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  1. I mean, being ace renders the point moot, but... also NB/agender. So even if someone gynesexual was interested in my actual physical body (I would be v. uncomfortable with that), they wouldn't be getting a gyneromantic relationship out of it. No chick here. ETA: Disclaimer: I know I'm a vast minority here. idk. bleh. words are hard.
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    why??????? O____e
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    I enjoy this game. I have played too much of it and can't play for a little while 'cause of stuff.
  4. I worry about people who do something that they've wanted to do for so long and lose their jobs for it. I worry about people who don't do it because they can't afford to lose their jobs. I worry because I'm out of work at the moment and I know how hard it is to find a job at all, much less something that pays actual wages, much less something in your field. And I worry because despite marriage not being an issue for me - aro/ace here - I'm not the female people see me as. And I'm getting tired of having to pick a gender from a radio button list of male or female. Yes, I'm glad that we have collectively been told to get our heads out of our asses - despite jerks shutting down marriage for everyone as a reaction. People are stupid. I just can't accept it as the victory it should be because it seems hollow to have so many avatars in rainbow because it's so simple to get ally points by doing it.
  5. The way I see it is "yes, we did the thing, good. Now let's make sure people can't be fired the day after they get marries because they're gay."
  6. Crossyards is a social media site with a twist - instead of 140 characters, you get 300 x 300 pixels of isometric art space to make your status updates. Create and save sheets to create your status updates! Here are some examples (from the Tumblr post I read about it in): Disclaimer: since it is user-generated content, there can be foul language at times, just like any other social platform. Too hot or too cold to get out in the real yard and do some gardening? Grow a pixel garden instead. ;3
  7. Hay alcohol-based markers can be "rehydrated" with alcohol. Go do the Google for tutorials. Worth a shot.
  8. Mrfngh. Maybe not fluid. Maybe just non-binary and not sure what am.
  9. I'm achy around the hips and apparently my brain is in nibble mode because I've eaten half a sleeve of ritz crackers while I've been boiling water for my lunch. Also having doubt about gender again, but I'll dump that in the other thread.
  10. Oh my god I am too short to shop for man jeans WHY THIS. I'm like 5'6-7" and lots of me is leg but WHY THIS. also boxer briefs are comfy but the ones I just bought are hella long.
  11. I updated my gender and pronouns on Facebook, but haven't told mom (or dad, or brother, or whatever) yet, just some people on Tumbls and Skype. I have a ridiculous plan involving the genderqueer flag and a fake magazine cover [cough GQ cough] with a terrible selfie (will probably take better selfie). ... this is what happens when an avoidant personality has graphic design nerdery. (also I need to get a GC2B binder so that the Underworks I have stops messing with my appetite/stops giving me bad monoboob)
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    Flight Rising

    Euh, I did my daily and everything looks horrible and I will not be back on the site the rest of the day. I can't even click familiars with that type.
  13. I am tired and angry at one of our dogs. She just brought me a ****ing possum when she came back from escaping her leash. It was not dead. The fact that it just got up and walked off did save me from having to get her past it again without her picking it back up, though. :|
  14. My hips are burning and my stomach is a bottomless pit.
  15. I'm close to tears. My pain just changed from aching in my joints/sometimes the bones to burning in my bones near the joints and tightness/stiffness around the joints instead. fml.
  16. If I were you, I'd just increase the transparent space/padding around the images so that they're all 100x100. You can center or offset them how you want. That's all I can offer you.
  17. Possibly a sand lizard from the looks of things. Perhaps a young male or juvenile out of breeding season. (I don't think I have anything worth entering this round. I just like to play researcher and ID herps when people dunno.)
  18. My post was just to get you thinking about exactly what you're thinking about right now. "Why do we do this?" I'm not saying that we shouldn't use them. Just - why does it matter that it's she or her favorite cereal. It's a thought exercise to promote awareness, not a campaign to remove pronouns. :3 (And yeah, I know about Romance languages, etc., stuff that came from Latin using gendered nouns. I took years of French.)
  19. Eh. I'm not saying abolish gendered pronouns entirely. It just (kind of suddenly) strikes me as odd that in a context where you could easily say "Sparkle is going away on vacation and won't be able to talk much," you would insert a gender identity statement. I'm not saying "this is bad" so much as "This is weird. Why do we do this? Can we think about this?"
  20. Nah, that's totally on topic! We're being a bit silly about pronouns atm is all. I know the feeling tbh. I've got the boobs that do not love being repressed even by a sports bra so at the end of the day it's like behhh. Binding came up as an idea to myself the other day and I'm just like "... nnnnot happening" even though I'd like to present more androgynously. Best I can offer (since I'm weird about texture and compression) is maybe some compression garments/shapewear. They're available in the intimates section for women generally. I've heard of people using the control pantyhose bits, cutting the legs out, and turning it upside-down to use as a cheap binder that isn't as dangerous as some other methods? I've heard a joke about a genderfluid individual and father talking. Dad asked if it was a son-day. "Today's Saturday."
  21. [shienvien's opinion is]/[shienvien opined]/[shienvien thinks] that gendered pronouns cause uncomfortable and unnecessary categorization (because of gender politics and expectations). Opinions are inherently personal, so once you've mentioned a name, give the opinion to the name, not a gender. Shienvien dislikes being called "her" because it implies things that are untrue. Doesn't claim anything about your identity, merely mentions that you don't like being called "her" because of its connotations, etc. IDK. I'm aware I'm being somewhat contrarian in my refusal to use a gendered pronoun (and I do it unintentionally all the time and will be rethinking that practice tbh) in this case, but I'm making a point that in most cases that it really doesn't matter enough to come up casually? IDK.
  22. On my drive to work, I came to a conclusion: there are very few occasions that you should be talking about me that you would need to know my preference of pronouns. You could be referring to my possessions to someone who is not me. (Try using Fizzix's instead?) You could be referring to me to someone who is not me. (Why? Evaluate context and reconsider if my gender identity is important to the context. If it's not, why are you using it? I could be "a friend" or "a moderator" or "someone I know".) You could actually want to know what honorific you should use to refer to me. (Am I a sir or a miss? I really don't care. TBH, if you're showing respect by trying to use one, it's good with me?) You could be role-playing as me. (... why?) Edit: to clarify, the point is generally that if you need pronouns to talk about me that are gendered, you are probably not talking about me to me.
  23. Nnnnnah I want you to re-read that. Primary (and to a lesser extent secondary; perhaps I should have clarified that secondary is a lesser extent there; I figured it was implied 'cause, you know, secondary) sexual characteristics. So the number of XY-with-a-uterus-and-ovaries-and-also-other-XX-presenting-characteristics (since that's what we're interested in at a doctor, a shortcut for "patient has * bits + * sex-related concerns") is limited to fairly rare cases. I'd be pretty confident as a layman saying that many of those cases are actually due to chimerism. But hey, I could be wrong there, I'm not a doctor.