cheek and then went to find a big chest to hide in.
  12. “Oh. I’m glad that I’m able to touch them then so that doesn’t happen to me,” she said in reply and pouted slightly when she felt him stop rubbing her neck. “Okay. I’ll be down before the pups are brought over for their check-up but in case I’m not, wake me?” she said and asked before getting up off of her seat and giving him a kiss on the lips and then heading upstairs to their room to nap for a little while.
  13. "Yep that, too and nope. I'll definitely tell her when we get to the inn. It'll be better to mention it then instead of when we're about to pick flowers and I'm not wearing gloves. Okay and will you be doing that while I'm napping? Sounds like a good plan. What exactly happens if you do touch the petals of the flowers? I think maybe your mom might've mentioned it before but I forget what she said."
  14. "I can still try to answer their questions and get help from the rest of the staff here if I don't know the exact answer," Sam said with a small teasing pout when she heard him say that she'd be more available but she wouldn't be able to answer their questions after hearing the question he asked little Helena regarding her stuffed monkey. She then heard everything else he said regarding Envy and his appearance as well as why the baby had the hair color he did when they got to the bigger ballroom like sitting room that had a lot of places to hide in while playing hide and seek which she thought was perfect. "So did he do that on purpose? Choose the lady with the same hair color as mine, I mean. I'm glad you like the name Zander although it's not quite the name you were wanting for the little tyke but glad that it still works. I like that name a lot. Yours is a mouthful as well but I think that name will fit him nicely. If it'll keep Envy away, maybe it'll work. Alright let's do it," she said in reply while also looking down at the little babe with a gentle look as well when she sat down beside him on the couch. "He's very cute," she said as she gently brushed his hair away with a couple of fingers from her right hand. "Will we have to dye his hair or would it be okay to keep it the way it is?"
  15. "Okay and sounds good. Culcin gave me the ability to touch the red wolf's breath flowers as one of my wedding gifts from him so I don't need gloves," she said in reply with a confused expression on her face and her head tilted slightly with a curious expression on her face. She felt the kiss against the back of her head and smiled a bit but was still a bit confused and it showed.
  16. Sam led the girls upstairs to her room where they looked around it in amazement at how big it was. She had been given some kid jackets from May before she had gone up the stairs and she helped them into the bath so that they could get clean. Then when they got out, she helped them dry off and then get dressed afterward before she helped them get their hair fixed into braids after drying it with the towel. Once they were dressed in warm, wool clothes she led them into the sitting room where she played go fish and war with them and they were still there when Jach came by to get them. She answered the door after hearing his question and the statement that followed after the question. "Yes the girls are ready and how about Aiden or Zander?" she said and asked in reply after opening the door. She then gestured for the girls to come to the door before walking out of the room with them in tow. She then saw the baby's hair and ears and said and asked with a shocked expression on her face, "Wow those are some pointy ears and a very unique hair color. Guessing it's from Envy?"
  17. "I know but during around this time when you need to nap due to hibernation so that's why I asked which room we'd put the crib in. Okay our room it is and I set up my room for the girls. Should we get him baptized first before putting his name on the scroll?" she asked before hearing the trailed off statement he started to say and she looked a bit confused before hearing the rest of what he said. "Oh no," she said with a concerned expression on her face when she heard that the little baby was Envy's before hearing the protective growl that came from him after the last statement he said about him (Envy) not getting him (the baby). Her concern then grew a bit more but more towards Jach and not the baby this time. She gently rubbed the sleeping baby with a finger against his head before hearing the rest of what he said that was comparing his siblings being fathers and was very interested to know that Lust was the one who raised Zeroth but then that turned into sadness when she heard about not all of Envy's children make it to adulthood. "Don't forget Aunt Sam," she said when she heard what he said next after he let out a somewhat protective growl that was also part protective purr when he looked at the baby. She then smiled a bit again when she heard everything that he said and asked to little Helena as well as to Dawn and company after pulling her into his lap. "I can help the girls get dressed in clean warm clothes in my room," she said while offering to help the girls get dressed.
  18. “Okay,” she said before she listened to everything he said to the kids and then to May afterward while hiding a smile and giggle behind her hand at the latter conversation. “I’d love to see that crib. It sounds pretty. Where would we set it up, though? My room or yours?” she said and asked curiously in reply when it was over.
  19. ((k and that’s also why I have Cody helping Avery set it up)) Cody nodded after hearing everything that Avery said and before being handed the traditional Sahar desert outfit. He put it on while waiting for him to do the same and then watched with interest as he made the portal appear. It looked more like a door this time but he still thought it was very nice looking with the deep red color and gold leopard head knocker. He continued to watch with interest when he used the knocker to knock on it which allowed it to be open. He then looked into the room that it opened into, wondering why the windows didn’t have any glass. He felt the hot, dry blast of air that came through before he entered it and was followed closely by Avery. After he was inside and had looked around a bit more he asked as his attention went back to being on him, “Is this where we put the supplies or do we go outside instead?” -~-~- Alex watched everything that went on with interest before the portal/doorway was made and then once they were through it and it had disappeared, she headed back the castle and to her duties as the queen’s guard and trainer of the newest recruits. She started to hum softly to herself as she neared the courtyard and then stopped humming when she went inside. She then told the guard that was temporarily taking her place outside the queen’s door that he could go back to his usual duties now and he did so as she took up her post again. When Gertrude came out of her room, Alex walked with her and gestured to another guard to take her place for the rest of the day before they headed out to the garden. There they talked and ate some snacks and tea for a bit before they made their way to the courtyard for Alex to start her training job and for Gertrude to be where Harold and, possibly Edward, were. -~•§•~- Gertrude was very happy that Edward had found someone he could enjoy being around and with. After the whole Incident with Kimberly, she had been a bit worried that he wouldn’t be able to find someone to be comfortable around to go on small dates with like she and Harold had done when they were around his age. She was smiling brightly when she stood beside her husband, not being able to stop her happiness from showing.
  20. “I still am a bit and oh. Maybe not all of them are snooty like Mrs. Henderson or at least I hope they aren’t. Well what’s done is done and can’t dwell too much on it now. I guess I’ll just have to get used to their snootiness while you get paid more that’ll allow us to travel a bit more,” she said in reply before her hum of content got a bit louder when she felt him continue to rub her neck. “I’ll try to take a nap later after the check-up appointment with the pups and before your mom comes by.”
  21. "Maybe not all city people are like her. We know Joe and Jessica aren't. Maybe it's just her. She was also very rude," Sabrina said in reply with a sigh before hearing the rest of what he said regarding them getting a good hotel and a fancy dinner as well as a shopping trip after he gets the rest of the money from her. "That would be very nice," she said before seeing the cup of peppermint and mint tea that he set her in front of her and also before feeling him rub her shoulders gently. "Mm this feels very nice. I love you," she said while letting out a happy sigh of content.
  22. ~~tsing a week later~~ It was a couple of days after Edward and Alivia’s first date where they had a pasta dinner in the garden and she thought that it had gone well. She was back at her house, relaxing on the hill that she stargazed on at times while her horse grazed nearby and some guards that had accompanied her there kept watch. She was taking a small break from putting a bag together for their next date that would take place at the beach and in three weeks’ time. After relaxing a bit more, she got back on her horse, and headed back to the house with the guards. ~•~•~ Alex was standing by as Cody helped Avery put together a portal that would transport them to where they needed to go in order to get what was needed for the queen’s greenhouse, not really supervising but being there in case she was needed to help them. ((can edit anything I put in case I put something wrong))
  23. “Okay sounds good. I can’t to learn how to do that,” she said in reply with a smile before continuing her inventory before finishing up with it and then just sat back and looked around their house. She tuned in a bit to their debate regarding pricing but otherwise, didn’t pay it much attention as she got lost in thought about other things.
  24. ((okie dokie. should I also say that Edward and Alivia’s first date went well?)) “Okay. I wouldn’t mind if we took care of him ourselves since it would be like taking care of our own baby. Plus it would also give us practice to do so,” she said in reply before hot cocoa was brought out for him and the other kids to enjoy. She poured a bit teasingly because she didn’t get one but would just ask for one later. She then giggled a bit when she watched as Helen tried to drink the hot liquid around the giant marshmallow and then giggled even more when she saw all of their mustaches. When Jach held his hands out for the baby in order to hold him, she gave him to him before watching as he inspected him and then watched as the little tyke fell asleep to his humming and rocking.