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  1. Have: 2nd gen Shadow Walker from gold Shimmer, precoged male. Looking for a blood swap, please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/4c2a308f7bd03ebbe9bf3e43349098b3 Egg fine if time to influence
  2. Have: 2nd gen Shadow from gold Shimmer. Looking for a blood swap, please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/1c7a040cd40545b2ec7cee03fc522da3
  3. Yea, cookies! .... 'cause no win and no zombies.... Again. but I am lucky in my friends and breakfast was really good.
  4. Have: 2nd gen Soulstone from Enraged Aegis. Lineage 2nd gen Soulstone from Pacified Aegis. Lineage Want: 2nd gen Soulstone from non-holiday, 2nd gen Soulstone any metal Links: 2nd gen Soulstone from enraged Aegis 2nd gen Soulstone from pacified Aegis - Thank you Thanks for looking.
  5. Have: 2nd gen Soulstone from Silver. Lineage Want: Blood swap or 2nd gen Soulstone from Gold. Link: Make an offer on my egg! Thanks for looking.
  6. Thank you, purolehaze! That is indeed illuminating about message tracking. Sometimes I do need a nudge to see the obvious. I am quite open to the possibility the popup this morning was not a new message notification. I was kicking myself at the time for not taking a screen shot so I could look at it again. If that is the case, I don't know what it was. I did look at the notifications while I was poking around this morning. There was nothing listed there. The only thing listed there now is a notification your your reply to my previous post. Thank you again.
  7. I like the new look. There are things to get used to, but I look at it as simple exercise to maintain brain plasticity. The loss of functionality in the message feature, however, is abhorrent! Perhaps I need some primer to go along with it to figure out how to make it as helpful and simple as the previous version. I received a pop up this morning when I came in. It seemed to suggest I had a new message. I clicked the envelope icon labeled message, but see nothing new. I tried the inbox link and clicked around several things. I never found anything new or a anything bearing the user name in the popup. If someone sent me a message, I apologize, but I can not find it in this message system. Is it possible to have message tracking anymore? That was extremely helpful with trading. If a person had read my message, but did not reply in a day, I began looking at other options. If I could see they had not picked up the message I waited. I know life gets busy and games are not always the priority.
  8. Trader's Canyon 8th egg slot I would like the Encyclopedia Stats to accurately represent what they claim. Not tell me I have three of a certain adult when I actually have dozens. I would like the Check Records tab on TJ's Dragon Records page to work on large scrolls, rather than returning a blank page. No crazy massive new breeds release.
  9. Fells are fantastic! Like the heads. Like the color, Like the pose. Fantastic!
  10. I am using the new skin to try get used to it. I will add my two cent with the others noting the font is smallish and the white background is harsh. Notably, in contrast to the beautiful border. I would suggest a the default scroll color as an alternative. It is easy on the eyes and would, of course, blend beautifully with the background here.
  11. Thumbs up on the chins. What I like most is the twist with the color changes. I am curious to see how they look in lineages. Will ancestors show in their color of the moment? ...could make for some wild pedigrees with parents and grandparents phasing in and out between their different states.
  12. I totally concur! I really appreciated the balance high excitement and low stress. Fun! Fun! Fun! It is so much nicer to have some time to enjoy a beautiful new sprite and have some fun with the collecting process instead of feeling you have to rush to meet goals and clear the deck fast for the next one. Thoroughly enjoyable release. Well done, all! ...and low time AP is the best! Thank you also, to everyone who peppered the AP with treasures. I found some amazing, gorgeous even gens and beautiful additions to projects I never dreamed to find on the AP. Thank you!
  13. Thank you, bbik, for everything you are doing!
  14. Agreed. Love the clock addition. Would love it even more with seconds. I'm guessing that would be a settings choice.
  15. Thank you! That is a great tip.
  16. Easier sorting would top my list too. I find myself avoiding Vamps on the AP because it takes soooo long to drag them through nine or ten pages of scroll to get to the bottom. I entered for beta.
  17. Have: a 3rd gen x Yulebuck checker, Gone
  18. I like midnight release. My time is already booked for 1pm. The next few day will be crazy. I was counting on midnight release because that is my free time.
  19. xXAngelicEvilXx, I did not quote your comments because I was not addressing them. Nothing I said was directed at you. I apologize if you perceived them as a personal attack. That was certainly not the intent. I merely wish to express a show of solidarity for the choice of not falling in with various social media sites and the hope, as purple haze has mentioned, that those "choosing NOT to have a FB presence do not miss out on any exclusives."